Applying for the Chase Ink+ 70,000 Ultimate Rewards Offer

[Offers contained within this article may no longer be available]

Per Reddit, the 70,000 Ultimate Rewards offer for the Chase Ink+ has been extended to August 20, 2016. This is a great offer, especially because the annual fee is typically waived the first year when you apply in-branch. The only drawback is that you have to apply for it in branch. That means that you’ll be questioned about your business and be expected to speak knowledgeably about your business. For some people, that makes them uncomfortable. Thus, if you want to apply I recommend you to do a couple of things. 

Increase your approval odds

First, read my Tips for Getting Approved for the Chase Ink+. That will provide you with a little bit of insight into some things that might help your approval odds. In short, those things are:

  1. Establish an EIN 
  2. Consider filing a d/b/a or other similar registration 
  3. Consider opening up a business checking account

Prepare to answer questions about your business 

Second, read my What to Expect in a Chase Business Recon Phone Call. That will provide you with an overview of the types of questions that Chase will likely ask you regarding your business. It will be helpful whether you are applying in-branch or decide to apply over the phone. If you’re going to apply in branch, I highly recommend bringing a cheat sheet for your business with you and avoid trying to wing it.  

Make sure you’re not in violation of application restrictions

Third, make sure you’re not in violation of any of the Chase application rules. There’s the The Chase 30 Day Application Rule and the 5/24 Rule which as Doctor of Credit recently reported, now applies to the Chase Ink+.

If you’ve been approved for two Chase cards within the past 30 days, you should definitely wait to apply. While the 30 day rule doesn’t always apply to business cards (I’ve been excepted from it before), this offer is going to be around all summer so you have plenty of time to wait. 

As for the 5/24 Rule, if you’ve opened up more than 5 accounts in the past 24 months then consider requesting to see if you have any pre-approved offers. Sometimes when you apply for the Ink+ (and other Chase cards) in branch, you can circumvent the 5/24 Rule.

Don’t want to apply in-branch? 

If you’re interested in this offer but you just don’t see yourself walking into a Chase branch to apply for a business card you can always to try to apply online and then request a match. Chase is very good about honoring higher offers but when it comes to offers that are exclusively offered in-branch, Chase can be a little more hit or miss. Still, if you know you’re not going to apply in-branch but you are going to apply for the Ink+, you have nothing to lose by requesting a match.

To request a match, simply send a secured message explaining the details of the offer you originally applied for and the details of the desired offer. Be courteous and make sure you request the match within 90 days of your original application and you will hopefully be good to go from there. 


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