Get 10X at and BestBuy with Chase Cards!

Back in August Chase offered 10X at WalMart on purchases up to $250 when using Chase cards but now this offer is back and the good news is that this time you can earn 10X on up to up to $325 in purchases at WalMart and up to $400 in purchases at Best Buy.

The WalMart offer

Your purchases must be made on using ChasePay during the promotional period of November 15, 2017 to December 14, 2017.


You might be eligible for the promotion if you have any of the following cards but only the cards with hyperlinks have confirmed landing pages. If you’re curious about Sapphire Preferred eligibility you could always call or even secure message Chase to verify that it’s eligible.

If this promotion works like the last one, it should be available per card meaning that you can max out the $325 spend on each eligible card.

Note: The 10X does not stack on top of the quarterly 5X offered by the Chase Freedom for 15X. Instead, it acts like an additional 5X, so if you’ve already maxed out your quarterly 5X, you’ll only earn a total of 6X when using this promotion (1X normal and 5X from this promotion).

How to use Chase Pay Online

To proceed with the promo, simply follow the steps to check-out but once you get to step 3 of check-out click on the “+More” seen below and then click on the Chase logo with “Pay.” Many are having success with using multiple Chase cards to maximize this promotion. And keep in mind that gift cards are not excluded from this promotion. Also, if you’re not purchasing gift cards, consider going through a shopping portal to maximize your savings with cash back or additional points earned.

The Best Buy promotion

This promotion is also good for Best Buy and here are the links for that promotion below.

The Best Buy promotion does have very different terms, though. Most importantly, this promotion is for in-store purchases. I’ve never used Chase Pay in store but it looks like you just need to download the Chase Pay App in order to do so. I’m sure someone at the check-out desk will be able to assist yo if you have any issues.

You can earn 10X on up to $400 in purchases and the offer is valid from November 20 to December 24, 2017.

Final word

These are very solid promotions and for those of us with multiple Chase cards, there’s some real opportunities to earn a ton of Ultimate Rewards, especially if you can find products that you could easily flip or break even when reselling. Be aware that just like the promotion from a couple of months ago, many have experienced technical issues when trying to process Chase Pay.

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