First Impressions: New Singapore Suites

This article will just provide my initial impressions of the new Singapore A380 first class suites. I’ll have a much more detailed review to follow in the coming days/weeks.

The first class cabin

The new Singapore Suites first class cabin has a single aisle and only 6 suites. The aisle is a bit tight but that’s not really a problem if you plan on spending most of your time in your suite. For people like me trying to get a ton of photos, it’s a bit of a struggle though.

Singapore A380 first class suites cabin.

I liked the abstract decor and lighting found on the suite walls/doors and on the ceiling, especially with the mood lighting. It’s a bit futuristic looking to me but not quite over the top.

Singapore A380 first class suites
Singapore A380 first class suites.

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The Suites are spacious and impressive

When I originally viewed photos of the new Singapore Suites, I found them to look very sterile, almost like a dentist office. But when I actually saw them in person, I didn’t get that feeling. While the suites are a bit simplistic, they also have a level of elegance to them that reminds you that you’re in one of the top first class cabins in the world. And that excitement is what helps make these cabins special.

Singapore A380 first class suites.
Singapore A380 first class suites.

While the designs on the exterior of the suites are more abstract, the interior of the suites have a floral theme, which helps add to the relaxing feel of the suite.

Singapore A380 first class suites.

The TVs are huge and they swivel out so that you can always maintain your preferred viewing angle. Having such a big TV makes you feel more like you’re in a hotel and adds to the in-flight entertainment experience. I also loved how it shows you how much time you have left for your movies in relation to the time left on your flight.

Singapore A380 first class suite TVs.

I also really loved the cordless tablet for the controls. I wish the default screen has an option to play/pause the in-flight entertainment (since you have to hit a few buttons to do that), but I found it very handy to be able to pull the table out whenever you wish.

Singapore A380 first class suite in-flight entertainment tablet.

The seat controls

The seat controls are a bit confusing at first.

The initial walkthrough with the flight attendant didn’t show me how to use these controls fully so I had to sort of figure it out how to recline the seat on my own. Once you know how the controls work, though, it’s surprisingly simple and intuitive to use.

Singapore A380 first class suite seat controls.

The seat is comfortable but not remarkable in that aspect. It can recline all the way into the position pictured below but that’s it. So for people who like to be able to lie fully flat in a seat, they’ll have to pull out the bed for that to happen.

Singapore A380 first class suites seat reclined.

The Singapore Suites beds

The new Singapore suite beds didn’t feel much different from the old ones. The beds are very firm but still comfortable mainly because you can stretch all the way out. I think it’s very special that you can share a true double bed in Singapore Airlines and still get window views with the new cabin and that’s what makes these suites stand out.

I took a peak at some of the single suites and while it still seemed like a great experience to fly in those, I think the double suites offer an entirely different and more spacious feel.

Singapore A380 first class suites bed.

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New lavatories

One area that Singapore lacked in previously was that the lavatories on the A380s were small and unimaginative. This time, they are spacious and elegant. I really wish Singapore had chosen to go with a shower but these lavatories are still comfortable and relaxing spots to freshen up.

Singapore A380 first class suites lavatory.

The one glaring omission

The one glaring omission of these suites is that you can make eye contact with your neighbors during take-off/landing and when dining. Pretty much any time you have your suite door open, they’ll be right there across from you.

The solution is to obviously keep your door closed but that makes getting service for drinks and dining more problematic. This privacy issue doesn’t even happen in many business class products so I was a bit disappointed to see it here.

Privacy is a bit of an issue on the new suites.

Overall impressions

My overall impressions are that this is an exceptional product. The service on here was outstanding once again and the dining was also fantastic (much more about those later). My expectations were actually exceeded by the experience and I was left overwhelmingly satisfied by the new product. 

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