The New Singapore Airlines First Class Suite Review

The new Singapore Airlines first class suites are truly something special. Singapore maintained much of what made the old first class product special (great service, double beds, superb champagne, etc.), but they made the new product even more exclusive and attractive by cutting down the number of suites and making them more spacious. With that said, there are a few potential shortcomings. Here’s my full new Singapore Airlines first class suites review. 

Booking the new A380 Singapore Suites

I originally booked us Singapore Suites from Singapore to Sydney on SQ231. These were the old suites we flew before but I thought it would be nice to fly them again since we would be flying on our anniversary, February 22nd. I booked these at the saver level for 80,000 SQ miles each before I even found out about the new suites.

Then information about the new first class suites leaked throughout 2017 and it was eventually announced that the SIN to SYD route would be serviced by the new A380!

Leaked info helped me make a gamble on the new suites.

Based on leaked info, it started to look like it was going to be the other A380 flight (SQ221) that would be serviced by the new suites. I was really bummed.

Luckily, there were still Standard Awards (now called Advantage awards) for that date, so I poured Chase Ultimate Rewards and Amex Membership Rewards into my Singapore account and changed our flight to SQ221 for 70,000 additional SQ miles per passenger.

At that time, we still didn’t know for sure if these would be the new suites so this was definitely a questionable decision. Not only was I potentially squandering 150,000 valuable Membership Rewards and Chase Ultimate Rewards, I also lost the additional connecting flights on Star Alliance partner Air New Zealand. So this could have been a ~200,000 point misfire.

After months of waiting, luck was on our side and it was soon confirmed that’d we’d be flying on the new suites! If you’re not familiar, the price of Singapore Suites on this route is $4,000+, so we were pretty pumped.

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Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 1
The golden ticket.

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The Private Room

Our first class experience started in “The Private Room.”

The Private room is the ultra-exclusive first class lounge only for those flying first on SQ. It’s a beautiful lounge with free-flowing Dom Perignon 2006 and some very solid dining. But there’s honestly not much more to it. You can read about my Private Room experience here.

The Private Room Singapore Airlines 2
Entrance to the Private Room.

Boarding the A380

We were among the first to board and enter the new first class cabin.

The Singapore Airlines first class A380 cabin went down from 12 suites to only 6 suites, jumped from the bottom level to the top level, and incorporated a single aisle between the suites in a 1-1 configuration. The suites in the first two rows can be conjoined by lowering the middle partition, which is exactly what we did when we arrived.

The smaller number of suites makes the experience feel more intimate and exclusive and reminds me a lot of the Etihad Apartment cabin (although Etihad has more suites).

As I walked through the aisle, I thought it looked pretty stunning.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 2
Singapore Airlines new first class cabin aisle.

I really loved the charm that the old first class cabin had but this cabin looks more sleek and almost futuristic with the silver walls and doors.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 3
Singapore Airlines new first class cabin aisle.
Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 4
Beautiful exterior of the suites.
Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 5
Mood lighting.
Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 6
Stairs leading down to the first level.

The new A380 Singapore Suites

When I first entered the suite, I just thought, “wow.”

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 10
Singapore Airlines new first class suite.

The photos I’d seen prior to the flight made these suites look very sterile, almost like a dentist office. But as I experienced it in person, I realized that these suites were actually very elegant.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 9
Singapore Airlines new first class suite.

They still have a slight “dentist office” resemblance at times.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 14
Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 11
Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 12

But I still think they are very impressive overall.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 24
The new Singapore Suites.
Singapore Airlines First Class Suites double suite
Singapore A380 suites.

Beyond the looks, the first thing that I took notice of was the tremendous amount of real estate.

These suites are even more spacious than the Etihad Apartment, which is saying a lot. With the partition lowered, it felt like we had a ridiculous chunk of the aircraft to ourselves.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 16
Singapore Airlines first class double suite.

True to form, Singapore offered champagne as soon as we entered but on this flight they were serving Krug 2004 which was a very nice surprise.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 7
Singapore first class champagne, Krug 2004.

The seat on Singapore Airlines new suites

The seat itself is comfortable but felt a little narrow for Singapore Airlines. Singapore is known for such wide seats that it’s always odd to me to see a “normal” sized seat in first class.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 25
Singapore Airlines First Class seat.

The chair can rotate to fully face the window or come back around to face the TV. However, the chair does have a bit of a limited recline. The photo below shows the farthest that it will recline.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 26
Singapore Airlines First Class seat reclined.

This obviously isn’t ideal for those who like to lean all the way back into a flat or near flat position. However, when you have the option of hopping into a separate bed, I understand the logic of having a seat with limited recline.

Singapore Airlines new suites seat controls

The seat controls are pretty straightforward. You hit the window, take-off/landing, or TV button to move into a desired position that will orient your seat facing different directions.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 39
First class seat controls.

The confusing part is that the recline controls only show when you’re in a “final position.” You can see that in the image below, I’m in between two final positions and the recline controls don’t show.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 37
First class seat controls.

On the counter, there are also button controls for: service, do not disturb, window shades, TV position, and the suite lighting.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 33
First class controls.

Underneath these controls you can find the power outlet, USB, HDMI, and headphone jack (there’s another headphone jack beneath the armrest of the chair). There’s even an NFC panel for contactless payment, which you can use to purchase duty free items and wifi.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 46
More ports and outlets.

There’s another power outlet and USB port located on the wall where the tray table comes out, so these suites come fully equipped to handle your electronics.

TVS and in-flight entertainment

The TVs are huge at 32 inches. They’re so big and you have so much space in the suite that watching them really does feel like being in a hotel room. For a point of comparison, the Etihad Residence has a 32″ TV.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 21
New Singapore Suites TVs.

Using the controls, you can easily swing out the monitor to give you a better viewing angle.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 22

The in-flight entertainment selections were solid with a good selection of movies and TV shows. You can check out the Singapore Airlines current movies list here. Don’t forget you can use the SingaporeAir mobile app to check out what movies will be on and to set up your own playlist prior to departure.

To control the in-flight entertainment you can use the traditional controller, which you’ll find beneath the armrest.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 45

But you’ll probably be drawn to the tablet which can also be used to control things like the lighting.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 40
Singapore suites first class tablet.

Note that the tablet can only be removed after take-off.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 41

It fits pretty easily into one hand.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 42

Once you start dining or watching TV you’ll probably find it more convenient to mount the tablet on the side table where your tray table comes out.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 44


Overall, the storage on the new Singapore Suites is pretty solid.

First, there’s a closet at the entrance of your suit where you can store your luggage. I did not think that my two carry-ons would fit but they both fit into the closet, albeit snugly.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 36
The closet doesn’t look very big but it can fit more than you think.

There’s nice counter space where you can store larger electronics like your laptop, bigger cameras, and small bags. Some airlines overlook the fact that passengers just need a little bit of space to put things on and so it’s nice to have some good counter space.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 34
Singapore suites storage space.

However, the large rectangular spaces (seen in the images above) will be filled when the bed is made so you can’t keep stuff there if you’re planning on using the bed.

You can also use the counter space which holds the tray table but once again, you’ll have to move your items when you’re ready to eat.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 43

There are also a few closed compartments that you can use to store passports, phones, and amenities.

One of these compartments holds the Bose headphones which are very obviously high quality.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 30
Singapore Suites storage compartments.

The middle compartment is empty but comes with a brightly lit vanity mirror, while the third compartment holds your amenity kit. There’s another compartment just on the other side of the tablet but that holds bedding.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 32
Singapore Airlines suites class storage compartments.

There’s also a bit of storage underneath these compartments which is where I stored my pajamas before changing into them, though you can keep them stored in your closet along with your slippers.

New Singapore Airlines first class suite amenity kit

The amenities are no longer from Ferragamo and are now issued by Lalique. I miss the Ferragamo cologne but these are also high quality from what I could tell.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 31
Singapore Airlines first class amenity kit.

In the amenity kit, you’ll get: lip balm, body lotion, after shave, and eau de toilette, though the offerings could change based on the route.

The pajamas are no longer from Givenchy but they are much lighter than those pajamas, which makes them more comfortable.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 28
Thinner pajamas are very welcomed.

They also provide you with slippers that I’ve come to really value on long-haul flights.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 29
Singapore first class slippers along with my flat feet.

Singapore Airlines first class dining

The dining experience blew me away last time I flew Suites and it did the same once again. As soon as the dining started, I switched over from vintage Krug to Dom Perignon 2006.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites champagne
Dom Perignon 2006 on Singapore Suites.
Singapore Airlines First Class Suites champagne
Dom Perignon 2006 on Singapore Suites.

I really love that Singapore offers both of these choices.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 68
Singapore Suites champagne list.

Once they pulled out the tray, I noticed how massive it was. And also noticed my neighbor (much more on that later).

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 71
Singapore Suites first class tray table.

We started off with fresh breads and caviar.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 72
Fresh breads.
Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 73
Singapore Airlines first class caviar.

It seems like the more and more I eat caviar, the more I discover I enjoy it, and I really liked what they served up on our Singapore flight.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 74
Singapore first class caviar.

This time I tried to do things a little bit differently and I went with a shot of vodka with the caviar.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 75
(Strong) Vodka with caviar.

After that, they brought out the fish soup with chicken and black moss. Blame it on the vodka, but I honestly don’t remember even eating this dish and can’t recall if I enjoyed it. But Brad loved its cilantro flavor.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 76
Fish soup with chicken and black moss.
Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 77
Fish soup with chicken and black moss.

Then came the salad which was pretty much a piece of lettuce but with some good dressing and freshly cracked black pepper. I do remember really loving the tomato vinaigrette dressing on this one.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 78
Singapore first class salad.

The main was lamb stew with penne pasta and it was very good. I feel like I’m constantly eating lamb on planes but this dish sounded good and I was very happy with my selection. Peppers were very fresh and the lamb nice and tender.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 80
Lamb stew with penne pasta.

Then came the dessert, which came in an amazing presentation of dry ice. I really enjoyed the ice cream and fresh berries.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 81
Singapore Airlines dessert.

Overall, this was a great dining experience. If you want to check out the full menu we had and view more pics of the cabin, you can check out my photo album here.

I will say that one of the drawbacks to the new design is that you can’t eat at the same table as your travel partner. This isn’t a big negative to me, though. I’ve done the shared tray table on some other airlines and I prefer to have more space, especially since it makes it much easier to get photographs.

But for those who like to dine together, it’s too bad Singapore couldn’t incorporate that feature.

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The fatal flaw of the new suites

While the dishes were great, the dining experience highlighted the biggest flaw of these new suites, in my opinion. This is the lack of privacy.

With your suite door open and your seat in the dining position, you are set to make perfect eye contact with the passenger across from you. It’s something that I noticed very quickly and something that I think was a major oversight since this is something that other cutting-edge first class suites don’t suffer from.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 48
The dining position puts your eyes right on your neighbor.
Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 49

This may not be an issue to everyone but to me it sort of puts a bit of a black-eye on the new Singapore Suites experience. I guess you could request for the flight attendant to shut your door between delivering dishes but that could make things like re-fills tricky and shouldn’t be needed on one of the top first class cabins.

The lavatories

The old Singapore first class lavatories really lacked compared to other A380s like Qatar, Emirates, and Etihad. But Singapore definitely stepped up their game with this new A380.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 51
New Singapore Suites first class lavatory.
Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 50
New Singapore Suites first class lavatory.

First of all the lavatories are just beautiful rooms that do help create a sense of relaxation in what is otherwise a place you’d like to get out of ASAP. The purple mood lighting, brightly lit vanity mirrors, and cushioned sit-down areas are a nice departure from the norm.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 53
New Singapore Suites first class lavatory.

One of the lavatories is actually bigger and more equipped than the other but they are both pretty elegant.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 57
New Singapore Suites first class lavatory.

You’ll notice that the new Singapore first class cabin still does not have a shower. I’m actually okay with that.

While plane showers are still fun to take and can be practical at times, I find taking a relaxing hot shower at a lounge before or after a flight to be more worth my while. I don’t have to worry about running out of “water time,” turbulence, weak water pressure, or anything else and can just relax in the shower.

So while a shower would’ve been cool to see, I don’t think it’s a major negative to the Singapore Suite experience. (I do think that Singapore should have installed a bar/lounge, though!)

The sleeping experience

Singapore did not give up on their double beds which made me very happy. To me, outside of their great service, the Singapore Airlines double bed experience is what makes Singapore’s first class product stand out the most. It’s such a great feature for traveling couples.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 87
Singapore first class double bed.

With the double beds made, it seriously looks like a hotel room in the sky.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 85
Singapore first class double bed.

The bed is 76 inches long and 27 inches wide, which is one inch wider than the Etihad Apartment’s bed. If you want, you can prop yourself up at an angle which is actually a pretty comfortable way to watch TV.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 92

I’d argue Singapore even upgraded the experience so now you can still have your window views along with a double bed.

Unfortunately, the bed is still not very soft. I still got comfortable but if you prefer very soft mattresses this could potentially pose a problem. Also, they could have done a better job of covering the partition between the bed since that’s still quite exposed.

The biggest issue to me though is that Singapore still keeps their A380s so warm. It’s just too warm to get super comfortable and I don’t understand how they don’t receive a million complaints a day about that.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 98
Warm cabins are harder to get comfortable in.

Despite those issues, It does feel remarkably private in the suite when the lights dim down.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites double bed
The double bed experience makes Singapore Suites special.
Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 99
Mood lighting.

But I do think the suite walls could’ve been just a little bit higher.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites bed

Lastly, one thing I really loved was being able to hop out of bed and still have plenty of space to move around.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 96

Overall, the soft pillows and thick comforter can help make up somewhat for a firm sleeping surface. But the warm temperature is something that can be a bit tougher to deal with. Still, Brad and I both got comfortable so it’s not like the sleeping experience is horrible.

Singapore Suites breakfast

Aside from the privacy issue mentioned above, breakfast had to be the other issue with the flight. For one, we didn’t have the biggest selection, although the pastries were great and fruit was fresh.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 100
Singapore first class suites breakfast.
Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 101
Singapore first class suites breakfast.

But the issue was that they started breakfast like 30 minutes before arriving. The whole breakfast experience was crazy rushed and almost impossible to enjoy. It really felt like someone might have botched something, that’s how off it felt.

Anniversary surprise

I contacted Singapore beforehand to notify them that we were flying on the exact day of our anniversary. They told me they would be able to bring out a cake and I thought that would be great (I didn’t tell Brad anything so he would be surprised).

But Singapore Airlines went well beyond bringing out a cake.

They usually give you teddy bears when you fly first class but in this case they stitched our names to the shirts of the teddy bears (while up in the sky). Although one bear is clearly the opposite gender, this was a very thoughtful gesture and it was a beautiful cake that ended up serving as our dessert for breakfast.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 102
Anniversary on Singapore Suites!
Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 103

The crew also signed a giant card and left messages in all sorts of different languages.

Singapore Airlines First Class Suites 104

I noticed someone sketched out two “male” teddy bears on the card which I thought was very nice especially considering the state of LGBT affairs in Singapore.

Overall, the anniversary surprise put the entire experience over the top.

Final word on the new A380 Singapore Airlines suites class

I was honestly blown away by the new Singapore Suites. I’ve flown on some great first class cabins like Emirates, Etihad, old Singapore Suites, Qatar, Cathay Pacific, etc. but there’s just something about flying Singapore Suites that’s just special. It never fails but when I fly suites with them, it’s like having a great time at a party — you don’t want it to ever end.

Although there are a couple of shortcomings with the new suites, if I had to choose one airline out of the above to fly first class on, I’d choose the new Singapore Suites in a second.

First Impressions: New Singapore Suites

This article will just provide my initial impressions of the new Singapore A380 first class suites. I’ll have a much more detailed review to follow in the coming days/weeks.

The first class cabin

The new Singapore Suites first class cabin has a single aisle and only 6 suites. The aisle is a bit tight but that’s not really a problem if you plan on spending most of your time in your suite. For people like me trying to get a ton of photos, it’s a bit of a struggle though.

Singapore A380 first class suites cabin.

I liked the abstract decor and lighting found on the suite walls/doors and on the ceiling, especially with the mood lighting. It’s a bit futuristic looking to me but not quite over the top.

Singapore A380 first class suites
Singapore A380 first class suites.

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The Suites are spacious and impressive

When I originally viewed photos of the new Singapore Suites, I found them to look very sterile, almost like a dentist office. But when I actually saw them in person, I didn’t get that feeling. While the suites are a bit simplistic, they also have a level of elegance to them that reminds you that you’re in one of the top first class cabins in the world. And that excitement is what helps make these cabins special.

Singapore A380 first class suites.
Singapore A380 first class suites.

While the designs on the exterior of the suites are more abstract, the interior of the suites have a floral theme, which helps add to the relaxing feel of the suite.

Singapore A380 first class suites.

The TVs are huge and they swivel out so that you can always maintain your preferred viewing angle. Having such a big TV makes you feel more like you’re in a hotel and adds to the in-flight entertainment experience. I also loved how it shows you how much time you have left for your movies in relation to the time left on your flight.

Singapore A380 first class suite TVs.

I also really loved the cordless tablet for the controls. I wish the default screen has an option to play/pause the in-flight entertainment (since you have to hit a few buttons to do that), but I found it very handy to be able to pull the table out whenever you wish.

Singapore A380 first class suite in-flight entertainment tablet.

The seat controls

The seat controls are a bit confusing at first.

The initial walkthrough with the flight attendant didn’t show me how to use these controls fully so I had to sort of figure it out how to recline the seat on my own. Once you know how the controls work, though, it’s surprisingly simple and intuitive to use.

Singapore A380 first class suite seat controls.

The seat is comfortable but not remarkable in that aspect. It can recline all the way into the position pictured below but that’s it. So for people who like to be able to lie fully flat in a seat, they’ll have to pull out the bed for that to happen.

Singapore A380 first class suites seat reclined.

The Singapore Suites beds

The new Singapore suite beds didn’t feel much different from the old ones. The beds are very firm but still comfortable mainly because you can stretch all the way out. I think it’s very special that you can share a true double bed in Singapore Airlines and still get window views with the new cabin and that’s what makes these suites stand out.

I took a peak at some of the single suites and while it still seemed like a great experience to fly in those, I think the double suites offer an entirely different and more spacious feel.

Singapore A380 first class suites bed.

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New lavatories

One area that Singapore lacked in previously was that the lavatories on the A380s were small and unimaginative. This time, they are spacious and elegant. I really wish Singapore had chosen to go with a shower but these lavatories are still comfortable and relaxing spots to freshen up.

Singapore A380 first class suites lavatory.

The one glaring omission

The one glaring omission of these suites is that you can make eye contact with your neighbors during take-off/landing and when dining. Pretty much any time you have your suite door open, they’ll be right there across from you.

The solution is to obviously keep your door closed but that makes getting service for drinks and dining more problematic. This privacy issue doesn’t even happen in many business class products so I was a bit disappointed to see it here.

Privacy is a bit of an issue on the new suites.

Overall impressions

My overall impressions are that this is an exceptional product. The service on here was outstanding once again and the dining was also fantastic (much more about those later). My expectations were actually exceeded by the experience and I was left overwhelmingly satisfied by the new product. 

What Cities Will the New Singapore A380 Routes Serve?

Singapore revealed its new breathtaking first class suites last year in 2017. These are incredibly spacious suites that offer a bed separate from the sitting area and allow couples to share their suites and open them up to a double bed. But only one route with new A380 is currently served. The good news is Singapore just announced the new Singapore A380 routes.

New Singapore A380 Routes

The new Singapore A380 routes

Here is the current route that is already in service:

  • SQ 221: Singapore (SIN) -> Sydney (SYD)
  • SQ 232:  Sydney (SYD) -> Singapore (SIN)

Singapore announced today that the new routes will serve London and Hong Kong.

Note: Both of these routes will have a flight number change a couple of months after they debut so if you’re thinking about booking tickets for these flights, make sure that you consider when the changes take affect.

The London Singapore A380 route

Here are the details for the new 3X weekly London route starting February 16, 2018:

  • SQ 322: Singapore (SIN) -> London (LHR) on Wed, Fri, and Sun. 
  • SQ 305: London (LHR) -> Singapore (SIN)

The inbound flight will change on April 7, 2018 to the following:

  • SQ 317: London (LHR) -> Singapore (SIN)

The Hong Kong Singapore A380 route

From February 18, 2018 to April 6, 2018, Hong Kong will served 4X weekly by

  • SQ860: Singapore (SIN) -> Hong Kong (HKG) on Tue, Wed, Fri, and Sun
  • SQ863: Hong Kong  (HKG) to Singapore (SIN)

After April 8, the flight numbers will change to the following:

  • SQ 856: Singapore (SIN) -> Hong Kong (HKG) on Tue, Wed, Fri, and Sun
  • SQ 861: Hong Kong  (HKG) to Singapore (SIN)

This means that as of February 18, 2018, Singapore will be flying its new A380 to three destinations: Sydney, London, and Hong Kong.

Award availability for the new SingaporeA380 routes

Availability for award flights is hard to come by for the new suites.

Many are being forced to waitlist for the new suites for the new London route. For that route, redemptions require 115,000 miles for a one-way Saver award or 210,000 miles for a Standard award. Saver awards will be tough to come by but you’re flexible, a Standard award should be doable.

New Singapore A380 Routes

New Singapore A380 Routes

Seats might be easier to come by for the Hong Kong route but that’s a pretty short flight of only about 4 hours so your time in the suite will be a bit limited. Saver award availability for this route at 37,500 looks tough to come by but you can probably find open Standard awards for 70,000 miles one-way.

New Singapore A380 Routes

While these routes with Standard awards will be pretty expensive, Singapore Airlines is a transfer partner of American Express, Chase, Citi, and SPG, so it’s one of the easiest programs to accrue miles with.

Singapore ordered a total of five new A380s so we’re still waiting to see what routes the additional two A380s will serve.


Singapore Reveals New A380 Business Class Seats!

Last weekend, Singapore officially revealed their new cabins for their new A380s. I’ve already shared my thoughts on the new first class suites but this article will focus on the new business class seats. 

More seats but more privacy

Singapore maintained the 1-2-1 layout but they went from 66 seats to 38 seats in the same space. Normally, that type of seat increase within the same area would have me concerned about loss of privacy and cabin space, but Singapore already had so much extra space on board their A380s that I didn’t think it would be an issue.

Despite the higher concentration of seats, Singapore actually appears to have raised the privacy levels on these new business class seats. The new seats have a futuristic-pod look to them that allows passengers to sit or lie deeper into their shell of a seat and therefore have more privacy.  To me, these new business class seats look stunning. I was already a fan of the seats currently found on the A350 (and some others), but these seats look extra sharp and even more modern.

I was sort of hoping that Singapore would jump into the business class seat race with Qatar and Delta, but I still do think these seats look great.

Narrower seats

These new seats are going to be more narrow.The new seats will be 25 inches wide which is three inches less wide than business class found on other aircraft like the A350 and five inches more narrow than what is currently found on the A350. That sounds like a major downgrade but the Singapore business class seats were already so ridiculously wide that I don’t think space will become an issue. According to Singapore, the new business class seats will also have the same amount of pitch at 55 inches (though some have stated 50 inches).

The biggest question mark for these seats is how much room will we have for our legs/feet?

It looks like there might be a little more room based on some of the photos I’ve seen but I can’t quite tell just yet. I was honestly a little disappointed that Singapore didn’t take a major overhaul and do away with forcing customers to sleep diagonally but I assume that can still be avoided with the bulkhead seats.

New beds

Singapore really changed a lot about their business class when it come to the bedding.

For one, you no longer have to pull down your seat and pull out a bed. This is a huge improvement for people who don’t like to bother with getting out of their seat and packing and unpacking a bed. The new seats will recline into a fully lie flat position with a total length of 78 inches.

The one thing that I don’t think anybody truly expected from Singapore was a double bed. The interior rows will now be able to form an entire double bed. This is a cool concept but snuggling up in a double bed in non-suites does feel a little odd to me. I’m sure some won’t mind but it would feel a bit odd to me. If you’re not up for the snuggles, the interior seats do come with a privacy divider that can be pulled up.

The business class A380 cabin will be divided into three sections: 50 seats, 20 seats and 8 seats. Since Singapore moved the first class suites up to the second deck, the entire A380 upper deck will consist of only premium cabins. And as I already wrote, Singapore will not include a bar or lounge area on the new A380 to the disappointment of some.

The new seats will also have the new IFE from Singapore. This new IFE allows passengers to choose movies and shows via an app and have those ready to go when you arrive at your seat. I believe that if you have a connecting flight, the IFE will even pick up from where you left off previously. The new screens in business class will also be pretty big at 18 inches.

Final word

I think that the new Singapore business class seats look fantastic. I love that they did away with having to pull down your bed and while I do have privacy concerns for the double bed, it’s still a cool concept. The biggest unknown for me is how improved the space for legs and feet will be on these seats. Hopefully it will be a big improvement from prior versions but I’m not sure I’m convinced of that just yet.

The New Singapore Suites Officially Revealed!

Singapore officially revealed all of their new A380 cabins today and they look very impressive (though there are some potential shortcomings). I’m going to focus on the new first class suites in this article but the new business class looks very impressive to me also! So here’s a look a the new suites. By the way, the photos that leaked earlier this week were in fact the new Singapore Suites as many of us believed.

The new hard product

I’m still a little underwhelmed with the new Singapore Suites. Maybe I set my expectations too high, but I really envisioned a more visually stunning product. I’m not a huge fan of the “clinical” look of these suites, as they do resemble a dentist’s office and are a large departure from the cozy train cabin feel that I loved so much about the old Singapore Suites. They don’t look horrible, they’re just not where I thought they would be.

I do think the shared suites look fantastic, though. In the old Singapore Suites you didn’t really have any room when the double bed was made but now you’ll still have plenty of room to roam around.

I think the ridiculous amount of space will be a unique feature of these cabins. One of the coolest features about the Etihad Apartment for me was being able to move around and go from chair to bed as I pleased inside of a spacious suite. Having that type of real estate and privacy to go along with that will help differentiate this first class product from many others.

I think the swiveling chair is a cool concept though it does seem like something that’s just asking for technological troubles. It can swivel 270 degrees, so it’s pretty cool to be able to swivel in order to face your desired direction. You can see how the seat works here. 

It looks like the suites have two monitors. One is the main TV which is a huge 32″ HD TV (touch screen) and the other is a smaller screen that I think is used when in the take-off/landing position?

There is also a small vanity area where you can store and easily retrieve small items and also place your drink.

One big draw back is that I don’t see a way to share a dining experience face-to-face with these seats. That’s something that I know a lot of others loved about the old first class suites so it’s too bad to see it go.

Singapore did a great job with the lavatories as they look exceptional judging by the photos.

One of the two is larger than the other and has a small vanity table and comes with amenities like moisturizers. Singapore’s decision not to install a shower is disappointing but we’ve known for a long time that their research indicated that their prime customers didn’t care to have that. Still, I can’t help but think about how much that shower experience would add, as I think showering in the sky is truly something special.

The biggest disappointment to me is that Singapore will not have a bar or even a lounge area. I was convinced that Singapore would have one and that they would be able to nail the concept but again, the focus groups apparently didn’t indicate that these were wanted.

Overall, I think that the new suites will still be an amazing flight experience. Combined with Singapore’s soft-product (discussed more below), occupying these suites will probably be one of the most comfortable and enjoyable flying experiences in the world.

I just wish the suites had a little more visual “pop” to them. I wasn’t expecting Emirates style bling (and wouldn’t even want that) but I was hoping to see something more on par with the older Singapore Suites. This new look is impressive but it’s just not the same type of work of art as the older Suites design, if you ask me

Now, here are some details via Singapore Airlines related to the upgrades for the soft product.


  • Each of Singapore Airlines’ Suites will feature a plush mattress bedding, two pillows and a fluffy cotton duvet, complete with embroidery crafted by the French luxury brand, Lalique.
  • This will be complemented with a stylish sleeper suit, slippers, eyeshades and socks.

Amenity Kits

  • Suites customers on selected flights will receive an amenity kit with toiletries and perfumes or a unisex kit containing lifestyle items, specially designed and created under the co-brand partnership with Lalique. Each of the separate his-and-hers amenity kits will consist of a fragrance, lip balm and a specially designed pouch. In addition, the ladies’ set includes a face moisturiser and hand cream while the men’s set includes a body lotion and aftershave balm.
  • The unisex kit containing lifestyle items is designed as a collectible item, featuring a Lalique candle, scented soap, lip balm and body lotion. For a limited period only, the lifestyle kit will also include a miniature ornamental crystal fish from Lalique. The design of all three amenity kits will be refreshed regularly.


  • Suites customers can freshen up in the two stylishly-furnished lavatories with a special citrus-scented facial mist, body lotion and fragrance by Lalique.


  • To further enhance the culinary experience, Suites customers will dine with Wedgwood serviceware and Lalique-designed crystal glassware. With every meal complemented by a selection of fine wines and champagnes specially put together by a panel of wine experts, customers will be spoilt for choice.
  • As part of Singapore Airlines’ commitment to enhancing sustainability practices, Suites customers can look forward to meals created by the International Culinary Panel (ICP), featuring more sustainable ingredients and fresh local produce. The new menus will be initially introduced to Suites customers on selected routes, and progressively made available in other classes.

In-flight entertainment

  • Customers flying on the new A380s entering Singapore Airlines’ fleet in the coming months will be offered even greater control over their in-flight entertainment (IFE) experience with the launch of myKrisWorld, a new IFE interactive feature. This personalised IFE experience includes features which are new in the industry, making the Airline the first to offer these to our customers. Such features include content recommendations based on customer preferences and viewing history, and KrisFlyer members being able to bookmark and resume content, as well as customise and save preferences on myKrisWorld for subsequent flights.

Final word

I’m sure once you factor in all of the upgrades in the soft product with the amazingly spacious new Suites, this will still remain one of the top first class experiences available. Having a full (true) double bed is still something that very few airlines have so it’s still something special (and now you have even more room to enjoy it). Still, there’s a small part of me that wishes there was a little more… imagination found in these new suites.

Photos of New Singapore First Class Suites Leaked!

We’re only a couple of days away from Singapore’s official reveal of their new A380 cabins, which will consist of new first class suites, business class seats, and even new premium economy and economy seats. However, it looks like some images from the new first class cabin have leaked. Via Flyertalk and SQTalk, we now can see several images of what likely will be the new first class suites!

And as much as I hate to admit it, I’m honestly sort of underwhelmed….

The photos

Let’s take a look at the photos (which I’ll be happy to take down upon SQ requests).

The first couple of photos show the full interior of a single suite. The biggest thing that sticks out is that there’s a separate bed from the seat. It looks like the seat likely swivels around, too. The image below doesn’t look bad but the suite has a very “dentist-room” look and feel to it. It sort of has a slightly futuristic look going on too but has an overall bland look to it that is much different from the charming Singapore Suites that came out in 2007.

Another issue is that the seat looks a bit narrow, almost resembling a premium economy seat. I’m sure the seat is very comfortable but it does look a tad narrow, especially considering how wide Singapore loves to go with its seats. This also makes me wonder how far back the seat will recline, as some seats like the one found in the Etihad Apartment don’t recline as far back as many would prefer, resulting in a less comfortable experience.

You can see what looks like a tablet below, so I think that they are going to integrate IFE into a tablet-controlled system and who knows… maybe you’ll even be able to request service through it? All of the photos have the beds out so I’m really wondering if you’ll be able to fold up the bed against the wall, as it would seem odd to have the chair facing the bed with no room for your legs.

This next photo shows what many of us wanted to see: another double bed set up! It looks like they are going to keep this set-up with at least a couple of the new suites. Notice the large TV screens on the right and what I think is a tablet in the middle of the screen. There also looks to be a mini vanity mirror behind the seat. I doesn’t look like you’ll be able to dine across from another in the suite, though that issue might be somewhat remedied with a small lounge.

And then there’s this leaked map below of the A380. It shows a lot of things going on right outside of the first class cabin. I’ve got to assume that that are will consist of some type of bar or lounge area but it’s difficult for me to tell. It also looks like the business class seats might still have footwells at an angle based on the map but that is still speculation. It’s worth noting that the Singapore business class seats will be more concentrated than prior A380 models.

Lastly, the lavatory in the front of the first class cabin looks huge! We know Singapore will not have showers but the given the size of that room, you’ve got to think that it might be a little spa-like or something similar.

I keep reminding myself that this is not the official release and these are images probably taken on a cell phone in office lighting conditions so the product isn’t exactly being seen in its full glory. Although the suites do look very sterile and bland compared to the old Singapore Suites, it’s possible that they might not look that way when they are fitted inside the plane with proper lighting, etc.

I will say on the bright side that these suites look huge. I can only imagine how big they feel when they are shared with another passenger and the partition is down. We also haven’t seen the full cabin yet. I’m going to hold off my judgment until we get to see the full cabin officially revealed later this week but my initial reaction unfortunately is not the blown-a-way excitement I was anticipating.

Singapore Announces First Route with New First Class Suites

I’ve been watching the new Singapore Suites developments over the past year like a hawk. I was originally worried we wouldn’t see them this year when Singapore failed to reveal anything about them before the end of Q2 (as they had said they would) but in September they stated that they would reveal the new suites on November 2, 2017.

Another important detail has emerged regarding the suites and we now know what route will be the first to be serviced by the new A380 that will have the new first class suites (and other new cabins in business class, premium economy, and economy). The route will be SQ 231/232 that serves Singapore (SIN) and Sydney (SYD) beginning December 18, 2017.

The announcement came via Singapore Airlines:

The first of the A380s with the new products will operate daily from 18 December as flight SQ221, departing Singapore at 2040hrs and arriving into Sydney at 0740hrs the following day. It will return as flight SQ232, departing Sydney at 1215hrs and arriving into Singapore at 1735hrs. Additional destinations for the new products will be revealed in the coming months.

There were signs pointing to this flight being the “chosen route” over the past few months and so for those of us who have followed things closely, this is not a surprise whatsoever. I’m not sure when the second route will be announced or when service will begin but it’s been speculated that the second route will serve London (LHR).

We won’t know exactly what these new suites and business class cabins will look like or what they will feature until November 2, which thankfully is now only one week away. However, we do have some ideas on what to expect.

We did recently see some conceptual renderings from whom we believe is the designer of the new suites but nothing has been verified so far. I wouldn’t be surprised if the cabin looked similar to those illustrations, but I still don’t think those are the actual renderings for the cabins. I’m expecting some truly elegant, industry-leading suites and hopefully a complete overhaul on the business class seats that provide better leg room for all passengers (and not just the bulkhead seats). I also really hope to see some type of bar or lounge on board.

If you want to book these new cabins you need to get on it ASAP. Saver availability for the first class suites is going to be near impossible to find but Standard Awards at 150,000 will be much easier to find. It’s possible that the redemption price could shoot up (like what happened when Suites were first announced) so you might want to book now and ask questions later.


New First Class Singapore Suites to Be Revealed Nov 2, 2017!

We’ve been anticipating the announcement of the new Singapore First Class Suites for quite some time. Singapore originally said that we would get a peek of the new cabin by the end of Q2 of 2017 and that the new A380s would be up in the air by October of 2017. Unfortunately, Singapore Airlines started to run behind on this timeline but via Ausbt we now have an official reveal date of November 2, 2017. 

Singapore Suites First Class.

Singapore is notoriously tight-lipped about details about their projects but here’s what we know or at least suspect to be true so far:

  • The first class suites will be moved from the lower deck to the upper deck of the A380 making the entire upper deck full of only business class and first class
  • There will only be six or eight suites in first class (down from 12) but the suites will be bigger
  • There’s a possibility of one oversized suite (like the Etihad Residence)
  • There will not be a shower
  • We’re not sure about a bar or lounge
  • The first flight is expected to be between Singapore and Sydney (possibly flight SQ 221)
  • The next route will likely be between Singapore and London
  • Some expect the flights to be in operation as early as the turn of the new year in 2018, though it could take longer.
  • There will also be a new business class, premium economy, and economy and those will eventually be retrofitted to other A380s.

Judging by the seat map that leaked, I think there will be six suites in the cabin and that the cabin will feel a lot like the Etihad First Class cabin with single aisle access.

I think it’s very possible that Singapore maintains the ability to connect suites to each other so that passengers can still have the double bed experience. With the seat layout above, they could accomplish this by implementing a layout like Etihad, where only some suites are able to share their space. It’s also possible that each suite would have a larger bed that gives each passenger their own equivalent to a double bed.

The other major question is whether or not we’re going to see a bar or lounge area on board the A380. I don’t see any indication that a bar will be on the A380 based on the seat map. If that’s the case, it’s a bit of a shame since Singapore is one of the only top first class experiences without a bar/lounge and I think that they would be able to nail that concept given their tremendous level of service and beautiful cabin interiors.

I think the new business class seats are very exciting, too.

Singapore business class A350.

I love the new Singapore business class seats found on aircrafts like the A350, but only the bulkhead seats offer a lot of space for your legs. In most of the seats (including those on the A380), you have to contort your body to be able to stretch out and that can get uncomfortable very quickly. Hopefully, Singapore fixes this problem and offers much improved legroom with their new seats.

Singapore business class A350 bulkhead legroom.

Singapore business class A380 legroom.

It’s hard to believe that Singapore Suites have been out for almost a decade and yet they still remain one of the top first class experiences available. I’m every excited to see how Singapore will up the competition with their new cabin and will be counting down the days for the next two months, since Emirates will also be revealing their new first class cabin in November as well.

Preparing for Your First Business or First Class Flight

After flying business class and first class dozens of times, it’s easy to take the experience for granted. However, for a lot of people, the business or first class experience is still a novelty and something that they want to make the most out of, especially their first time doing it. So here are some ways to prepare for your first premium cabin flight, whether it be in business for first class.

Research aircrafts on specific routes

It’s very common for an airline to fly several different aircrafts which have different versions of their premium products. For example, with airlines like Singapore there is a difference between business class on the A350 versus the A380, although there’s not a huge amount of difference between the two. Also, it’s not uncommon for the same route to be serviced by different aircrafts, so always check to see what aircraft your particular flight number is.

Sometimes the business class product is lackluster compared to that on another aircraft, such as if you compare the Etihad business class product on the A380 versus what’s found on other aircrafts like the A330. Also, features such as showers and in-flight bars may only be found on the A380 and not smaller aircrafts like the 777.

Etihad Business Class
Etihad Business Class on the A330 is not on the same level as business class on the A380.

Be sure to do your research before hand so that you know you’ll be flying in the version of business class or first class that you actually want to fly in. Also, keep an eye out on announcements for schedule changes since different aircrafts may come into service for your route at a later date.

Research seat maps

Go to and read blog reviews to get a sense of what the seats are like on your specific aircraft. Sometimes this can make the world of a difference. When I flew on the A350 in Singapore business class, I sat in the bulkhead row and had wayyy more room for my legs than other rows had and it made the sleeping experience much more comfortable.

Singapore Business Class
Singapore Business Class bulkhead seats on the A350.

Other times you want to be careful when sitting near the lavatories, galley, or special features like bars because the noise levels from those can be annoying and keep you from sleeping.

Chauffeur service

If you’re flying first class, some airlines offer a complimentary chauffeur service where you’ll get picked up in a luxury vehicle, such as a BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc. Always look into this to see if it’s available because airlines like Virgin Atlantic even offer it for business class passengers (although they don’t offer a true first class).

Etihad First Class Apartment
Etihad chauffeur service.

Research lounges

When you’re flying premium, you’ll probably have access to that airline’s lounge or one of their partner lounges. Use an app like LoungeBuddy to find out which lounges you’ll have access to and try to figure out where they are located. Sometimes, it might not be possible to access lounges in other other terminals but often you’re allowed to go through security twice.

Star Alliance Business Class Lounge
Star Alliance Business Class Lounge at LAX.

Arrive to the airport three to four hours early if you want to take advantage of all the amenities you can, such as massages, dining, drinks, cigar rooms, etc. And be sure to call in or go online to make reservations for spas or nap rooms, since there is typically limited availability for walk-ins. Some premier lounges are known for their exceptional dining experiences, so make sure you’re aware of what unique dining options the lounge you plan on visiting offers.

Research menu options

Some airlines like Singapore offer special services like “book the cook” where you can reserve special foods such as steaks up to 24 hours before your flight. Other times, airlines offer novelty items such as the beer Sweet and Sour – RAS No. 1 (Rare Air Series) offered by SAS, which is a beer brewed specifically to be consumed at altitude (Cathay Pacific also does this). In first class, you might be able to try out some premium liquors and champagnes, such as Dom Perignon or Krug.

Singapore Suites First Class A380
Krug champagne on Singapore Suites First Class A380.

By researching the foods, wines, and other options on the menu ahead of time, you won’t be overwhelmed with options when you’re set to fly and you also won’t miss out on novelty menu items.

Singapore Suites First Class A380
Brad scoping out the menu on Singapore Suites First Class.

As an added bonus, feel free to inquire with the crew members about off-menu options available. They might be able to hook you up with something unique that other passengers don’t know about.

Priority security and immigration lines

TSA Pre-Check is great for breezing through US security lines but it doesn’t get you anywhere when flying abroad. The good news is that when you fly business or first, you’ll often be given access to priority security lines and even immigration lines, so always make sure you’re lining up where you’re allowed to go.

Etihad First Class Apartment
Etihad First Class check-in desks.

Also, you’ll probably have a dedicated check-in line so you can avoid the lines there. If for some reason you use a kiosk or receive a thin paper boarding pass, you can always inquire with the gate agents to print you out a thicker version of your ticket so that you can have a keep sake.

A change of clothes

Sometimes the airline will offer you some fantastically comfortable pajamas, such as the Givenchy pajamas offered by Singapore airlines.

Singapore Suites First Class A380
Comfy Givenchy pajamas on Singapore Airlines first class.

However, when flying business class you may not get any pajamas offered at all. Many people are more comfortable bringing in their own comfortable clothing like their sweat pants, shorts, etc.

Don’t be afraid to dress down in business class or first class. As long as you aren’t dingy or dirty, I’m a strong proponent of wearing what’s comfortable for you. This isn’t a fashion contest, after all.

Etihad First Class Apartment
Comfort is key on a plane.

Keep in mind that many premium cabins don’t have the little vents you have in economy where you can control the temperature of your seat. Because of that, you’ll have little control over the temperature and some cabins can be quite warm or quite cold. Thus, it’s best to have layers to wear in order to keep your body temperature regulated.

Amenity kits

Amenity kits in premium cabins vary but they usually contain basic items like a toothbrush, comb, wipes, lotion, chap stick, etc. Nothing too special. Some, like those in Singapore Suites, come with fancy cologne and so you might want to hold on to the amenity kit. You’ll also typically receive an eye mask, slippers, and high quality noise-cancelling head phones (which you must return).

British Airways First Class
British Airways First Class amenity kit.

Sleep aids

Just because you might have a lit-flat bed, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be comfortable enough to fall asleep. I still struggle a lot of times to sleep in business class and so I regularly take some form of a sleep aid. While it’s fun to be comfortable, enjoy the dining and drinks, and watch movies for a few hours, on a 12+ hour flights, it’s still nice to get some sleep.

Singapore A380 Business Class
Bedding for Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class.

Also, keep in mind that sometimes the bedding and pillows in business class are crap, so some people may want to still bring their own pillow.

The airlines will require you to keep your seatbelt buckled when you’re sleeping even in a lie-flat seat. In practice, I don’t always see this enforced, although I like to keep mine on just in case we ever unexpectedly hit some huge turbulence.

Seat functions

As soon as you find your seat (or before you even board), take time to learn how the seat controls function. Many blog reviews will often show you how to work them and it can make your flying experience much smoother. Nothing is worse than hassling with the controls throughout your flight because you never took a few minutes to figure out how they worked. If you can’t quite grasp the controls, there’s no shame in asking a flight attendant to explain them to you.

British Airways First Class
British Airways First Class seat controls.

Don’t be afraid to ask for anything

If you’ve never flown business before chances are you’re used to only getting served by a flight attendant when he or she makes their rounds to you. In business and first, however, they are a lot more accommodating.

If you need a drink or a snack, don’t be afraid to flag down a flight attendant or even use the call button. As long as you are respectful, they should be willing to serve you without any complaints and if it’s a good crew, they’ll do it with a smile on their face.

Singapore Suites First Class A380
World class service on Singapore Suites.

Try not to get too loaded

With all of the bubbly and free booze flowing — potentially for your first time — it can be easy to indulge. Just remember that you’ll get dehydrated much quicker in a plane and usually get buzzed much quicker. The last thing you want to do is get plastered and end up sick or making a fool of yourself, so try to keep yourself in check and mix in glasses of water between drinks.

Also, in that same vein, just because you’re offered bread, soup, sides, snacks, desserts, cheese, etc., that does not mean that you have to accept it. Nobody is going to offended so long as you politely decline.

Final word

Flying in business class or first class for the first time is an amazing feeling. The service, food, and comfort level will likely far exceed anything you’ve ever had in economy, especially if you’re flying with one of the premier airlines like Singapore, Etihad, Cathay Pacific, etc. Soak everything in that you can but be prepared for it to change your tolerance level for economy flights in the future — it’s not going to be so easy to go back!

More Details Emerging for the New Singapore Suites

It’s getting more exciting by the minute for fans of the Singapore Suites. I previously wrote about details on the new Singapore Suites that will be on the A380. That article showed and confirmed that the Suites would likely be moved from the bottom deck of the A380 to the second deck. This was suspected because the window arrangement on the second deck had obviously changed to conform with that was on the first deck before (as seen below).

Well now more details have emerged via Australian Business Traveler. It appears that the new seat map for the A380 has been leaked and it’s showing six suites on board. This is a pretty drastic cut from the 12 Suites that you currently find on Singapore A380s.

You can see the leaked seat map below.

By the looks of the seat map, it look like Singapore Airlines is going in the same direction of Etihad and offering single aisle access with this arrangement. I personally love the single aisle look and here’s a look at what it looks like on board the Etihad Apartment.

Etihad First Class Apartment

But what about the beds?

The big question here relates to the arrangement for beds.

Singapore Suites was a major game changer with its double bed that it introduced in 2008, allowing passengers in the interior cabins to put down a partition and share a double bed in the sky. To me knowledge, only China Eastern offers this oppurtunity out of all of the other major commercial airlines.

Singapore Suites First Class A380
Singapore Suites double bed.

Now, you’ve got to wonder how will the new Suite arrangement alter the double bed make-up? I offered some conjecture before that Singapore Airlines might be, once again, revolutionizing the way that first class passengers catch some shut eye in the sky. I wouldn’t put it past them to offer each Suite its own gigantic bed that rivals the size of a double bed. With only six Suites, that could definitely be possible.

Another option might be for two of the Suites on either side of the aisle to share a partition that allows the bed to combine into a double bed. This would be very similar to what Etihad already offers (although it only offers “half” of a double bed since there’s a partition running down the middle.)

Etihad First Class Apartment
Etihad’s version of the double bed.

Personally, I think that the option for the double bed is what makes Singapore Suites so special. The “solo” Suites currently found on the A380s are still great and I spent some time checking them out on my last flight with Singapore Suites. But to me, the real draw of flying first with Singapore Airlines on the A380 is the fact that you can share this enormous bed with someone special (or have it to yourself if you don’t happen to have a suite mate).

Thus, I will be very sad to see it go.

The other major question is whether or not we’re going to see a bar on board the A380. I don’t see any indication that a bar will be on the A380 based on the seat map. If that’s the case, it’s a bit of a shame since Singapore is one of the only top first class experiences without a bar and I think that they would be able to nail that concept given their tremendous level of service and beautiful cabin interiors. I’m sure the Suites will still be able to stand on their own without a bar, but I’d just love to see one from them.

When will the new Singapore Suites be here?

Singapore is rumored to have these in the sky in October of this year and we have been expecting an official announcement on them by the end of quarter 2. It’s also rumored that initial routes will run to Sydney, which would require 75,000 miles from SIN, according to their award chart.

Final word

Overall, I think it’s very exciting to think about the possibilities for these new Suites. I’m really hoping that Singapore does something truly innovative with them and that they don’t do away with the double bed. Now that there’s only going to be six Suites, it’s eventually going to be more difficult to find award seats and with the higher award prices, I’m really hoping that the product level for Singapore Suites doesn’t disappoint.

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