What Cities Will the New Singapore A380 Routes Serve?

Singapore revealed its new breathtaking first class suites last year in 2017. These are incredibly spacious suites that offer a bed separate from the sitting area and allow couples to share their suites and open them up to a double bed. But only one route with new A380 is currently served. The good news is Singapore just announced the new Singapore A380 routes.

New Singapore A380 Routes

The new Singapore A380 routes

Here is the current route that is already in service:

  • SQ 221: Singapore (SIN) -> Sydney (SYD)
  • SQ 232:  Sydney (SYD) -> Singapore (SIN)

Singapore announced today that the new routes will serve London and Hong Kong.

Note: Both of these routes will have a flight number change a couple of months after they debut so if you’re thinking about booking tickets for these flights, make sure that you consider when the changes take affect.

The London Singapore A380 route

Here are the details for the new 3X weekly London route starting February 16, 2018:

  • SQ 322: Singapore (SIN) -> London (LHR) on Wed, Fri, and Sun. 
  • SQ 305: London (LHR) -> Singapore (SIN)

The inbound flight will change on April 7, 2018 to the following:

  • SQ 317: London (LHR) -> Singapore (SIN)

The Hong Kong Singapore A380 route

From February 18, 2018 to April 6, 2018, Hong Kong will served 4X weekly by

  • SQ860: Singapore (SIN) -> Hong Kong (HKG) on Tue, Wed, Fri, and Sun
  • SQ863: Hong Kong  (HKG) to Singapore (SIN)

After April 8, the flight numbers will change to the following:

  • SQ 856: Singapore (SIN) -> Hong Kong (HKG) on Tue, Wed, Fri, and Sun
  • SQ 861: Hong Kong  (HKG) to Singapore (SIN)

This means that as of February 18, 2018, Singapore will be flying its new A380 to three destinations: Sydney, London, and Hong Kong.

Award availability for the new SingaporeA380 routes

Availability for award flights is hard to come by for the new suites.

Many are being forced to waitlist for the new suites for the new London route. For that route, redemptions require 115,000 miles for a one-way Saver award or 210,000 miles for a Standard award. Saver awards will be tough to come by but you’re flexible, a Standard award should be doable.

New Singapore A380 Routes

New Singapore A380 Routes

Seats might be easier to come by for the Hong Kong route but that’s a pretty short flight of only about 4 hours so your time in the suite will be a bit limited. Saver award availability for this route at 37,500 looks tough to come by but you can probably find open Standard awards for 70,000 miles one-way.

New Singapore A380 Routes

While these routes with Standard awards will be pretty expensive, Singapore Airlines is a transfer partner of American Express, Chase, Citi, and SPG, so it’s one of the easiest programs to accrue miles with.

Singapore ordered a total of five new A380s so we’re still waiting to see what routes the additional two A380s will serve.