The New Singapore Suites Officially Revealed!

Singapore officially revealed all of their new A380 cabins today and they look very impressive (though there are some potential shortcomings). I’m going to focus on the new first class suites in this article but the new business class looks very impressive to me also! So here’s a look a the new suites. By the way, the photos that leaked earlier this week were in fact the new Singapore Suites as many of us believed.

The new hard product

I’m still a little underwhelmed with the new Singapore Suites. Maybe I set my expectations too high, but I really envisioned a more visually stunning product. I’m not a huge fan of the “clinical” look of these suites, as they do resemble a dentist’s office and are a large departure from the cozy train cabin feel that I loved so much about the old Singapore Suites. They don’t look horrible, they’re just not where I thought they would be.

I do think the shared suites look fantastic, though. In the old Singapore Suites you didn’t really have any room when the double bed was made but now you’ll still have plenty of room to roam around.

I think the ridiculous amount of space will be a unique feature of these cabins. One of the coolest features about the Etihad Apartment for me was being able to move around and go from chair to bed as I pleased inside of a spacious suite. Having that type of real estate and privacy to go along with that will help differentiate this first class product from many others.

I think the swiveling chair is a cool concept though it does seem like something that’s just asking for technological troubles. It can swivel 270 degrees, so it’s pretty cool to be able to swivel in order to face your desired direction. You can see how the seat works here. 

It looks like the suites have two monitors. One is the main TV which is a huge 32″ HD TV (touch screen) and the other is a smaller screen that I think is used when in the take-off/landing position?

There is also a small vanity area where you can store and easily retrieve small items and also place your drink.

One big draw back is that I don’t see a way to share a dining experience face-to-face with these seats. That’s something that I know a lot of others loved about the old first class suites so it’s too bad to see it go.

Singapore did a great job with the lavatories as they look exceptional judging by the photos.

One of the two is larger than the other and has a small vanity table and comes with amenities like moisturizers. Singapore’s decision not to install a shower is disappointing but we’ve known for a long time that their research indicated that their prime customers didn’t care to have that. Still, I can’t help but think about how much that shower experience would add, as I think showering in the sky is truly something special.

The biggest disappointment to me is that Singapore will not have a bar or even a lounge area. I was convinced that Singapore would have one and that they would be able to nail the concept but again, the focus groups apparently didn’t indicate that these were wanted.

Overall, I think that the new suites will still be an amazing flight experience. Combined with Singapore’s soft-product (discussed more below), occupying these suites will probably be one of the most comfortable and enjoyable flying experiences in the world.

I just wish the suites had a little more visual “pop” to them. I wasn’t expecting Emirates style bling (and wouldn’t even want that) but I was hoping to see something more on par with the older Singapore Suites. This new look is impressive but it’s just not the same type of work of art as the older Suites design, if you ask me

Now, here are some details via Singapore Airlines related to the upgrades for the soft product.


  • Each of Singapore Airlines’ Suites will feature a plush mattress bedding, two pillows and a fluffy cotton duvet, complete with embroidery crafted by the French luxury brand, Lalique.
  • This will be complemented with a stylish sleeper suit, slippers, eyeshades and socks.

Amenity Kits

  • Suites customers on selected flights will receive an amenity kit with toiletries and perfumes or a unisex kit containing lifestyle items, specially designed and created under the co-brand partnership with Lalique. Each of the separate his-and-hers amenity kits will consist of a fragrance, lip balm and a specially designed pouch. In addition, the ladies’ set includes a face moisturiser and hand cream while the men’s set includes a body lotion and aftershave balm.
  • The unisex kit containing lifestyle items is designed as a collectible item, featuring a Lalique candle, scented soap, lip balm and body lotion. For a limited period only, the lifestyle kit will also include a miniature ornamental crystal fish from Lalique. The design of all three amenity kits will be refreshed regularly.


  • Suites customers can freshen up in the two stylishly-furnished lavatories with a special citrus-scented facial mist, body lotion and fragrance by Lalique.


  • To further enhance the culinary experience, Suites customers will dine with Wedgwood serviceware and Lalique-designed crystal glassware. With every meal complemented by a selection of fine wines and champagnes specially put together by a panel of wine experts, customers will be spoilt for choice.
  • As part of Singapore Airlines’ commitment to enhancing sustainability practices, Suites customers can look forward to meals created by the International Culinary Panel (ICP), featuring more sustainable ingredients and fresh local produce. The new menus will be initially introduced to Suites customers on selected routes, and progressively made available in other classes.

In-flight entertainment

  • Customers flying on the new A380s entering Singapore Airlines’ fleet in the coming months will be offered even greater control over their in-flight entertainment (IFE) experience with the launch of myKrisWorld, a new IFE interactive feature. This personalised IFE experience includes features which are new in the industry, making the Airline the first to offer these to our customers. Such features include content recommendations based on customer preferences and viewing history, and KrisFlyer members being able to bookmark and resume content, as well as customise and save preferences on myKrisWorld for subsequent flights.

Final word

I’m sure once you factor in all of the upgrades in the soft product with the amazingly spacious new Suites, this will still remain one of the top first class experiences available. Having a full (true) double bed is still something that very few airlines have so it’s still something special (and now you have even more room to enjoy it). Still, there’s a small part of me that wishes there was a little more… imagination found in these new suites.