Great Deal at Best Buy!

Shopping portals are one of the best ways to save money when shopping online. They are easy and efficient and I always recommend for people to check them out before proceeding with their online shopping.

Right now there is a fantastic deal for shopping at Best Buy which is just in time for the holidays. Below are the details for the offer.

Get 15% cashback on purchases up to $70 cash back when shopping through Retailmenot.

This maxes out to a purchase up to $467.

I have seen a lot of deals for cash back at Best Buy but I don’t remember ever seeing a deal for 15% cashback. 

Right now you can also stack this with Amex Offers. There are offers out there to get $30 cash back or 3,000 membership rewards on a $300 purchase.

So you could potentially save $100 on a $500 purchase which is great savings.

It looks like this offer may only be valid for today so you will need to act quickly. Also be sure to follow the steps to make sure that the shopping portal works. For example, you must click through to Best Buy from the shopping portal and make sure that you have your ad blocker is turned off.

There is also an app that it looks like you might be able to use in store (pulling up a barcode through the app).

Final Word

I think this is a great deal and I would recommend people to check it out, especially if you can stack it with Amex Offers. 

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