WalletFlo First Impressions!

I’ve been able to finally play around with WalletFlo over the past 24 hours and wanted to give my thoughts below! 

I know the text below is going to sound a little bit “salesy” but I promise you all of the thoughts below are just my raw, genuine impressions on how I have felt using this product over the last 24 hours.

The ease of automation

I have spent a lot of time over the past few years trying to keep up with all of the crazy credit card application rules. 

Having all of the 50+ credit card rules and strategy reminders auto populate when clicking on a card feels fantastic and honestly just feels like the future. 

You will no longer feel like you are forgetting something before you apply for a card and will have instant clarification of when you can sign up for a card.

This would have been an invaluable tool for me when I was starting off so I think beginners are going to benefit tremendously from the automated calculations.

Cruise control

I also love being able to set a simple reminder to let me know when I’m finally eligible for cards so that I can put my credit card strategy on cruise control.

Long-term, methodical strategies are 100% the future of credit card rewards and that is exactly what this tool is allowing you to do (with essentially zero effort).

Having everything in one place

Having one place to check all details related to your credit cards and to see things like credit limits, open dates, and bonus category features feels very efficient. Yeah, you can track those things with a spreadsheet but there is something about the ease of just clicking around and pulling up this information that I enjoy.

And the fact that my quarterly categories now update in real time and are automatically ranked against my other bonus categories is just great.

Keeping great records

I like being able to track things like future applications and closed accounts that help for strategy planning and for general record keeping. It’s also great to have a place to put your pending applications. 

Optimized organization

It’s really interesting to see all of the different bonus categories sorted and ranked based on how much value they return with their points. 

And having quick access to the information boxes for each bonus category helps you to easily get the details for your bonus points.

I really can’t wait to implement the SmartBoost feature so that I can see all of the areas in my wallet that need improvement or optimization.

Annual fees management

I really enjoy having the ability to see the total annual fees I pay for my own credit cards as well as the total annual fees that we pay as a household.

The monthly breakdown of annual fees has also shown me that most of my fees hit toward the middle of the year and has me thinking about spreading things out a bit more.

If you don’t keep up-to-date records of your annual fees, this tool will be eye-opening. For cards that I am not very familiar with, it’s super convenient to view the upgrade and downgrade options as well. No research necessary.

Keeping tabs on credits

It also helps to see the breakdown of all of the different credits that apply so that I never forget which credits I have. If I forget how they work or when they reset, I can simply click on an information box and see all of the details I need to know about the credit. Once again, no research necessary. 

What’s next?

Right now I am working with the developers to iron out a lot of wrinkles with the automated features like the rule calculations and notifications. It is all requiring much more effort than I initially thought but that only tells me that this product will be more valuable than I initially thought. 

Once we get a couple of features cleaned up a little bit, I will record a video demonstration of the product and show you some of the features in real time. 

But at this point I can confidently say that both newcomers and people with tons of cards are going to benefit tremendously from this product! 


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