How to Know Which Credit Card to Use to Earn the Most Points

There are now a lot of credit cards that have rotating or changing bonus categories and other cards that get special promotional offers sometimes a few times a year.

If you have multiple credit cards you might find it difficult to remember which card to use in order to maximize your points.

Luckily, you can use WalletFlo to help you sort all these things out and keep you updated.

How to know which credit card to use to earn the most points

The easiest way to know which credit card to use to earn the most points is to use WalletFlo’s Cheat Sheet.

The Cheat Sheet is just one feature in the app and it keeps track of your earning rates for different spend categories and allows you to easily favorite cards you would prefer to use.

The WalletFlo app is available on both Apple and Android and it’s optimized to work with all major issuers like American Express, Chase, Citi, Bank of America, and many others.

The app has a lot of features that are great for people interested in optimizing their credit cards.

For example, there’s the Eligibility Checker which automates calculations for credit card eligibility rules, making it easier than ever to know if you are eligible for a given card.

But if you were trying to figure out which credit card to use at all times it is the Cheat Sheet feature you will be after.

How to use the Cheat Sheet

After you download the app you will have the ability to select all of your credit cards which shouldn’t take long.

You can then input your open dates which will help unlock other features like auto reminders for credits, perks, and annual fees.

Once you are all set up simply tap on the Cheat Sheet and you will see a full breakdown of all of your spending categories, including the name and latest card art design for quick and easy recognition.

The cards are ranked in the order of the value that they bring you.

You will see the multiplier which means how many points you are earning per dollar spent in that category and then you will also see a percentage which shows you the cash back equivalent of that value.

The cards with the highest percentage are ranked at the top because those are seen as the most valuable.

If you have your own point valuations you can input those into the app and the Cheat Sheet will adjust accordingly.

Also, if you tap on the card you will see all of the other bonus category information for that card.

Swipe over and then you can see your full breakdown of things like the credits and perks, which makes it really easy to keep up with things like hotel free night certificates, policies for things like Centurion Lounge access, etc.

Note: If you have rotating quarterly categories, WalletFlo will automatically update those categories every quarter so you just need to remember to activate them if needed.

The star feature

Also, if you have a preference to use other cards then you can use the “Star” feature to bring those cards to the front of your category so that you will remember to use that card.

The star feature can be really helpful if you were trying to meet a minimum spend on a card or if you were trying to focus on a specific type of currency like United miles or Chase Ultimate Rewards.

Another nice feature is the ability to drag and drop the categories.

A lot of people may only care about a handful of spend categories and so you can drag and drop those categories to the top of your Cheat Sheet.

If you want to completely remove your bonus category, just tap into the settings and you can view/hide bonus categories.

And if you have a P2, you can also choose to show the best cards between the two of you.


There’s also a little red “Boost” button on the Cheat Sheet you can tap which will show you all of the credit cards that can earn you even more points for your purchases.

This is a really quick and easy way to find the best credit cards for each bonus spend category that you care about or that you currently spend on.

What is cool about the Boost feature is that it also combines the offer ranking system with the functionality of the Cheat Sheet.

So you not only see which cards will earn you more points but you also see what their current offer is.

If you see a Diamond or a Unicorn on one of the cards, you know that one of the best offers is currently available.

That allows you to take advantage of the double whammy — earning more points while also snagging an awesome bonus offer.

Customizable bonus categories

Something else that is cool about the app is that you can customize your bonus categories.

So if there are special targeted offers that you are eligible for you can simply tap the “Customize” button and then add those categories to your card or edit current categories.

You are also able to input things like spending limits, cut-off dates, etc.

Your Cheat Sheet will then be updated based on those details that you input, making it super easy to keep track of everything in one place.

Finally, if you have a unique credit card that is not mainstream (such as one from a credit union or regional bank) you can submit a request to have it added to the database. WalletFlo admins will promptly add the card and you’ll be able to keep up with all of the earning rates!

Final word

Overall, if you want a fun but still easy to use and thorough solution for keeping up with which credit card to use to earn the most points, WalletFlo is fantastic solution.

WalletFlo Position Now Open!

WalletFlo, Inc. is looking to add a new team member!

If you want to join an early stage start up that is growing every month with proven traction this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

The part-time position is for a “Promos Specialist.”

Promos Specialist

The ideal candidate

Deep expertise and knowledge of promos and deals

For this position we are looking for someone who already has very deep expertise, experience, and knowledge in promotions and deals.

These are travel deals, Amex Offers, freebies, dining deals, cash back portals, and especially stacking deals.

  • You should be familiar with many of the websites, blogs, forums, etc. currently out there where deals are often found
  • You should also have experience using these deals yourself (access to Amex, Chase, Citi Offers, and others is a big help)
  • Having knowledge in miles and points/credit card rewards is also a nice plus

Super passionate about this space

At the end of the day we want someone who is truly passionate about the space of deals, promos, and credit cards. If you enjoy the “thrill of the deal” you could be a great candidate. Of course, it will also help if you are a WalletFlo user and huge fan of WalletFlo already.

Writing skills

Having some decent writing skills/experience is another big plus.

Works from home

Due to the nature of the work, this position is most ideal for someone who currently works from home or that has constant access to a laptop (e.g., a college/grad student). US based strongly preferred.

Starting off, your time commitment will likely only be 1 to 2 hours per day. As we continue to grow, the time commitment may start to ramp up with the hopes of you eventually becoming a full-time member as we scale.

Be cool but very committed to helping users

WalletFlo’s culture revolves around being as useful as possible to users. We are pretty laid back, down-to-earth people but we take the job of delivering value to users very seriously.

So we want someone who is committed to going above and beyond for users but that can still chill out and have fun when the time is right.

Duties will include

  • Inputting and managing deals and promotions into the WalletFlo database on a daily basis
  • Coordinating with other WalletFlo team members when inputting promos
  • Managing incoming user submitted promos
  • Assisting with occasional database audits and general upkeep of credit card details
  • Weekly check-in meetings (usually only about 15 min)

How to apply

If you are interested, shoot an email to Daniel AT walletflo DOT com.

Include the following:

  • A paragraph description of your promos expertise
  • Why you think you’d be a good fit for WalletFlo
  • Your current occupation
  • If you currently work from home or not
  • Your time zone/location
  • A link to your LinkedIn, Instagram, or other public profile

Right now we are looking for only one individual but we will likely bring on more in the future so your name will remain in the hat for our next rounds if you wish.

Applications will be open until 10/8.

Using WalletFlo’s Value Tracker for Hotel Elite Status Benefits

A lot of hotel credit cards offer you automatic hotel elite status or elite status perks. These are cards like the Amex Platinum, Chase Sapphire Reserve, Hilton cards, Marriott cards, and many others.

But how much value do these benefits really give you?

WalletFlo’s new Value Tracker feature is designed to help you answer this question in an accurate way, so that you can make more informed decisions for your credit card strategies and keep tabs on the value you’re receiving.

Why track elite status perks?

Before getting into the “how,” you might be wondering why you should even bother tracking your elite status perks.

Beyond mere curiosity, there are some real practical reasons for doing it.

For premium cards that have high annual fees like the Amex Platinum or Hilton Aspire, it’s not always easy to offset the annual fee with perks and credits (that you may not even be using).

If you don’t spend a lot on the card, you might be paying for an annual fee that you shouldn’t be paying for.

WalletFlo’s new annual fee feature (coming soon) will show you if you should pay a fee based on your recorded perks/credits usage.

If you’ve been logging entries into the Value Tracker, you won’t have to think much about what decision to make.

How to track elite status perks

You can use WalletFlo to easily track the value you receive from elite status perks.

In the Wallet screen, find the active card that has the elite status perk and click on it, navigate to the perks tab and you can then click on the perk to begin the tracking process.

You will first input the value of your entry and then some notes and then you’re all done. It’s that simple.

Determining the value on your perks can be very clear-cut sometimes and other times not so clear cut. I’ll give you some examples of how to value your perks below.


You can verify the value of an upgrade by figuring out the difference between the room you booked and the room you were upgraded to.

The day you book your room (or just sometime before you are scheduled to check-in), simply take a screenshot of a few room types or suites that you suspect could be an option for an upgrade.

Once you get the upgrade you’ll know exactly what the price would have been and then you can input the price difference into your Value Tracker.

So if your standard room was $180 per night but the deluxe room you get upgraded to was $200 per night and you were staying for three nights, you could input your upgrade value as $60 since 3 x $20 = $60.

You could also just ask the agent at the front desk how much the upgraded room is going for when you get the nod. You could say something like, “I’m just curious, what is the nightly rate for the upgraded room?”

If you already finished your stay you can look up the rates for the next week and if you are choosing dates on the same weekdays the prices may be the same or similar. But hotel prices can fluctuate a lot week to week so getting the prices before your stay will be the most accurate way to track.


Breakfast is another benefit that is easy to track the value of.

In some cases, like with Hilton you may be issued a daily food and beverage credit so you have a clear limit on the value you can get. (Each use should be documented in your folio whenever you check out.)

In other cases, if you were given a free breakfast you can order from a hotel restaurant that should have specific prices and that can also make it very easy to get a sense of the value.

And finally, you may have access to a buffet and you can just estimate the value from your breakfast.

Think about it in terms of how much you would pay for a breakfast of that quality and go with that. Often this is around $15 unless you’re at a luxury hotel.

Early check-in and late check-out

You can also add value for early check-in and late check-out.

The cost for these can vary. In some cases it could range from free to ~$25 but other times it could be attached to the room rate. It all depends on the hotel and how early or late you’ll be arriving/leaving.

Sometimes these are available to people without elite status so it is difficult to attribute receiving these solely to your elite status all of the time.

But in some cases a hotel will directly reference your elite status when offering you the perk and you can take that as a sign that it’s being offered due to your status.

Welcome gifts

When you arrive at a hotel you may be given the option to receive points, choose something from the market, take a credit for the bar, etc. Often the value of a welcome gift is around $10 or less. For example, 500 Marriott points might be worth around $3.85.

Tip: If you go with points, you can use your points valuation found in your WalletFlo wallet and calculate the amount of value you have been given for the points.

Special benefits

Some hotels will offer you special benefits that you may not expect to receive. For example, elite status could get you a discount on parking or even a property credit. These can sometimes offer some pretty solid value of $20 or more so be on the lookout for these.

Promotions (Advanced)

Some hotel promotions will offer you more points for certain levels of elite status. In that case, you could add the value from your extra bonus points since you would not be receiving that without your credit card.

If you really wanted to keep detailed tracking data you could also track the bonus points you earn on your stays.

So let’s say you normally would not have any elite status with Hilton. In that case you would be earning 10 base points per dollar spent but because you have Diamond status you are earning 20 points.

If you earned 5,000 extra points due to Diamond status and valued Hilton points at .5 cents per point., you could add $25 to your Value Tracker as “Diamond bonus points.”

Other benefits

Some benefits will be much more difficult to quantify the value for.

For example, if you took advantage of a 48 hour room guarantee, how much value would you assign to that?

You can simply enter one dollar if you would like to track benefits received just for the sake of record keeping your use of them.

But in other cases you can just think about how much you would be willing to pay (on top of your room rate) for such a benefit.

Final word

Tracking elite status benefits is great way to determine how much value you are getting from your credit cards. Sometimes you will have a clear indication of the monetary value but other times you may have to make a judgment call.

If you just ask yourself how much you would be willing to pay to receive a specific benefit, that will be good enough in a lot of cases because the Value Tracker is all about tracking the value you are receiving in your eyes (aka your true savings) and not just the price tag attached to it by others (which could be a dollar amount you would never pay for).

WalletFlo Mobile App Review: Best Credit Card App? (2021)

WalletFlo is a new mobile app that helps you optimize your credit card rewards and savings.

The app is the ultimate credit card manager as it breaks down all of your credit card features in a simple way that helps you easily figure out how to maximize them.

It also consolidate some of the best savings opportunities (deals and promotions) available and shows you how to stack them with other earning opportunities.

The end result is that you earn more savings and rewards with less effort.

WalletFlo is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play and there is a desktop version but this review is going to focus on the mobile app.

Below, I will highlight all of the current features and give you some insight into how they can add value to your life.


Onboarding is pretty simple.

You can expedite the log-in experience by using Facebook, Apple, or Google.

You’ll be asked to supply a phone number for two-factor authentication. The phone number is never used for marketing and only used to keep your account secure but you can skip it if you would like.

After you have created your account, all you need to do is select the credit cards that you currently have which is pretty easy to do because they are searchable by issuer.

Tip: If you don’t see your credit card that you have you can submit it to the database and one of the admin’s will add the card to the database.

After you have selected your cards you then get a chance to input your account details. The most important detail to add is the open date.

You can still get a lot of value from the app if you don’t put in your accurate open dates but you will get much more value from all of the features if you take the time to get your open dates from your banks and/or credit report.

(One of the easiest ways to get your open dates is to simply call the number on the back of your credit cards.)

Something to note is that you do NOT have to input any type of personal information such as your credit card numbers, social, date of birth, etc. Combined with the bank-level encryption and two-factor authentication, this makes WalletFlo a very secure platform.

Once you’ve added your details you were ready to jump into the app!


On your dashboard, you can find everything that matters to your credit card and savings life at a quick glance.


You’ll see the top credit card offers available.

The offers are ranked using emojis.

  • A unicorn is a rare offer that typically has surpassed anything previously offered by a good margin.
  • A diamond offer is an all-time high offer
  • A fire offer is a strong offer but not the best that has gone out

There is also a mini review that gives you a breakdown of the history of the bonus and some context for how valuable the offer is.

When you click on an offer, you can instantly check your eligibility status within seconds just to make sure that you are eligible for the card and/or bonus.

For example, you will see a green check mark or red “X” for important rules like the 5/24 rule and dozens of other lesser known approval rules.

(This is why it is so helpful to input your open dates accurately.)

You can also find a direct link to the credit card offer and if you click on the tabs such as categories or perks you can browse the different benefits offered by the card.


WalletFlo will give you a running list of all of the most popular promos (deals and savings) currently going on. These are offers like hotel promotions, Uber Eats/DoorDash promo codes, Amex Offers, freebies, etc.

If you click on a promo you will see the details of the promo and you will find a direct link to the promotion page if one is available.


You can use the share button at the bottom to quickly share this promotion via text message, email, social media with friends and family so that they can also join in on the fun. (They do not have to have the app downloaded to see the promotion.)


If you taps on “Stacks” you can see if any stacking information is available. (Stacking is when you take advantage of multiple opportunities at once in order to increase your savings or earnings.)

WalletFlo will show you which credit card to use for the promotion and how much you can potentially earn.

If there are any other promotions that stack with the promo you will see those. Also, if you have any perks or credits that can be used with the promotion those will also appear.

For example, maybe you have a travel credit that can be used with a Hyatt promotion or an Uber credit that can be used with Uber Eats, etc.

Perks and credits

The perks and credit tiles will show you all of your available perks and credits.

For example, if your card offers a free night you will see it displayed as a dashboard tile along with the expiration date. If you have any credits you will see how much of your credit is currently available and when it expires.

If you click on a perk or credit you can see the full details of your benefit. Many of the perks and credits also have a link that takes you to a detailed article on the perk or credit so that you can learn more about how to optimize it.

You can tap on “Track Usage” at the bottom of the screen and that will allow you to start tracking all of the credits and perks that you are using.

For things like credits you simply enter the amount that you used and if you would like to, you can also include notes that help you remember how you used your credit.

For perks, the feature is a bit more sophisticated.

You can track things like lounge visits and even keep up with benefits that have a limited quantity such as upgrades or lounge passes.

This is extremely helpful because it allows you to remember which benefits you still need to take advantage of so that you do not lose out on value.

Also, your entries go to your Value Tracker which keeps track of all of the value you earn from your credit cards over time.

Tip: You can also access your perks and credits by clicking into the wallet from the bottom navigation menu, and then clicking on a card.


You can see a running carousel of your upcoming annual fees along with due dates. This section is still getting developed so there’s still a lot to come!

Get WalletFlo on the Apple App Store and Google Play!

Cheat Sheet

The Cheat Sheet shows you which credit card is recommended for each category.

It will show you how many points you are projected to earn for a given category and also there is a percentage below the multiplier that translates this multiplier into approximate cash back value. (You can always customize your point values.)

You can “star” a card within each category if you would like to designate that card as your preferred card. You can also drag and drop the categories so that you can push all of the categories you care about to the top of your Cheat Sheet.

If you have rotating bonus categories every quarter these will automatically be updated in your Cheat Sheet.

There is also a little red button in the bottom corner called “Boost.”

If you tap Boost you will instantly see the top seven cards for each category you currently earn with. Not only that but you will also see the offer designation such as unicorn, diamond, fire, if there is an offer available for the card.

This is very helpful because it not only shows you which cards will earn you more points but it gives you insight into whether or not you should apply for one of those cards at the given time.

For example, if you see a card earned you 2X more points in a given category and has a unicorn offer that is a pretty clear signal that this card is worth applying for (assuming you’re eligible which you can check with the eligibility checker).


Your wallet is where you can find all of your current credit cards and applications.

Under “My Cards” you will see a tab for both active and closed.

Active cards are all of the cards that are currently open, and closed cards are those that you have closed out. Pretty simple.

If you click on a card in your wallet you will see a complete breakdown of your card’s details.

You will see the bonus categories, perks, credits, fees, account details, and product change history.

A lot of the perks and credits will have direct links you can click on to learn more. (As mentioned, if you click on a perk or credit you can track your usage.)

Under account details you can input a nickname for the card which can be helpful if you have multiple cards or need to segregate your expenses. You can also edit your open date and add credit limit information.

WalletFlo is one of the only apps that allows you to track all of your product changes over time which is really helpful for getting the most accurate eligibility status.

If you click on the blue floating button in the bottom right corner you can add active or closed cards. You can also use the Eligibility Checker which checks to see if you are in violation of any application rules for major issues like Chase, American Express, Citibank, Barclays, etc.

The “My Apps” section is used to store your applications.

  • If you see a card you are interested in but you are not ready to apply, you can add it to your future apps.
  • If you have applied for a card but have not been approved you can add it to your pending apps so that you remember to follow up.
  • If you were rejected you can add it to the rejected apps so that you can always keep tabs on what banks are rejecting you.


On this screen you can switch your profile or create an additional profile (perfect for a P1/P2 situation). And if you have more than one additional player you can also create numerous profiles.

Under your profile you will see your Value Tracker. Once again, to input entries into the Value Tracker simply click on a perk or credit in your dashboard tiles or in your wallet.

You can also find the “Contact Us” button so that you can always send a message if you need any help or need to point out any changes that need to be made within the app.


WalletFlo will hook you up with a newsletter that comes out about twice a week. It updates you on all of the latest offers and news in the credit card rewards/travel space. You will also get notified about new features when they are rolled out.

A lot of users have found the newsletter to be very valuable in terms of savings and staying on top of the latest news so it’s a great added plus to the product.

Get WalletFlo on the Apple App Store and Google Play!

Final word

That is the app as it exists right now. New features are constantly being dropped so when you sign up don’t be surprised for a new feature to come out shortly after!

WalletFlo Mobile App First Preview!

Exciting news.

The WalletFlo mobile app is coming soon!

After being in the works for several months, it’s on pace for a December launch. 

The direction of this app was absolutely guided by all of the users which is really cool and I wanted to give a huge thanks to all of those people who helped out with the surveys. And even if you didn’t partake in the surveys, thanks for putting up with the endless survey requests.

Also, the user chats have been amazing. If you haven’t scheduled a chat, be sure to do that as you’ll be entered to win a $100 gift card.

So with all that out of the way, here’s a first look at one of the new features: The Dashboard.

(I’ll be covering additional features in the weeks to come.)

The dashboard is designed to be the hub for all of your credit card related needs.

On the top part of the dashboard you’ll find the latest credit card offers. These will be some of the best offers and will be organized by a ranking system. The tiles showcasing the offers will also be color coordinated so you can easily see the types of offers currently available with even a quick scan. 

Always be on the lookout for those Unicorns!

While these rankings are subjective, we are really going to try to be super consistent and use well-thought out judgment when giving these rankings. That way when you see something like a unicorn offer, you’ll truly know that it is a special one! 

In other words, these emojis are meant to give you actual strategy guidance.

When you click on an offer, you’ll see more details for the offer, such as the spend requirement. You’ll also be able to check your eligibility right on the spot and then find a link that will take you to an application.

These offers are meant to be only some of the best offers worth entertaining so we intend for the selection to be highly curated.

Some of these will be affiliate links which means that if you use the links to apply for your cards, you can support the app. However, we will also include links that do not earn us a commission.

It all just comes down to whether or not we think you users will value the offer.

There will always be a meaningfully equipped free version of WalletFlo but the more that you use our links, the more free features we can afford to provide for you. 🙂 

Next comes the “Credits”.

You’ll be able to swipe horizontally through all of your currently available and upcoming credits.

When the full app releases in January, you’ll also be able to input transactions to keep tabs on how much of each credit you have used. If you are approaching an expiration date and you haven’t used all your credit, you’ll get a notification reminding you about the upcoming deadline.

We’ll also have detailed articles conveniently placed in case you need to read up on how to best utilize a credit.

What about the “Perks?”

The perk section will break down all of your time-sensitive benefits related to your credit cards.

If you have a free night, you’ll see the estimated expiration date and if you have other perks like anniversary points, you’ll see the expected arrival date. 

The perks will have an estimated value assigned to them to give you an idea of how much value you should expect to get out of the benefit. Once enough of you input your expected value, we will have an average expected value for different perks which will be really helpful.

When stage 2 launches, you’ll have the option to add your perks to a value tracker once you have used them. 

The value tracker will help a lot of people realize just how much value they’ve earned — something that can be pretty handy when trying to figure out if you should pay an annual fee.

You’ll also be able to manually keep track other types of perks – like how many Southwest upgrades you have used, how many Centurion lounge visits you’ve made, etc.

And finally, you will be able to see your upcoming annual fees and when they will roll around.

Eventually, we want the dashboard to be a place where everything comes together for you. If you are in doubt about whether or not you have used a credit or enrolled in a benefit, we want to give you one place to keep up with everything.

This is the first iteration of the dashboard and we have some really cool enhancements planned as we go forward, so as always, your input is extremely valuable!

For my next preview, I will cover the new and improved cheat sheet so stay tuned for that!


WalletFlo is Live!

WalletFlo is officially here!

After a long six months, we’ve gone from crude sketches on a legal pad to a fully functioning platform. Putting this together has not been easy whatsoever (the project was almost scrapped a couple of times) but I am feeling very relieved now that we can finally launch version one!

From today forward, you will no longer have to worry about dealing with credit card eligibility rules and can leave that up to WalletFlo’s automation! Plus, you can just keep better tabs on things like your annual fees, credits, and bonus categories (not to mention everything we have planned for the future)!

Click here to get started! 

The initial response

The initial response for WalletFlo has been very positive so I am feeling confident that your overall experience will be a good one.

The app is still in beta though so you will likely still encounter some glitches here and there. We are working around the clock to fix all of the issues though so trust me when I say we are on it.

(AWS is also upgrading our server so we can handle more traffic, so it’s possible it could go out for a short time throughout the next couple of days.)

Feel free to report anything about your experience by hitting the “contact us” button. You can attach screenshots which can be very helpful when explaining your issue.

Whether you have positive feedback or criticism, your feedback is extremely helpful! I want this platform to be as helpful as possible so I need all the feedback I can get.

Getting started

I would recommend setting up your account when you have enough time to add your credit card details. Here is how you can easily find your credit card details.

If you have tons of credit cards (20+) like myself it will take some time to input all of them. But I will say that it feels very good once you have a complete picture of all of your cards/annual fees and know that you can finally take advantage of automated eligibility going forward.

Remember, WalletFlo considers everything like your authorized user status, product changes, and bonuses received. So the more details you input, the more accurate the guidance will be.

One more thing….

Please share the app with everyone you know! 

The more users that we get, the quicker we can refine the product and make it better for everybody. You can share the landing page or share the YouTube video on WalletFlo.

Open your WalletFlo account now

I want to thank all of you for giving your feedback over the past few months. From the initial poll that I sent out back in August to some of the comments and emails I’ve received over the past six months, your input has been invaluable and has helped me get this thing off the ground!

My Biggest Give-A-Way Ever

I have given away a lot of gift cards over the past few years on this website but now I am ready to give away something I believe will be much more valuable to all of you readers.  I’m going to launch the new app WalletlFo for free to everybody.

If you are not aware, WalletFlo is a new app that uses smart automation to optimize your credit cards.

It automates your eligibility for all credit cards from major banks so that you don’t ever have to worry about keeping track of eligibility rules again. It also provides you with cool features that help you keep tabs on your points and fees. 

WalletFlo features

Here are some of the WalletFlo features:

Finds approval rules for major issuers and automates their calculations

The core feature is that you don’t have to worry about finding, interpreting, or applying credit card application rules anymore.

What’s great about these calculations is that they take things into consideration like authorized user status, product change history, bonuses earned, etc. So you don’t have to go around wondering how different factors affect your eligibility —  it’s all done for you.

This means that many of your questions can literally be answered by simply clicking around in this app.

Gives notifications when you are eligible for cards or when rules don’t apply

Sometimes you may have to wait two months to be eligible and other times you might have to wait two years. But regardless of your wait time, you can rely on notifications to help you remember when you can apply for certain cards.

This will be very handy for those cards that make you wait 24 to 48 months because if you have several of those it can be difficult and time-consuming to constantly track those down. 

Breaks down your top earning cards by category and shows you valuations for your points

It’s difficult to remember how much your points are worth, especially if you are new to credit card rewards. So WalletFlo takes care of those valuations for you and breaks down your top earning cards for each category.

Provides annual fee breakdowns and gives upgrade and downgrade suggestions

WalletFlo shows you your annual fees over the course of a year and provides helpful breakdowns so you can budget out your annual fees. It also gives you automated guidance on potential upgrade or downgrade options so you don’t have to go researching your options when you want to possibly avoid an annual fee.

Shows all your credits attached to your cards and provides insight into how to use them

More and more cards are now offering special credits that offset the annual fee. WalletFlo lists all of your credits to help you remember how they work and when they reset.

Allows you to easily view and track product changes

Keeping track of all of your upgrade and downgrade history can be difficult even with a sophisticated spreadsheet. With WalletFlo you can now keep track of those changes with an easy to understand graphic.

Allows you to keep tabs on closed cards, future applications, pending applications, and rejected applications.

You can save your credit card applications that you want to try in the future or any applications you currently are waiting on. You can also save your closed cards for future reference.

Allows you to view combined data between you and a partner  (Total cards, fees, etc.)

And finally, you can view a breakdown of all of the cards that you and your partner have. This is very helpful for keeping tabs on total annual fees and will be integrated into future features that make planning your next credit card move much easier as a couple.

I am confident that this new app is going to save people a lot of time while allowing them to earn more rewards and savings.

I also believe that this is the future of optimizing credit card rewards.

As more and more rules are introduced and waiting periods are extended, the need for an automated tool like this is only going to increase. So by setting up your WalletFlo account, you will be ahead of the curve and setting yourself up for success for the future!

When is the launch?

I am planning on sending out the sign up this Wednesday (2/12) (barring any major technical difficulties).

So you can start getting your credit card details ready so that you can easily insert them into the app. If you don’t know how to find your credit card details, just click here.

How will it be monetized?

We still are not set on how we will monetize the platform, so as of right now, it’s not going to make any money!

Ultimately, the plan is to be guided by the users and to do what users are most comfortable with.

Ideally, we would implement some combination of ads and a premium subscription (there will always be a free version of WalletFlo). However, affiliate links could also come in and allow us to keep the platform very cheap if not free altogether. But again, it all comes down to the users.

If a premium subscription is added, any early adopters will receive a substantial discount for that service.

Final word 

I’m very excited to launch this product for free to all of you users. You all truly deserve it. WalletFlo may not be changing the world but it certainly will be making life easier for people interested in optimizing their rewards more efficiently and effortlessly!


How To Easily Get Your Credit Card Details (Opening dates, Product Changes)

It’s probably way easier than you think to get credit card details like your account opening dates and product change dates. In this article, I will break down how you can get all your details in two steps. If you are new to WalletFlo, this article will help you get started very quickly! 

Step one: Round up your banks

The first step is to figure out what banks you have cards with.

Many people may only have a couple of credit cards so this will not be difficult to do.

If you have a handful of cards from different banks simply round up all of your active credit card and then organize them by bank.

If you don’t know what banks you have cards with then scroll down below and see how you can view that information easily with your credit report. (You can view your credit report for free and it will not affect your credit score.)

Step two: Get your account details

Once you have a list of the different banks you have cards with, now you need to contact those banks and get your details like your account opening dates, product change dates, and find out whether or not you are an authorized user.

Call the number on the back of your card

The quickest and easiest method to get your details would be to call the number on the back of your credit card. Tell the bank agent that you are trying to update your records and that you want to know your account opening date.

If you are already signed up for WalletFlo then I would input the details into your profile as they tell you them (just click add new card). Otherwise, you will want to make a list in a word document or spreadsheet probably.

If you have multiple cards with that bank then tell them you want to get all of the account opening dates for all of your cards with that issuer. Most banks should be able to happily tell you this information and it should not take long either.

I would also request for the credit limit for all of your cards although you should be able to always view this online. If you have downgraded or upgraded cards (product changed) then you can ask them to provide you with those dates as well.

Secured message

Many banks like Chase and Citibank allow you to send a secured message. In this message, you could simply state your request that you want to know all of your account opening dates and they will be able to help you. Also, if you are in search of product change dates, you can also request those as well.

The benefit to doing this is that you will have a written record of your dates. The drawback is that you will have to wait for them to respond which can take up to 24 hours or longer.


Some banks offer a chat service like American Express. You should be able to get any card details you want from them via chat such as your account opening dates, product to change dates, and even close dates. This is a great way to go because you get a written record and you get your dates quickly.

How to use your credit report

Another way that you can find all of your account details is by utilizing your credit report.

You could simply visit a website like CreditKarma and create an account if you have not already. It does not take very long to create an account and once you do, you will be able to instantly view your accounts.

When you login, click on accounts and then you will see a breakdown of all of your accounts based on the issuer. 

Note that your credit report will not show you the name of your specific credit card. You will only be able to see that you have a card from a certain bank and that bank name might appear a little differently than you would expect. For example, Chase will show up as “JPMCB CARD SERVICES.”

This is why I recommend contacting your issuer to get information if needed. When you contact your bank you can get specific details for each of your cards without having to remember or figure out which account belongs to which card.

Account opening dates

You can find your account opening dates in CreditKarma by simply clicking on an account.

Note that if you use other credit reports, it is possible that they might date your account to the beginning of the month regardless of what day within that month that you opened it. Therefore, If I was going to use a credit report for this information, I would simply use CreditKarma. It will show you the exact date as shown below.

Your credit report can be very helpful for finding other details for WalletFlo.

Authorized user accounts

For example, if you need to verify whether or not an account is an authorized user account, a credit report from CreditKarma can do this for you. Simply click on an account and you will see those details.

WalletFlo is smart enough to factor in your authorized user status for application rules so adding those details will give you the most accurate guidance.

Closed accounts

You can also view all of your closed accounts in CreditKarma, which is another very important detail to add since that can affect your eligibility.

Product change dates

CreditKarma will not show you your product change dates. It’s possible some banks do things differently but all of my banks I have dealt with do not send a new account opening date to the credit bureaus whenever I product change a card. This means that if you want your product change dates you need to contact the bank directly. So once again that is another reason I recommend just calling the number on the back of your card for details.

Your checklist

These are the details you want to ask about:

  • Account opening dates

Here are additional details you can request:

  • Credit limits
  • Authorized user status
  • Product change dates
  • Closed account dates

You could also ask about what date you received your bonuses for your cards, although that information is currently not required for WalletFlo.

Final word

Overall, it is not very difficult to get your account details. All you need to do is contact your bank and to be prepared to ask them for specific details.

How to Keep up with Your Credit Card Dining and Travel Credits

The big trend these days is for credit card issuers to attach special credits to your credit cards. These credits serve a few purposes. They allow the issuer to increase the annual fee while providing a benefit that many consumers will not remember to use or maximize. They also allow the credit card companies to tap into targeted markets such as the rideshare markets that are popular with millennials.

As a result of these new trends, it is now more difficult to keep tabs of credits attached to credit cards because there simply are so many and they all work differently. Below, I will cover some factors you want to consider for maximizing your credits and then show you the best way to keep track of all of your credits.

Issuing dates

Credit card credits usually are issued in the following ways.

Calendar year

This is probably the most popular type for a credit. If a credit is issued every calendar year, that just means that it will reset on January 1. Sometimes if your purchase does not process until the new year, you will miss out on the credit even though you made the purchase in the year before so keep that in mind. Also, it is possible that some credits like Chase reset after your December statement closes so that is something else to be mindful of.

Anniversary year

A credit is issued on an anniversary year if it resets every year on the date that you opened the card. So if you opened up your card on August 13, then that credit should reset every year on August 13. These type of credits have become less common due to people double dipping and abusing awards.

Monthly credits

There are some cards like the Amex Platinum and Gold that offer a monthly credit for rideshare services or food delivery services. These credits do not usually roll over from one month to the next so you have to use them up each month which means you need to remember to use them.

Some months might even offer a higher credit than others so that is something else you need to keep tabs on.

Other times

Other credits may be issued in the middle of the year or at various points throughout the year. It is also possible that the credit is not dependent on time but simply issued when you take an action like booking a certain type of hotel.

Purchases that trigger the credit

Some credits are very specific and only work with a specific type of retailer or company such as DoorDash. However, some other credits are more broad and might apply to different types of airline purchases or to all types of travel purchases.

There will usually always be exclusions to be aware of and then there will be exceptions to these exclusions that you can often find on online forums, etc. In order to optimize your credits, you really want to be informed on the latest exceptions and trends.


Some credits will be instantly activated when you make a qualifying purchase but there are a few credits out there that require you to activate the credit or take some other action to enroll in a benefit. For example, American Express airline credits require you to select an airline each year in order to activate your credit. Some banks may offer you some grace for forgetting to do this from time to time but generally you want to abide by the activation requirements in order to get your credits.

Tracking your spend on the credit

Some issuers offer trackers so that you can track the spend on your credits. For example, the Sapphire Reserve offers a tracker for its $300 travel credit. Not all of the banks offer these trackers though so sometimes you have to keep tabs on your spend yourself.

The best way to track your credits

So how are you supposed to keep track of all of this information? The best way to keep track of your dining and travel credits is with the new app coming out called WalletFlo.

WalletFlo is a digital smart wallet that automates all of the credit card eligibility rules but it also does a lot more to help you manage your credit cards. 

One of the features is what is known as the fees tab which tracks your annual fees and credits attached to your cards. To use this feature you simply click on the fees tab and you will see a full breakdown of your fees and credits.

Annual fees total

The first thing you will see is the annual fees total. This calculates the total amount of annual fees that you are paying each year. (If you have a partner with you then you can click on the “all tab” and see the total amount of annual fees due between the two of you.)

If you have opened up a lot of cards and never calculated your total annual fees, you might be surprised to see how much you are paying in fees per year. This simple calculation will open many people’s eyes as to how much they are putting into annual fees each year.

Effective annual fees total

Right underneath that you will see your effective annual fees total. This total is calculated by adding up the total amount of annual fees and subtracting the total amount of annual credits you are issued. The idea is to give you an instant picture of how much you are paying on your fees if you utilize all of your credits.

You can also see the effective fee for each credit card that you have.

Breakdown of your credits

For each card, you will see the name of the credit and an accompanying information box that you can click on to get relevant details about the credit. The relevant details that you will find include information like how much the credit is, what the credit works with, and when it is issued. 

This will be an easy way to keep track of when your credits will reset, whether that is on an anniversary or a calendar year basis or some other period of time like a month to month basis.

In some cases, you will have questions about the details regarding your credit. In those cases you can click on a link to be taken to a helpful and up-to-date article regarding that credit. In those articles, you can find ways to optimize your credit and find out important details like if gift cards are excluded, etc. 


The next iteration will likely have reminders that you can opt into if you want to be reminded to use your credits. For example, you might get a reminder 30 days before the end of the year to use your credit or you might get a reminder a couple of days before the end of the month to use a monthly credit. 

Final word

The credit card companies are getting smarter and realizing how to make more money while increasing annual fees. But you can get just as smart by keeping tabs on all of your credits and staying on top of the different ways to maximize them by using an app like WalletFlo.

WalletFlo Demo Video!

After almost 6 months of working toward this project, I finally have a live demo to show you of WalletFlo! This demo is mostly focused on showing the features and how they will work versus testing them. 

At a later date, when we iron out more wrinkles and clean some things up, I will have a more focused demo that focuses on the accuracy of the features, such as the rule calculations.

And then after that, I will likely put together a pretty compact a guide to how to use the platform so that every user knows exactly how each feature works! 

The demo 

In the demo video, I cover just about every major feature of the platform so you should get a sense of what it has to offer. So without further ado, here is the demo: 

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