WalletFlo Position Now Open!

WalletFlo, Inc. is looking to add a new team member!

If you want to join an early stage start up that is growing every month with proven traction this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

The part-time position is for a “Promos Specialist.”

Promos Specialist

The ideal candidate

Deep expertise and knowledge of promos and deals

For this position we are looking for someone who already has very deep expertise, experience, and knowledge in promotions and deals.

These are travel deals, Amex Offers, freebies, dining deals, cash back portals, and especially stacking deals.

  • You should be familiar with many of the websites, blogs, forums, etc. currently out there where deals are often found
  • You should also have experience using these deals yourself (access to Amex, Chase, Citi Offers, and others is a big help)
  • Having knowledge in miles and points/credit card rewards is also a nice plus

Super passionate about this space

At the end of the day we want someone who is truly passionate about the space of deals, promos, and credit cards. If you enjoy the “thrill of the deal” you could be a great candidate. Of course, it will also help if you are a WalletFlo user and huge fan of WalletFlo already.

Writing skills

Having some decent writing skills/experience is another big plus.

Works from home

Due to the nature of the work, this position is most ideal for someone who currently works from home or that has constant access to a laptop (e.g., a college/grad student). US based strongly preferred.

Starting off, your time commitment will likely only be 1 to 2 hours per day. As we continue to grow, the time commitment may start to ramp up with the hopes of you eventually becoming a full-time member as we scale.

Be cool but very committed to helping users

WalletFlo’s culture revolves around being as useful as possible to users. We are pretty laid back, down-to-earth people but we take the job of delivering value to users very seriously.

So we want someone who is committed to going above and beyond for users but that can still chill out and have fun when the time is right.

Duties will include

  • Inputting and managing deals and promotions into the WalletFlo database on a daily basis
  • Coordinating with other WalletFlo team members when inputting promos
  • Managing incoming user submitted promos
  • Assisting with occasional database audits and general upkeep of credit card details
  • Weekly check-in meetings (usually only about 15 min)

How to apply

If you are interested, shoot an email to Daniel AT walletflo DOT com.

Include the following:

  • A paragraph description of your promos expertise
  • Why you think you’d be a good fit for WalletFlo
  • Your current occupation
  • If you currently work from home or not
  • Your time zone/location
  • A link to your LinkedIn, Instagram, or other public profile

Right now we are looking for only one individual but we will likely bring on more in the future so your name will remain in the hat for our next rounds if you wish.

Applications will be open until 10/8.

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