WalletFlo is Live!

WalletFlo is officially here!

After a long six months, we’ve gone from crude sketches on a legal pad to a fully functioning platform. Putting this together has not been easy whatsoever (the project was almost scrapped a couple of times) but I am feeling very relieved now that we can finally launch version one!

From today forward, you will no longer have to worry about dealing with credit card eligibility rules and can leave that up to WalletFlo’s automation! Plus, you can just keep better tabs on things like your annual fees, credits, and bonus categories (not to mention everything we have planned for the future)!

Click here to get started! 

The initial response

The initial response for WalletFlo has been very positive so I am feeling confident that your overall experience will be a good one.

The app is still in beta though so you will likely still encounter some glitches here and there. We are working around the clock to fix all of the issues though so trust me when I say we are on it.

(AWS is also upgrading our server so we can handle more traffic, so it’s possible it could go out for a short time throughout the next couple of days.)

Feel free to report anything about your experience by hitting the “contact us” button. You can attach screenshots which can be very helpful when explaining your issue.

Whether you have positive feedback or criticism, your feedback is extremely helpful! I want this platform to be as helpful as possible so I need all the feedback I can get.

Getting started

I would recommend setting up your account when you have enough time to add your credit card details. Here is how you can easily find your credit card details.

If you have tons of credit cards (20+) like myself it will take some time to input all of them. But I will say that it feels very good once you have a complete picture of all of your cards/annual fees and know that you can finally take advantage of automated eligibility going forward.

Remember, WalletFlo considers everything like your authorized user status, product changes, and bonuses received. So the more details you input, the more accurate the guidance will be.

One more thing….

Please share the app with everyone you know! 

The more users that we get, the quicker we can refine the product and make it better for everybody. You can share the landing page or share the YouTube video on WalletFlo.

Open your WalletFlo account now

I want to thank all of you for giving your feedback over the past few months. From the initial poll that I sent out back in August to some of the comments and emails I’ve received over the past six months, your input has been invaluable and has helped me get this thing off the ground!


  1. Looks great! One suggestion would be to make the Open Date typable instead of just having to go through the year/month/day . I have added two cards so far and the layout is really nice. Thanks!

  2. Hi Daniel,

    Two items that didn’t seem to work correctly – one is my oldest card is a Discover, opened in 1990. It’s not a Discover It card or any type they offer now (probably Discover More), but either way I entered the data and it does not show up in my wallet. Chose “Other” in the list of Card Type. Not sure why it won’t show up.

    Second – I have a Barclays AA Red Aviator that originally was a USAir Card. The old USAir Card was not listed in the “changed from” listing. BTW, I don’t have the latest AA Red card, but I’ve heard I should be able to apply and get the bonus on that one because it was a new product (not the transferred product)- not sure about that.

    BTW, I found that on the date entry you can click on the year once and you can move back and forth by year and if you click twice you can move by decade. A bit easier, but still having the direct entry would be nice.

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback.

      Yes, when you add a card it must first be approved by an admin. There is a message Notifying you about this but it is small and I don’t think many users are noticing it so I am planning on making it more easy to see.

      We just added the US Airways card so you should be able to add that to your history. We also added you will discover more.

      Thanks for the tip on the dates. I’m currently working on getting that entry changed to something more user-friendly.

      1. Thanks for the quick work! Went in and updated to reflect the new information. Looking forward to making good use of this app!

  3. Can you address the security of the App a bit.more thoroughly? This is a major concern about sharing so much peraonal financial info on a free App. Thanks ….

    1. Sure. All communication between the browser and the server is SSL encrypted. We do not currently required any identifying information like your social or credit card numbers. If you are concerned about your financial information, you could always create an account with a new email and an alias first and last name. However, we are staying on top of our security, so you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

  4. I just wanted to say great work so far on the app.

    I have about 5 unique cards that were not originally on your list, but I put the information in, and within minutes you guys already had them up and available. So kudos on the response times.

    Nothing that hasn’t already been said in regards to improvements. Additionally, perhaps it would be a good idea to have a step by step link for the sections that are not super clear, such as the product change feature, the add a new profile (which sort of locks you out as there wasn’t a “close” feature) etc. As well as maybe capturing and creating a “frequently asked questions” section for those having similar problems/issues. Looking forward for the iOS/ Android versions of these.

    1. Great feedback. Yeah that product change feature proves to be difficult. But yeah I plan on putting together a FAQ type page that explains things like that in addition to how the methodology works for certain things. 👍

  5. Awesome.

    Once it was explained to me, the methodology made sense. Although I must say that it was not immediately apparent while I was working on it- I’m sure this is the case with other folks.

    On a different note, consider allowing the adding of cards to the wallet without an initial date to the card. Perhaps as a pending status or something. Personally, to bypass the date selection lag on the initial addition of cards to the wallet I simply selected the closest (easiest) available date (February 1 in this case). I have about 30 credit cards, so I first added them all with that placeholder date, then opened up my credit karma account to go line by line on the actual dates of those accounts.

    Not sure if this is even worth exploring, but food for thought.

    1. Yeah that’s good.

      We had a system where you simply select your cards like you do when setting up a second profile. We might bring it back but implement a sidebar during that process so that you can keep track of all the cards you’ve selected. Then you can add dates later. I’d love to tie in actual credit reports that auto populate dates but we’re still a version or two away from that.

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