How to find good airfare deals with Mighty Travels Premium

Finding a good and cheap airfare deal can be rather difficult sometimes, even time-consuming. That is where a website called Mighty Travels Premium comes into play. It is an online tool designed specifically to save time and find good and affordable airfare. Mighty Travels Premium offers an online search for all the worlds best airfares. You can sign up for a 30-day free trial here.

Note this is a sponsored post but you know I keep it real when it comes to reviews and only publish those that give me full authority on the final published content. 

How to search for flights

You can optimize your search by several categories. You can search for any cabin class, which I found to be very useful. I chose all of them, but you can also put in just Economy, Premium Economy, Business, First or even a combination of them. You can also narrow down the search by destinations. Here you can enter your city or region and where you would like to travel. The site will calculate how many miles or points you would need or how much you would earn for each flight on different loyalty programs.

For example, I am traveling from New York so I entered it as my starting point. I wanted to look up some flights to a few destinations in Europe so I entered Europe as the region I am traveling to but you can choose any destination you would like.

You can also select your preferred airline and the number of miles for the trip. There is an option to narrow your search by price and avoid low-cost airlines.

You will be given an option to organize your search results by several different categories like price, region, city or by the deal score which is what I chose.

Flight Search results

After I entered my search criteria I was not expecting too many flights. However, Mighty Travels Premium found 276 flights that were a match for my search criteria! The first thing you will see is the airport that the flight will be departing from and arriving at. You can also see the carrier that is flying that route and the carrier’s alliance. For example, I really liked the flight from New York (JFK) to Krakow (KRK), Poland since that has been a trip I have been wanting to take for some time now.

The airfare was quite cheap coming up at only $313 for a roundtrip in Economy with Norwegian airlines. You do have the option to look for more dates and there is a link to directly book the flight via the calendar option). You can see a lot of details about the flight you are looking at. The one I particularly liked was the option to see what the historical price for that route was and compare it to the current price. Mighty Travels Premium will provide you with a comprehensive overview of mileage earnings and requirements for each flight, which can be very useful if you are a part of any frequent flyer programs. They will also provide you with detailed fleet information where you can find what type of seat pitch the aircraft has, seat width and if there is WiFi in the aircraft you will be flying in.


With Mighty Travels Premium, you can also find some pretty good hotel deals all over the world. You can search for hotel deals by property name, destination, stars that the hotel offers and you can even put in your price range.

The site also gives you the option to subscribe to hotel deals at certain locations, which is quite good when planning ahead for your trip. First thing I looked up was hotel deals in Krakow, to match the airfare I found. There were 35 search results, all at different price points. The one I liked and that stood out to me the most was just $33 per night for a 5-star hotel!

Notifications for the deals found

The thing I found that sets this site apart is the notification options. You can sign-up to receive Mistake fares every time they show up. Mistake Fares are fares accidentally published by airlines that are significantly lower than their typical price for that route but they are available for a limited amount of time. Of course, when you sign-up to receive Mistake Fares Mighty travels Premium will notify you every time they come up.

You have the option to receive deals for select regions only. Here you can select the region you are most interested in traveling to and from and receive the best deals daily. Mighty Travels Premium offers 11 different regions to choose from. For example, I chose to receive deals all over Europe since that is the region I am most interested in. You can also enter a list of your preferred airports.

The Deal Tracker

An added option Mighty Travels Premium offers is the deal tracker. The deal tracker helps you set custom alerts based on the searches you previously made. Keep in mind that the destination filter does not apply for the deal tracker. However, you can set the desired destination while making your dashboard search. There is also the Real-Time Deal Tracker that sends out deals as they appear on the site.

The Travel Assistant

You can place a request for your travel assistant on the Mighty Travels Premium Dashboard. You will be able to search specific dates and get real-time notifications for a route combination. The travel assistant will notify you whenever there is a good deal for a flight on your specific date. You can also select cabin class you prefer if not, it will be set to Economy class.

Curated Alerts

After subscribing you will also get access to Curated Alerts exclusive for Mighty Travels Subscribers. This is a great way to get an overview of all of the different flight deals that people are finding. You can see all the needed details of the deal like the airline used for the flight, price and whether it counts for a roundtrip.

Other languages

If you prefer to read in another language (Spanish, German, French or whatever is your fastest language to read) – Mighty Travels Premium supports 100 different languages as well.

How to Subscribe to Mighty Travels Premium

They offer three different kinds of subscriptions – basic, monthly and yearly. All of these options come with a 30-day free trial. Mighty Travels Basic subscription offer provides users with just the best Economy Class fares, so it is better to go for the monthly or yearly. The difference between the two is that with a yearly subscription you actually pay less for a month ($4.81) then with the monthly subscription ($7.99). For both of them, you get full access to the Mighty Travels Premium Dashboard, which has proven more than useful in my search for a good airfare. You can also find select deals without a subscription at Mighty Fares and Mighty Rates.