My Biggest Give-A-Way Ever

I have given away a lot of gift cards over the past few years on this website but now I am ready to give away something I believe will be much more valuable to all of you readers.  I’m going to launch the new app WalletlFo for free to everybody.

If you are not aware, WalletFlo is a new app that uses smart automation to optimize your credit cards.

It automates your eligibility for all credit cards from major banks so that you don’t ever have to worry about keeping track of eligibility rules again. It also provides you with cool features that help you keep tabs on your points and fees. 

WalletFlo features

Here are some of the WalletFlo features:

Finds approval rules for major issuers and automates their calculations

The core feature is that you don’t have to worry about finding, interpreting, or applying credit card application rules anymore.

What’s great about these calculations is that they take things into consideration like authorized user status, product change history, bonuses earned, etc. So you don’t have to go around wondering how different factors affect your eligibility —  it’s all done for you.

This means that many of your questions can literally be answered by simply clicking around in this app.

Gives notifications when you are eligible for cards or when rules don’t apply

Sometimes you may have to wait two months to be eligible and other times you might have to wait two years. But regardless of your wait time, you can rely on notifications to help you remember when you can apply for certain cards.

This will be very handy for those cards that make you wait 24 to 48 months because if you have several of those it can be difficult and time-consuming to constantly track those down. 

Breaks down your top earning cards by category and shows you valuations for your points

It’s difficult to remember how much your points are worth, especially if you are new to credit card rewards. So WalletFlo takes care of those valuations for you and breaks down your top earning cards for each category.

Provides annual fee breakdowns and gives upgrade and downgrade suggestions

WalletFlo shows you your annual fees over the course of a year and provides helpful breakdowns so you can budget out your annual fees. It also gives you automated guidance on potential upgrade or downgrade options so you don’t have to go researching your options when you want to possibly avoid an annual fee.

Shows all your credits attached to your cards and provides insight into how to use them

More and more cards are now offering special credits that offset the annual fee. WalletFlo lists all of your credits to help you remember how they work and when they reset.

Allows you to easily view and track product changes

Keeping track of all of your upgrade and downgrade history can be difficult even with a sophisticated spreadsheet. With WalletFlo you can now keep track of those changes with an easy to understand graphic.

Allows you to keep tabs on closed cards, future applications, pending applications, and rejected applications.

You can save your credit card applications that you want to try in the future or any applications you currently are waiting on. You can also save your closed cards for future reference.

Allows you to view combined data between you and a partner  (Total cards, fees, etc.)

And finally, you can view a breakdown of all of the cards that you and your partner have. This is very helpful for keeping tabs on total annual fees and will be integrated into future features that make planning your next credit card move much easier as a couple.

I am confident that this new app is going to save people a lot of time while allowing them to earn more rewards and savings.

I also believe that this is the future of optimizing credit card rewards.

As more and more rules are introduced and waiting periods are extended, the need for an automated tool like this is only going to increase. So by setting up your WalletFlo account, you will be ahead of the curve and setting yourself up for success for the future!

When is the launch?

I am planning on sending out the sign up this Wednesday (2/12) (barring any major technical difficulties).

So you can start getting your credit card details ready so that you can easily insert them into the app. If you don’t know how to find your credit card details, just click here.

How will it be monetized?

We still are not set on how we will monetize the platform, so as of right now, it’s not going to make any money!

Ultimately, the plan is to be guided by the users and to do what users are most comfortable with.

Ideally, we would implement some combination of ads and a premium subscription (there will always be a free version of WalletFlo). However, affiliate links could also come in and allow us to keep the platform very cheap if not free altogether. But again, it all comes down to the users.

If a premium subscription is added, any early adopters will receive a substantial discount for that service.

Final word 

I’m very excited to launch this product for free to all of you users. You all truly deserve it. WalletFlo may not be changing the world but it certainly will be making life easier for people interested in optimizing their rewards more efficiently and effortlessly!



  1. Daniel, I’ve been waiting (im)patiently for the launch – glad to see it’s almost here! Also happy to see it’s free – thanks!

  2. Hi. Daniel , I am living in Houston and just started to learn travel hacking. I have been waiting for the launch of your program. Also very happy to see it’s free. In some way we can help you make some money even with your referral links. Thanks

    1. Thanks I appreciate it. I think this app will help you to get up to speed real quick when it comes to getting new cards. Hop you enjoy the platform!

  3. Might want to fix the app name in the first line:

    I’m going to launch the new app Walletlfo for free to everybody.


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