New stimulus checks and benefits proposed are amazing

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Many people are currently awaiting a stimulus check from the government to help reduce some of the burden caused by the coronavirus. (Many have also had issues getting that check confirmed.)

But there are major plans in the works to potentially provide much more assistance to individuals all across the country.

The major difference in the next round, is that these might be more long-lasting benefits instead of a one off check.

Below are three different proposed types of funding and benefits that the public could see in some form in the weeks or months to come. Some of these are extremely generous and could change lives for sure.

I would not get my hopes up on all of these passing as currently stated, but I would expect something to come out of these proposals that benefits a lot of people.

$2,000 monthly stimulus check

There is a proposal for the Emergency Money for the People Act that would contain a $2,000 monthly stimulus check that could be issued for up to one year.

Individuals would receive $2,000 while married couples would receive $4,000 and there would likely be an additional $500 per child (up to a maximum of three).

The big difference between this and the CARES act is that all citizens 16 and over would receive the full payment if they earn less than $130,000 per year or $260,000 for married couples.

Even those who are claimed as dependent would be able to claim stimulus payments — a major change. 

This act will also make it easier to receive your funds.

Not only could you receive them via direct deposit but you could also get them via pre-paid debit cards or platforms like Venmo, PayPal, etc.

No rent or mortgage payments for one year

The Rent and Mortgage Cancellation Act would cancel rent or mortgage payments for a primary residence for up to one year. (Only one individual per household could receive the credit.)

These would be for rent payment or mortgage payment forgiveness for the primary residence and no debt accumulation along with no negative marks on your credit history. Landlords and mortgage holders would be paid by the Department of Housing and Urban Development for losses sustained.

Payroll tax rebates

The Getting America Back to Work Act would create a refundable payroll tax rebate that could cover up to 80% of employer payroll costs up to the median wage. It could also set re-hiring bonuses for employees who were re-hired after being laid off. 

This would last for the duration of the health emergency.

Final word

These are three extremely powerful avenues of relief that could completely change the circumstances for millions of people around the country.

I’m not sure which of these will make it through congressional debates but I am hopeful that we will see at least some form of these benefits approved and that more Americans will see financial relief in the coming weeks and months.

Ultimately, until things open back up these packages will only help so much but at least they can help millions of people avoid the worst case scenario of going without shelter or food or declaring bankruptcy.

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H/T: Forbes

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      1. If you fight for 4 years to get disability and have to owe back child support because of that this check hasn’t been able to help me out. It’s helped one of my kids moms who doesn’t work get money an the other too receive more where’s my help

        1. Well helping you kids is your help, if you arent about to work you should have went back to court and filed for a reduction in child support. A man that doesnt support what he brought in this world isnt much of a man to begin with. I sorry your injuries have kept you from working, if that’s the case you are certainly have had some form of income your you couldnt afford the internet or cell phone you used to post this. I don’t see where either are necessities, that could have help support your kids right there.

          1. A person needs to eat to. Because they say you owe childsupport doesnt mean there right. And if you dont know a persons situation maybe you shouldnt speak about it. We sit here broke with no food cuz they think they should have every single penny you make just so the mother can take her link card and trade it for drugs or half the cash value. You know how many kids go hungry cuz mommy traded the food card for meth, but your gona take every single penny from a man busting his ass everyday to pay “back child support” just so that mother can trade the link card for drugs. Makes no fucking since to me. Im so pissed

          2. Y’all need to back off people that owes back child support!! We gotta eat too!! It ain’t our fault that it’s some cruel ass mother’s out there throwing folks on it for no reason.. so stop putting people down that pays child support damnit!!! We deserve a check too!!

          3. Andrew sounds like you not much of man either . Disabled people don’t ask for the shit they go thru . Just their luck at the draw. And for you to make a statement like that . Makes you less of a man. And more of as piece of shit
            Ty have a lovely day

        2. I cant believe they took my husbands stimulus money for child support, i thought the money was for us to buy food or pay some bills,1200 doesnt go far as it is, and to take it for child support is bullshit. So its ok that we starve. I dont believe he owes any anyways, the child is now 27 married has kids, trying to get child support to go back and check records again is like catching a star never gona happen. Guess im gona have to get a lawyer on this cuz he was only behind a couple years shes been out of school 8 years and plus he paid 30,000 back in 2012 this bullshit. So he didnt and wont receive anything.

        3. Well sounds like its paying for your back child support that is helping you just cus you cant spend it on what u want is your fault the government didnt tell you to have kids so you might wanna be more gt8teful.we cant always get what we want especially after you have yourself a favor n dont have anymore

          1. When you are with a significant other and have a child, for whatever reason you split, why do folks think it is ok to abandon the child? The children have no choice but to be in the situation. I took care of mine the best I could, no cell, no cable, bare necessities if that. I fed mine, maybe not steaks and caviar but she ate. I’m sure dad are better. So before you want to give me a directive remember please as a MOTHER, babies are not the issue, DEADBEATS are.

        4. I am owed more than $34000 in BACK child support, the child is now 25. I struggled for years to financially raise my child without support from her dad. We were homeless for 2 3/4 years. My daughter is deserving of whatever monetary/financial push that she/we can get. She went without some very much needed things while growing up. Stop kvetching over an obligation to children, past, present or future. That is unfair. Pay up/out up or shut up.

          1. I was there too. It’s easy for a man to say not to breed what you can’t support but they are the reason why the child does without. I raised my son alone and it was a huge job. I commend you and yours for the struggle! God bless and good luck in all you do.

        5. So sorry. About your. Circumstance .. and you people that are putting him down how do you Kno his situation unless you’ve walked a mile in his shoes
          And the Bible says judge not lest ye be judged and obviously you guys are judging yes children do come first. And there are just as many deadbeat mother’s as. Father’s get into drugs I have personally seen mothers pull up in fancy cars diamond rings having 15/16 kids and that’s just stupid getting the men’s money and just freaking laying on the backs taking all the money fo dope and the babies living in squalor so sad so back up and regroup before you judge clean around your own back doors and have a good day

    1. Will this new 2000 stimulus also be for Ssdi for. Low social security singels with no children a is depending!
      on SSI and SSdi my only icome accounts

      1. Child support is the biggest racket ever! Can’t wait until this capitalist country destroys itself! When kids are grown, cease child support with no interest accruing balance, it’s “child” support, not young adult support, my support case started with a balance of 19k, because I didn’t live with my child, yet I was local within a few miles and participated daily in my kids life, now the kids 19 and the balance is 38k, I will die before this is paid, like I said a very cleverly calculated racket!

        1. please tell me they wont be taking the whole families stimulus check for one persons back child support!!
          if so this is absolutly not going to help us!

    2. I entered my direct deposit information in on the get my payment site, but now it says im getting a check. I cant find any answers om this, and i seen im not the only person this has happened to. So now i have to wait for the check to get here, on top of the fact i have to pay to cash it.

      1. You don’t have to pay to cash it. You just need to use your bank where you were going to have it deposited at.

      2. I found out on 4/22/2020 that your payment will be received according to your AGI.. So,if your total income was 10,000 or less you get it this week, if between 10/12,000 be about the 1may, an it ect…direct deposit, direct Express, an or check, or a different prepaid card that they have on file or info from 1099 forms from SSA

    3. What i want to know is they gonna up the the food stamp place package more like food stamps cuz there’s is no way in the world that a single mother with three children can survive off of $88 of food stamps a month when she has two teenagers and a baby can someone please tell me that how can four people survive off $88 worth of food stamps a month that kind of me needs to be trying to up the food Portion to

      1. They did pass a law called Families First Corona virus response act. Where they give you the max limit of food stamps without any guidelines. And they if you child is a student they give u food stamps for the lunch that they should be receiving in school. Those benefits should be released some time this week. I got the max this month because I work so I was granted the difference. I got 5 kids at home anything helps. 2 teens and 3 babies.

      2. I Havent Recieve My Stimulus Check Yet And It Went Tooo My Tax Preparer Bank Mines Was Direct Deposit On April 15.2020 And I Still Havent Recieve My Money Yet I Need Tooo No Whats Going On????

    4. I am a 56 year old woman who until just recently lived with my daughter and son-in-law. I have since moved in with a friend and we share expenses. My only income has been babysitting. I filed for my disability about a year ago, and I am waiting on my case to be decided. I draw a small amount of food stamps and I have a medical card that pays for my Dr. visits and my prescription medications. My daughter that I had been living with claimed me as a dependent on her 2019 taxs because I did live with her for most of the 2019 year. Since the corona virus pandemic I have not been able to continue babysitting because the person that I babysat for is currently not able to work because her job was one of the many that have been closed. (she was a waitress.) I know that I am not eligible for the first stimulus payment because I was a dependent on someones taxes in 2019, and I am fairly sure that I cannot draw unemployment because of the nature of my job. My question is, will I be eligible for the “Emergency Money For People Act.” When and if the proposal passes?

    5. Good morning what if your child is over 18 and disable and have no income and can not work trying to get disabity but can not get it yet will he get a check

  1. I get SSI payments n my mom clam me on her taxes n I will not receive a check I don’t think it fair n other people probably n the same boat sorry but we need help too

    1. Filed taxes on jan 29th. Accepted jan 29th they have correct deposit info still waiting for refund and stimulus check

      1. I’m in the same boat I filed my taxes on Jan 29 I got a letter from the IRS on Feb 19 the on the letter it said 60 days from the 19th of feb here it it is the 22 second of April they told me to call them but how do you get any answers from them when there shut down you can’t call them what do you do about it does anyone have a clue let me no

      2. I believe tax returns are on the back burner until the stimulus pop payments are out. Probably why they also extended the tax filing deadline.

        1. Will I get a stimulant check, if I’m being claimed on someone else’s taxes? Even though I get SSI, and got direct deposit.

          1. I would like to answer to that also I separated from my husband in 2018 and I think that he Mike got in my stimulus check because they’re going for the 2018 tax returns and I cannot find out if he got it or not cuz he’s not answering my text

      3. My brothers was Jan. 28th and he just got his yesterday. So I would say yours is coming in the next day or so.

        1. I filed taxes on my self employment which was under $9,000.00. I just mailed my third payment of taxes due of $798.00. I did not have to file on my retirement income which my tax preparer done for me. When can I see my stimulus check deposited within my checking account of $1,200.00?

    2. Amen to that!!! Seriously? Smh. What a shame! Plz people, vote! Vote for anyone but Trump! We have to get him out! But we have to vote! Everybody MUST VOTE!!!!

      1. Democrats and some Republicans always blame Trump guys done a lot more for this country than anybody has done our economy our military is a lot better stimulus has been more money than ever to help us this virus and what’s happening is not Trump’s fault



        1. I totally agree!! People should feel blessed Trump is doing so.much. I only Democrats would be supportive of everything he proposes, occasionally. Know your facts people!!

        2. I agree Trump has helped our country in many ways y’all have to remember when he took to office what he came into a great big mess thank you trump

        3. My main problem with Trump is he is a pathological liar so sadly you cannot believe anything he says, also his one and a half trillion dollars to the rich did not do anything for folks like us

        4. I to differ. First name me 5 positive “things) trump has done for this country and us as . And tell me in detail with your answer not tow the company line. I dont want to hear the usual drivel i hear from the walking dead red right wingers. I CAN tell you that , yes, this in fact trump’s fault. He had top officials reporting to him as early as Jan 16th that we had a problem coming this way. If fact, with as uch t.v. as that guy watches he should have seen this virus as a threat in Jan himself had he been able to operate the remote to turn off Fox and Friends. But no, instead he has done everything in his power to further destroy our planet, create more homeless population, roll back every reg in place all for the sake of the all mighty dollar and to prop up him crumbling ego. It is the first time in my life im embarrassed to an american. How those of you how drank the kool-aid cant see that he doesnt give a shit about you. He only cares about money and how he looks. A true President cares about he bigger picture. A real President would NEVER defund WHO in the middle of a pandemic. A real President of these US WOOULD NEVER show a propaganda video, much less durning a white house briefing and think that there would be no back lash over it. And why all of a sudden does he feel the need to fill wh positions that have been long vacant? Saying he has and he does not. That would make him no better than North Korea or Russia. He now wants to override congress on immigration. I wouldnt put it passed him to permanently change the Constitution to his liking to become president for life or whatever else that he thinks he wants for his own agenda. Does anyone else find it creepy the way he needs to be spoken to like he is a god? If you dont speak to im or about him in a flowery way, he goes after you? Calling ppl names and lying in this day fact checking in real time is insane. I dont care who is President next as long as it isnt fucking trump.

        1. Certainly not blaming him for everything, however when he first knew about the virus he denied then he delayed edit cost American lives. It is what it is

      2. Amen to that one,voting Dump out.I bet half the Dump voters regret it now.Him.allowing all the mess to spread even more.If it wasn’t for him It would be less deaths.As someone stated below has has done more fore our Country.Yes caused more deaths than it had to be.

        1. Well then I guess you should send your check back to him.if he has done nothing then don’t take his money. Just saying

      3. Trump has been the best President for this country since Ronald Reagan…get a life. Typical liberal wanting hand outs

          1. I bet it is also. Collecting his check with a smile on your face all the way to a Lowe’s or wal Mart to spend it

        1. Exactly Mark, Amen. I remember when trump wanted to close airports etc….Even then everyone said he was crazy…so he did not…Then he is blamed for the virus getting out of hand. Smfh. All you haters just jumped on the bandwagon because the masses told you too, Half the ppl who condone the man doesn’t even know why. YEP!! I voted for trump because he goes off script and he don’t F around. Plus he don’t owe god knows who for his campaign and needs to pay them off by being a robot. Obama did nothing but danced on every talk show and bombed 7 countries, Oh but because we all needed to prove we were not a racist country……And b 4 I hear it!! he didn’t find Osama our military(who gets no respect as well)did. … Ill vote deff… Ill vote trump!!
          I had swine flu when obama was in office, lost my job from being so sick. I didn’t get half of what im getting now. Oh wait??? I didn’t get 0. So you want to blame someone? Put it where it belongs and who don’t care judging their quickness to open their wet markets so quickly…..But you will probably find a way to blame trump. In my days you respected your president even if you hated the man!! This country is a joke now.

          1. You are ignorant. God is capitalized, if are referring to the one true God. Donald Trump is a racist, and THAT’S why his base supports him. Caucasian Americans are racist as well.
            I often ask myself, how can Evangelical Christian say he is the chosen one? Everything he stands for is against the word of God

            However utimitly I realize this is God’s world and only God decides what is allowed to happen.
            Pull out your Bible, you will see it says all liars will have their part in the lake of fire. You tell me how many times Trump has lied on camera then stated he didn’t say whatever it was he did say on camera. The lake of fire refers to he’ll. So hall’s messiah is going to he’ll.
            He has committed several acts of treason continues to profit from his office, but because he hates and promote hate he gets a pass??? All he has done is made the wealthy more wealthy. The Senate has sold their souls for a few dollars.
            Trump’s croonies don’t care if you and the rest of the voters die, they just want you to go back to work so they don’t lose anymore money. Stop watching just Fox listen to what’s going on from others as well.
            Are you willing to follow Trump to he’ll??? What about your eternal soul???
            No one has the nerve to stand up to Trump , he is simply a school yard bully
            He turns on anyone who challenges him
            It like he’s Jim Jones and y’all drank the koolaid.
            If everyone that knows what’s going on would stand up and tell him he is wrong he”
            ‘d stop. There’s strength in numbers but from what I observed real good folk a few and far between.
            Trump’s vocabulary is limited my 6 year old grandson has a larger vocabulary.
            I could go on for days
            However I pray that God’s will be done even still and it will be because this is God’s 🌎. Americans need to repent the God will heal the land. May God’s grace surround everyone in this 🌎.

          2. So where’s my stimulus fucken check put my bank info in like a month ago it all got accepted it was telling me that it was going to be deposited into that account I put in from my emerald card and NOW it’s tell me my check will be mailed out on April 24th WTF people I have a wife and two Young boys under the age of 9 yrs old and no more food I need this money more than anything to feed them HELP please this is so much bullshit I haven’t been so pissed in our government in a Long time and it seems no one can give a straight answer WHY people are not just going to die from this virus but from not having food either I’m sry for this rant but come on really they should have set this shit up where people could of went to some government building and got this check’s personally and then you could have your name removed showing you got it anything but this fucken headache. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I hope everyone gets there shit soon or we are going to have bigger problems then just this virus. Sincerely a man just trying to get his money from MICHIGAN.

        2. Yes im a black woman 36 years old . i just dont understand how ppl dont see that trump is for the American ppl …the thing ppl dont realize is that ..Trump cant be brought he already had money so there for he isnt selling us out for the Elite money he keep trying to tell Americans who our enemies are but they want listen …news companies are owned by our enemies so they cause the media to put out hatred against trump

          1. If someone is carrying kids on their taxes can they still get the stimulus check or do I file to get it for them even if I get ssi

        3. Being my age I worked my life away and you say handouts REALLY they people took taxes every year you need to SHUT UP NOBODY GAVE ME ONE PENNY

        4. I agree entirely. Notice most of the complaints are coming from people who can’t write in English. We should take a boat to their country and see what we get for money and food.

        5. While I certainly did not love Reagan at least he was not a pathological liar oh, he was not a narcissist, he did not play the victim all the time, and he was a leader Trump is nowhere near a leader

      4. Trump does not control IRS. He signs the bills that provide us with stimulus checks. People need to know their facts. The Democrats are always the hold ups.

        1. Thank you say it again in case they didnt here you the folks we need to talk to are the Democrats and law makers that makes up these crazy ass rules and laws

        1. Funny thing is half these people downing trump is getting a paper check which means they have to sign there name on the back of the same check that trumps name is on. Don’t like it donate your money to someone else

      5. Trump has really been the only group of people getting answers and trying to make stuff better talk to your governor

      6. You need to think about are telling people to vote him out!!! We he the one that passed the stimularything you ass.hear researcs check….Dont believe every think you see your resesrch!!! Send your money back to the IRS

        1. Why would u vote him out and he is the one helping right now cause the Dems aint shit and wont they were the ones that were against it sayin we have to means test it during a time like this you either smokin or hit your head very hard now u sayin that but i bet you still spending that check he sent right? Ok

      7. Trump is not the problem he is the solution. There’s illegal immigrants that are trying and looking for a stimulas check. Remember humans and I address America as humans cause America is made up of alot of non Americans so there truly not Americans.there just humans. The stimulas check is for Americans not humans hiding out in America.

    3. I filed my taxes and received my refund through TurboTax, waited for my stimulus didn’t get it, had to put in my direct deposit information on the IRS website as soon as the tool was available, still haven’t received my stimulus direct deposited… used all my refund money to pay my bills now it’s due again and can’t pay for anything…food stamps are gone for the month and didn’t get an increase in those benefits either what are we supposed to do I have 3 kids and I take care of my 71 year old father who is also waiting on his stimulus check!!!!!

  2. I don’t think we need to get 2000.00 for a year maybe four to six months.The rent six months. Everybody’s should get 2000.00 it shouldn’t matter if you are married or single.That what’s happened we get greedy .Right now peoples need help .

    1. 2000$ a month for a year would be the best plan. It would be a great help at time like this. Too much discussion, make it happen we are dying out here folks!!!!

      1. I’m on disability as well and still have not received mine stimulus check they keep pushing the date back farther and farther

      2. We are the last of the batch to receive one, but we will. The people who receive SSI had until yesterday to send in info if they had a child to claim. But we should be getting ours next week.

      3. Barbara why do you feel your entitled to a stimulas check . You got your monthly check as you do every month and you make due of what you receive so therefore you didn’t lose out on any funds. You don’t deserve it greedy.

    1. People worry about a stimulus check we live to see some more years thank God we’re still here we are going to pay it back so don’t be too happy about free money anit nothing free in life in this world you fright for your life everyday praying love you are God people’s. the devil walking around mind on my money and not on Jesus life insurance and God is the answer.

      1. I am not working at all and do not collect unemployment. Does that mean I’m out of luck as regards of this 2000 stimulus money.

        1. You people can take god and shove him right up your bible thumping rear ends. I’m so tired of hearing all these people talking about god and faith.
          With this pandemic going on, food shortages that are going to happen, people sacrificing their own health to take care of the sick, people by the thousands out of work, and our children not getting properly educated. With all this going on, you can honestly sit there and tell me that there is a real god?? Seriously?
          If your god is such an all loving god, none of this would be going on. How can he just let people suffer from diseases, like animals, and not do anything about it? What makes you so sure he loves YOU? Or anyone else? You’re going to bank on faith? Huh, you’ll die of old age and dry up and blow away by the time faith comes your way. Hate to break it to you, but wake the F up and quit waiting on something that just doesn’t even exist. There is no god, and there is no faith. Only yourself, so get busy living your life or get busy dying waiting around for god and faith.
          And by the way? I don’t believe in god or faith and I got my check almost a month ago. Have a nice day!

          1. Whoever denies me I will also deny in front of my father. If there is no God tell me how is it that everything in the bible is happening right now. We have all been told and warned that this was going to happen. Read your bible.

          2. My name is Anthony Bernard Friend, the above comment saddens my heart, it’s prayer time, Lord have Mercy 🙏

        2. My name is Victoria Lovan I have a derect deposit to PayPal accountwhen I will get my. Stimulate check or derected deposit to my acc?

    2. I’m also on SS disability. Haven’t seen any $ yet either. I really need it, I feel a little better that I’m not the only one because it’s starting to worry me because I’ve heard some people are already expecting another check in early May.

    3. We really need ours stuck indoors with no car now no public transportation so we’ve upgraded our streaming services and more food , electric bill is highest its ever been

  3. people seriously do not get your hopes up this is not Canada and Trump is our president. Republicans will never allow so much money given up to support the people

    1. I haven’t even received my first stimulus money because I used TurboTax. I should of been one of the first to receive my refund but have been getting the same message all week long..

      1. Everyone wants free money but will they actually use it for what they are supposed to use it for to many drug addicts in this world wanting that next fix of meth or needle in their veins so I say s ccx rew the money open the country and let’s work for what we need I still haven’t gotten my ghost stimulus check yet but I really dont care we are all survivors and money cant buy survival that’s just human nature

    2. Jenni u are so right. I just scrolled down all these comments its comical. I watch fox news and msnbc. I’m sick of both. People are so much more in the middle. If u don’t agree with fox u are a liberal or socialist. Msnbc is just as guilty with the bullshit. Enough. People are the same in africa or london or mexico. We all want a roof over head food and for an education for our kids. The problem is mitch mconell nancy pelosi and all these career politician millionares. Tom steyer had the right idea term limits. 2 terms and out. You shouldn’t be in there long enough to make a fukin million. I’ll be 65 in june ,fine but wat about all the young people millenials wat do they have in common with mitch mconell or joe biden or even billionare donald trump. I bet that guy has never had to pump his own gas in his lifetime,or work 2 or three jobs to feed your kids like my own dad who was a hero firefighter in new york and would drive a cab ,wash windows on a ladder then part time in a deli for 3.oo dollars an hour. Joe biden was a young man at the anita hill hearings. Get these dinosaurs out of there all of them and not AOC rep. from new york. There is a need for new young minds in washington. By the way one thing i do agree with trump is the 8 fucking trillion dollars we thru at the middle east for what? We could have done to help our own country with 8 trillion. Enough people snap the fuck out of it. Your childrens lives and future depend on it.

  4. I don’t usually get a tax refund because I owe in and always pay what I owe every year and I updated my banking info w the irs when will I get my stimulus check via direct deposit

    1. There is a website associated with the site that has a flow chart of the IRS plan to roll out the checks based on Adjusted Gross Income. The first wave of stimulus money went out week ending April 17th to people who already had direct deposit set up last tax season in 2018. The second set of stimulus checks will be mailed out by week ending friday April 24th for people with An adjusted gross income between $0 and $10000 the next checks will be to people with AGI between $10000and $20000 by Friday May 1st, and so on and so on In $10000 increments one week at a time until it reaches between $190k and $200k in September or October.

  5. All three need to pass and those working on these need help. To many are delayed help while others or now barely getting by, or slowly sinking into debt. Remember we did not ask for this, but are still expected to do great things…and we want too. Pass all three and send us the help we need. Also, if it’s not to much to ask…can we take a moment and remember that our constitution says ” We the people?” We are one nation, and we will stand together, but we also demand to be treated with respect.

  6. I think people who owe back child support should at least get half of their check because all of mine got taken because my name was forged on paperwork agreeing that I would pay something I couldn’t afford to pay do to disability so I refused to pay and have back pay but waiting on court to lower it.

      1. And are you not smart enough to take it back to court to get things taken care of, rather than simply sitting around whining about it? Get off your proverbial as s and get it taken care of. Otherwise shut up and sit down and do nothing, but keep your mouth shut about it.

  7. I check the status payment online, they deposit the stimulus check on April 15, to the account ending it’s not even my account number account number ending is 9961…I file my 2018 and 2019 all my information there is all can they deposite to the wrong account…I dont understand..these is so depressing…I got lay off from my job…in I’m still waiting for the check, I dont know how long I’m gonna wait…

    1. They did my sister the same way. She is waiting like you are because of the same exact reason. You are NOT alonne. They should have verified address and bank account first., Especially if it was 2018 return that IRS used.

  8. I changed mybank info on april 15th on the get my payment portal lime I was told to do and it said im eligible for a stimulas payment and would update my page when got a deposit date it is now April 22 and nothing has changed and still no stimulas check can nobody at irs see what ia going on ans fix this please before people lose everything they have.

    1. I was told today that if y’all have not received a direct deposit then expect a paper check in the mail which could take up to the end of September to receive. Now how is that for helping us out? We had to file bankruptcy because of us loosing our jobs and don’t get unemployment and cannot get a hold of anybody through the irs or unemployment. What’s it going to take for EVERYONE to file bankruptcy before they expedite the money? I don’t know how to get our questions answered if no one is there to help us to begin with. So unfair..

  9. I vote for the 2000.00 a month to help pay all your bills whether it’s rent,mortgage,electric,water,gas,food necessaties you need for your home,and it will help those places you buy from too

  10. I filed 2019 taxes. And still havent received stimulus check. Then my family member helped me in 2019 financially to care for my 3 babies. And he had rights to claim them and now he is getting an extra $500 for each dependent when he is no longer financially caring for my children. So how do I change that so I can get $500 for each of my children now that I’m financially taking care of them myself during this corona virus and not the family member.

    1. IRS rules require that a caregiver be the legal custodian. This means you would need to have legal custody even if it was temporary and for six months out of the year or more.

      1. I don’t believe that legal custody has much to do with it. You can have any minor under the age of 18 living with you, not working, but maybe a student, makes that person dependent on you for support of basic necessities such as housing, food, clothing, etc.. Same for some handicap situations.

    2. Great question I’m going through the same thing would like to know how can I receive the money for my kids who were claimed on someone else’s taxes why they are out during this covid 19 quarantine.

    3. You won’t get that extra $500 for each child unless that person who helped you would be willing to give it to you. The IRS goes by the most recent income taxes, and if your friend claimed them, your just plain out the money until the next year’s taxes are filed. Sorry.

  11. The rent and mortgage cancellation act may benefit the tenet, but what about the landlord? We own 2 rental properties & already our tenants are wanting free rent. The problem is that we depend on the rent money, to make the mortage payments.
    They say the government will pay the landlords, but if you read the fine print, it’ll require that HUD make those payments to the landlord & then it locks the landlord into a 5 year contract with HUD. In the terms of that contract, the landlord can’t even sell their house within a 5 year time frame & can’t do anything to their own rental property, without the consent of HUD!
    It’s not a good situation for the owners of rentals. I don’t want to put a tenant out, but if they are unemployed, they’re drawing more money in unemployment than they were making at their jobs anyway, so why can’t they pay their rent now? My husband is working 40 plus hrs a week at a job he’s had for 30 years & he’s now making less than the 18 year old that was working at McDonald’s, but quit his job of 2 months, because he was scared he’d be exposed to a virus & so our government pays them $28.00 an hr in unemployment benefits!
    Now if they give everybody $2,000 a month, everybody can pay their bills. Including the rent & I’ll not have to worry about losing my tenants or my rental properties!

    1. If you quit your job because your scared of the virus it has to be related to a serious health problem you have that would make you a high risk for getting coronavirus. Also no a fast food worker is not making 28 a hour on uneployment. First uneployment regular weekly amount is based on what a worker made in the last 3 quarters of his her employment. Fast food workers made roughly 7 to 9 dollars a hr so their weekly benefit amount would be under 150 a week then add in the 600 a week thats 750 a week divided into 5 days which is 150 a day divided into 8 hrs a day which is 18.75 a hour but you said your rental is a fast food worker. They work mostly 6 days a week so 750 divided into 6 days is 125 a day divided into 8 hrs a day which is 15.62 a hour. Your 28 a hour is so far off. If you fear the path hud housing would take you then sell it now.

    2. In the case of the McDonald’s worker, if he only worked for 2 months like you said, then he would not be eligible for unemployment benefits because he didn’t work enough quarters of the year, regardless of what his excuses are.
      Now, I do hope that the government does go through with the free tenant rent program. Most landlords, or in some cases, slum lords, hate the idea of having to work with HUD. That means everything, and I do mean everything has to be brought up to code. And code is a dirty four letter word for some landlords. That means cleaning places up right, fixing plumbing, leaky pipes in the basement, fixing windows and screens, air conditioning units, cleaning or replacing carpeting, and the list goes on. Now, if you’re using rentals to pay for all your mortgages, and your husband still has to work outside the house? Then you are living beyond your means. Try dumping your house and live in one of your rentals. No? Why not? Not up to par for HUD standards? Oh gee, maybe you and your husband should get to work in the rentals then.

  12. I am on SSDI too but I do not get enough to have to pay taxes and I do not work under the ‘ticket to work’ program. So, I suspect that those on SSDI that also pay taxes have received their stimulus checks. However, people like me are considered a “non-tax payer” meaning we are last to recieve a stimulus check if there is any left after all the tax payer’s get paid. They are not trying to help the poor; they are trying to ‘stimulate’ the working class because they are what congress believes sustains the economy-SSDI is based on earnings and prior taxes paid-but we are treated as if we are paupers and are not entitled under the governments very own program. With that being said, If I DO get a stimulus check, the IRS just might come back later and say “it must have been a glitch!!!!!”
    I use to take the stance that ” I’ll believe it when I see it” but you cant wven do that now. They take it back when they get ready AND justify it tooooo!!!!

  13. I think it’s great, this virus happened to us we didn’t ask for it. Now it’s either we get financial aid or risk dying. N I love life to much I’m not ready to go yet.

  14. What do us people getting SOCIAL Security get , NOTHING most of us own out homes and vehicles but we only get $900 a month SOCIAL Security payments?

  15. According to what I am reading we want get our Stimulus check till September,,,,,What good is that doing me now?

    1. I am married and had to stop working to care for my husband( mechanic and right hand was crushed) our only income is his $840 social security disability, if we get stimulus will we get $2400?

      1. I haven’t worked for the years of 2018 or 2019, because I had to care for a sick family member that wasn’t able to care for themselves. I was working since January of this year though will i be able to get a stimulus package. I think I should.

  16. Stop with the freebies and just get America back to work. If people can’t pay their own bills for a month or two, then you are burden on society and should die off. Nothing worse than a moocher.

    1. Us senior social security recipients,,, were your back bone when you all were growing up. We kept the economy going for decades. Alot of us senior folks paid in there dues to the government for years, So I worked for my social security I collect now. And I worked also for that stimulus check I haven’t received yet….

  17. I wish I had the first payment from my stimulas check .mines is going to be mailed I filed 2018 but haven’t did 2019 I owe 43.00 to federal

  18. I want to know where the money is coming from and how will it be paid back to the federal and or state government. Money money monay no one want to know where it comes from until later when your taxes will go up .

        1. Really ? I’d be careful what I say
          I’ve always heard what goes around comes around, that remark was plain mean.

  19. Im not worrying or getting my hopes up and i stand with the people who never even recieved the first one .so wow give it to the Airlines no body is able to fly any way and if this doesnt end now everyone will be moveing to the street .i say keep your word when they say everyone will get a stimulus check .I havent

  20. I’m on Social Security and I got my stimulus check 2 weeks ago there’s another reason why you’re not getting yours and it has nothing to do with being on SSI.

    1. What ive read is that ssi recipients will have their checks between april 27 n may 5th week if you have direct deposit

  21. I’m a single mother and Anna and have been in a central worker through all of this dust far although Monday I was laid off because Cota buses in Columbus Ohio are no longer operating after 9 p.m. and don’t start until 7 a.m. I work 3rd Shift my hours are leave at 9:20 p.m. catch the bus at 9:40 arrive at work at 10:30 get off work at 3:30 wait for the bus to start running at 4:40 a.m. and I get home by 6 a.m. so as you can see I am no longer able to have a transportation to work so I guess I just lost my job because of the Coronavirus! Things were already hard as a single parent I was literally looking for a car thanks to my tax refund when the fire started and because of it the news was telling everybody to stock up and make sure you have what you need in case of quarantine and then it ended up that essential workers came to light and they still had to report to work so I wasted all that money and still ain’t able to go to the grocery store and work what an ironic time it is to live in….

  22. I didn’t get my stimulus check was on ssd now on regular social security. And I don’t have to file taxes plus have direct deposit. Won’t give me a time frame when I will get payment.

  23. Why does it say that I was sent my stimulus check on April 15th but I haven’t gotten it neither through the mail or the bank account

  24. Stimulus check also says that it was sent to an account ending in my last four digits of my social security so where would I get my check, it also says that he was sent on April 15th and I haven’t received anything

  25. Jenni L Williams is a Dumb ASS hopefully you don’t cash that stimulus check you libtard twat waffle!!!!!! Trump has done everything he can and more what the hell have you done beside leave this Dumb Ass comment this is not about politics anyway how about someone voting you to leave the USA Dumb Ass

  26. I am on SSD and not required to pay taxes and I thought based upon what I’ve read and I’ve read hundreds of articles that we would have gotten our check by now but my mom she’s on SS I or she can social security plus pay taxes and she has not received hers and you can’t really get an answer from anybody pick the websites terrible they tell you if you get railroad survivor disability SSI do not put your information in your check will come automatically but yet I don’t know like I can’t see it I know I haven’t seen it so far but I know I know I need it badly I’m counting on it otherwise it’s going to be a bad month but I hope we all get taken care of as far as these other things in the pipeline side pissing in the wind y’all I believe it when I see it you could I don’t believe any of those things that were written on that babe that’s three different acts I don’t believe any of that but I hope I’m wrong dear God I hope I’m wrong but I’m anyway I hope everybody safe and I hope that we all get us to mail checks soon and if anybody knows more about when or what or when please let us know thank you

  27. If you didn’t file taxes in 2018 and 19′ you are not automatically disqualified from receiving the stimulus checks. As long as you meet the requirements and don’t owe back child support then their is a web portal on the IRS website where you can enter your bank account information and there is also a non filers page on turbotax where you can also input your info so therefore you can get paid. Or if you didn’t work and don’t have any w-2s to input… who cares!!! File a tax return with no w2’s!! All you’ll be doing is giving the IRS your info for them to send you a check.

  28. This is for everyone on social security
    they said it could take awhile for everyone to get a stimulus check they were taking care of the actual people who are actually out of work but got laid off and or fired.. I’m on disability and I’m not worried about getting a stimulus check and neither should you we are not hurting for money we get are checks like clock work without a problem and for you to be worried about money is ridiculous the only thing that has effected us are the doctors appointments and what not if you’ve been making it just fine before and all of a sudden struggling then you created that not anyone else it’s not like your SS, SSD, SSDI or any other form of social security has stoped no it hasn’t why should we get 2,000 every month for a year are you that fucking gready my god we are in a horrible situation and all you care about is that money money money fuck I’m not we shouldn’t have gotten the first check as it is only the working who filed a their taxes we don’t file taxes or opted out to not to file but here you are botching about that stimulus check. and for those of you who hate trump you might want to give that money to an actual person in need. If you don’t like hearing the truth to damn bad get over it cause I don’t give a shit!!!!!!! Oh and for people who are already unemployed you do not get a check at all cause you haven’t worked for an X amount of time it’s only for people that where working the time of this pandemic and then are now out of work so you are out of luck

    1. Wat a fukin hypocrite none of your fukin bussiness u won’t even attach a name to your bullshit. I know why your comments are so stupid u don’t want to be called out on them. Its called a stimulus package get it? So people will stimulate the economy by taking that money and buy shit with it. Whatever it may be ,food shoes boxing gloves for assholes like you. You said “i don’t give a shit”wat people think”typical for someone who lists themself as “none of your bussiness”asshole. Save your finger from posting an save us from your high fuking horse bullshit comments that collects disabillity but has enough money to not need any check. Fuckin asshole hypocrite!

  29. I like the option of $2000/month; that’ll give us the option to use this package based on our needs.

    But there’s far better option which is believing and trusting in Jesus Christ for our lifes. May God heal our lovely country. In God We Trust.

  30. I talked to the IRS that is what people with common sense does and I’ve asked all these questions I understand that some people on disability have learning disabilities and what not and or blind and or comprehend fully about what is going on but honestly we shouldn’t even be worried about getting any money but the damn Democrats had a damn hissy fit over the lower income people not getting anything but this has been taken care of for the duration of the year that includes there HUD housing their food stamps and what not will not laps or their wic that’s all been handled. But for people who get social security don’t worry you will get your stimulus check it’s just a matter of waiting it may take awhile and by awhile September is what was said that people will get their checks only because the limited staff on duty tgey can only do so much in a day and or week especially if they are closing early

  31. I’m on SSI which some prick stole my purse over a year ago then stole my identity do you think the 8 out of 12 months last year social security or direct express did anything he also changed my address and had the dhhr send him my ebt card those 8 months imagine my and my daughter surviving on nothing no family all dead well we made it never got 1 penny back I think fu$k the stimulus and all government he got my money again this month someone tell me how he gets by with it law enforcement banks post office dhhr and federal government does nothing nothing to Carl Raymond Anderson Jr of Weston wv

  32. I fixed my direct deposit on web site for irs ..does anybody know in about how long til i receive my stimulus check?

  33. If you go look at the bill for economic money for the people act stimulus check for 2000 dollars I feel SSI, essential workers, and families should get this money not illegals nor children under the age of 18 there should be a limit on the money they receive at least if not bad things are bound 2 happen alot of things would have to be changed about this bill before being voted in but 2000 dollars for six months would be the best option for this country.

  34. This is never going to happen. Somehow all the rich people are going to get all the money and I can’t even afford diapers for my kid right now. Who’s going to shop at all these places when most of us are going to be homeless and starving on the street.

    I just saw that nothing for individuals as far as another check was approved… we can all keep dreaming but it’s just never going to happen.

  35. I live in a homeless shelter I’m.53 years old with health problems and I work my income 10,000 a year I do have a fill out taxes do get this too

    1. The a**hole of America(Alabama) got the stimulus meant for my family. Pretty much said screw the 3 kids that live with me

  36. I updated our direct deposit last night I later read if I changed from direct express it cause us to wait much longer, is that true?

  37. Wat about child support … will we get something or not because I’m struggling bad with a new born baby n can’t pay my bills need some answers

  38. We Are All Struggling!! & We Are Afraid Of This Virus!! I Can Only See The Aftermath After This Virus Even & If It Does Go Away?? I Leave It To The Highest Creator. That Is My Voice Opinion Here. We Are On All of This Together. Same Globe. Same Air. Same Day To Day Life. Please Let’s Not Judge Anyone’s Opinions Here!! Except Respect & If You Can Help Those That Need The Help. I Am So Grateful For All The Front Lines. Truck Drivers Delivering Our Food. Mail People Mailing Our Mail. Essential Workers To Our Needs. President Trump Helping Us With Money To Forward Our Life. Doctors Trying & Is Saving The Sick. All The From Lines Risking Their Own Life For Us. The Military Helping A Lot!! So Much More On This Earth.
    People Want To Work. People want our life back to where everything was open. & hoping it will. But, Remember this Virus is still up in the Air secretly hiding & can sneak up on us without even knowing it.🌍

  39. I just want to know when will I get my stimulus check my got a updated she will get here Monday or Tuesday please let me know when mines will come to my direct deposit Thank so much God Bless and be safe

  40. When will people on SSI receive there stimulas check I still haven’t received nothing and I have direct deposit other people I know have got there’s.

  41. I would like to answer to that also I separated from my husband in 2018 and I think that he Mike got in my stimulus check because they’re going for the 2018 tax returns and I cannot find out if he got it or not cuz he’s not answering my text

  42. Man my comment is actually optimistic cause I applied for my $1,200 covid19 stimulus check on the turbo tax/IRS non/filer portal and entered my checking routing info and I got my $1,200 deposited on April. 17th way early and with no hang ups! Thanks Trump we need a president with class like you, your the best!

  43. Can anyone tell me if I will receive the stimulus package. My situation is I haven’t worked in 2018 or 2019 I had to care for a family member, but I was working this year since January until my job closed because of the Corona virus situation.

    1. I am praying that every family gets what they are promised soon. I am still waiting too. Our government was not prepared at all for this. So many mistakes every single day! President Trump is doing everything he can to help us. The Democrats who sit in their seats are to blame for not passing the bills that should have already been passed. They are fighting with him tooth and nail. Its time to remove so many from office this year that are Democrats. From day one they have tried and failed to get him out of Our White House. Its not going to happen. Trump will be Our President for the next four years and you can take that to the Bank! Trump 2020.

      1. Thanks for your comment. But that doesn’t tell me whether I will receive the stimulus or not. Can anyone help me with this question please.

  44. As a father of four kids and three divorces, I have always done whatever possible to pay my child support.

    I have been laid off and suffered through bad economies. If I had to get a second or third job, I DID IT! So that my kids never went without as it was my responsibility.

    It angers me to hear the objections of those in arrears. There is no reason to not pay child support, either you did t go back to court for help when you lost your job, you didn’t look for a job or you wouldn’t work a 2nd job.

    It is easily seen in your inability to use correct grammar and foul language how LAZY you have become. Grow up and be a man much less a father.

  45. All you so called women out there bitching about deadbeat father your deadbeats too I’m a single father of 5 and she left in the middle of the night for drugs so I have lost my job that I worked at for years due to no babysitter at such short notice and I’m struggling to keep everything going I even kept her 2 kids with me to keep them out of foster care and yet shes out doing whatever it’s been 6 months without help I cant even pay any of my Bill’s for my apt and I am worried because I haven’t even gotten this first check that was supposed to pay my Bill’s so I can finally get a babysitter and work but you idiots are sitting there calling dads deadbeats it’s both not one sided morons

  46. We didnt get a stimulus check. This time because my husband owes back child support. They made a mistake on our 2019 taxes. He done it jointly. Instead of injured spouse. So we dont see anything. His Daughter is 45 years old. And he pays his child support every month though his disability. This is not right. For them to take it. When we are struggling also. What about the Housing saying you have to have no Mark’s on your credit report in order for us to get help. That’s not righr.

  47. My husband ex took my stimulus check. I have 3 kids that aren’t his and 3 kids that are his. And his ex has 3 kids of his also. We have always paid childsupport until he got laid off over and over so he got behind. Now he has a steady job on childsupport comes off his check. And they too my side off stimulus to give to her . And I feel if they pass this second stimulus she would take it too. And we wont be able to get any help. I feel they need not to put childsupport in it cause it’s to help American how is that helping. When she is getting her stimulus check which is a big one plus hours. Plus childsupport. So my kids dont get anything or me not right all.

  48. Ok. Thats not being fair. He still need help as well. Who are we to decide if someone should be getting any kind of help because they are a man and have kids. You guys dont know if he takes care of his kids when he was working. We are all in this together.

  49. I too believe that this money is unfairly being withheld for back child support. I don’t have a dog in that fight, but there are many reasons that people have for falling behind in child support well beyond not being a responsible parent. It’s a stipulation I hope changes in any future stimulus package.

    And, oh by the way, we’ve never received the first stimulus money. The “Get My Payment” website says we are eligible, but leaves you hanging on a date. It’s hard to get excited about future payments. The government at work.

  50. I need to know what to do please anyone. I’m a mom who’s stimulus check is being taken to give to my husband ex wife. I did the math if they take our check plus what she would be getting of herself and her kids and her niece and nephew it would be a month in total with our check almost $11,000 dollars a month.Is not right me or my kids have nothing to do with his back childsupport. What about my kids what about me feeding and paying our bills.
    If anyone can guide me please I would appreciate it. They already took my first stimulus of 4400. Dollars . She is getting double stimulus check.

  51. How am I being greedy. My husband had his hours cut. And we have 6 kids. 3 aren’t his and 3 that we have together. He pays his childsupport. But with his hours cut is hard to pay our Bill’s. So they are taking the help they where going to give. To give his ex that already is getting her stimulus that is around 4400 dollars also. In total 8800 dollars for her not right. What about our kids here. I’m not being greedy.

  52. I have to say it comes from both ends. It’s not just the dad to. There are some dead beat mom’s out there. It’s easy to judge someone if you have not gone through it. I have two daughters myself they live with there mom’s. I’m disabled and I would love to have my 9yr old live with me. My oldest has 4 freaking kids doesn’t have custody of neither one does what she can for them but not enough. She would rather work in strip clubs run the streets partying while her kids are home with there dad. So now, how easy is it to get on here and type what ever you want to. My question is, how many men and women can get on here and say we had sex to plan for a baby? I can say I didn’t plan for either but I did my best if I’m still paying for or not. At least it’s being paid then ask the mom to show receipts for what they bought for him/her the mom gets upset. No matter what side there are both dead beats out there. It takes two to make it or break it.

  53. Good day my work permit just expired on the 16th of this month and i am still expecting the renewed card but prior to the expiration of the permit, Labor has stopped my weekly claim.
    Is there anyting i can do about this?

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