Free coronavirus testing available for all residents in Los Angeles

Los Angeles just announced that they will be providing free testing for all residents free of cost and even to individuals who exhibit no symptoms of the coronavirus. Los Angeles is the first major city to provide such widespread testing to its residents.

Reportedly, they will prioritize those with symptoms and put them at the front of the line which obviously makes a lot of sense.

But the testing will be very helpful for individuals who know or have a high suspicion that they were recently exposed to someone with coronavirus.

Also, while people are discouraged from getting tested every day, people will be able to get repeat tests done if they feel the need to do so.

The testing being done is for an active infection of the virus and not antibodies.

Ideally, communities will soon be able to implement both types of testing on a widespread basis.

But one issue with antibody testing so far has been the accuracy and also the unknown degree of immunity that exists with different levels of antibodies.

Regardless though, the more testing that can be done at this stage the better because it will allow infected individuals to be removed from society quicker and help flatten the curve until a vaccine is widely available. This will help prevent a major surge from developing and prevent our healthcare systems from getting overwhelmed.

People who would like to sign up for a test in the Los Angeles area can do so here:



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