Next stimulus bill may be “final” one

The negotiations and talks for another round of stimulus funding are beginning to heat up as the Senate gets ready to return to action next week. So far, there has been a good degree of back and forth when it comes to whether or not an additional round of stimulus checks will come out.

Initially, there was a lot of excitement but that excitement was diminished when we heard the White House and other Republicans express a lack of interest in more stimulus checks.

But after the Democrats came with their revised proposal for one more round of checks, it seems like Republicans and the White House have gotten more on board.

Well, it looks like the next round of stimulus funding could be the last according to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“We’re taking a careful look at a fourth and final bill,” the Republican said.

“You could anticipate the decision being made on whether to go forward in about a month. And it will be narrowly crafted, designed to help us where we are a month from now, not where we were three months ago.”

This seems well in line with some of the news that we have heard over the past couple of weeks. Republicans are in no rush to pass another stimulus package although they are interested in passing one.

I think the idea is to wait long enough for things to develop a little bit further and then devise a package that will address needs until the end of the pandemic.

In an ideal scenario, this approach makes sense.

Ideally, the pandemic will slow down over the summer and be under control by the fall and then go away for all intents and purposes shortly after that.

But I still think it’s too early to guarantee that this will be the final bill.

Nobody knows what is going to happen at this stage.

Yes, it looks like things are getting under control to a large degree and businesses are starting to reopen which are all great things.

But we still don’t know what is going to happen with this virus come the fall or winter.

We could see another surge of cases that could shut down the economy to a large degree once again.

But what I believe is even more likely is that we could see long lasting economic effects.

Our economy has lost a lot of productivity over the past couple of months and I feel like the effects of that lost productivity can take some time to truly feel.

I’m not sure that anybody should be trying to guarantee one final package for something that could continue to persist for another year.

There are just too many unknown variables.

Still, at least another package is all but confirmed at this point and based on other information we have seen, a second round of stimulus checks is a very likely possibility.

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  1. I totally agree with the Republicans.Let everything reopen and EVERYONE go back to work.STOP THE 600 per week unemployment.NOONE WILL GO BACK TO WORK if they don’t even though people receive it THAT NEVER WORKED.That money has caused more damage than good,overdoses and everything.People who had never worked didn’t know what to do with so much money.THEY ALWAYS GOT PUBLIC ASSISTANCE AND NEVER HAD TO PAY RENT OR UTILITIES.

  2. So many people need this short term assistance by getting this stimulus check. No one asked to be in the position of loss of employment and trying to manage paying their bills during this time. It is really sad someone who financially was not impacted with his income could understand.Mitch McConnell, how do you look at yourself and feel like you are in control of if making this decision about something so crucial to so many. No one asked for any of this, we are trying to regain some since of balance in our lives so that we can return to earning a living a take care of our families.

    1. I agree with you, but Mitch don’t care because he a millionaire his wife ship was found drugs on it but nothing wasn’t never said no more about it American people what made mitch rich he forgot how it is trying keep our bills paid .

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