Lawmakers getting impatient with lack of action on stimulus package

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We’ve heard some encouraging news over the past week regarding the prospect of another stimulus package containing stimulus funds.

We know that some Republicans are optimistic that another stimulus relief package is on its way and the president has already indicated a likelihood of more stimulus checks.

But it looks like we still have disagreements in Congress over what needs to happen and when. And some lawmakers are getting increasingly impatient.

Some Republican lawmakers still may have doubts about the prospects of another stimulus relief package.

Republican congressman Rodney Davis of Illinois stated, “I’m not that optimistic that anything will happen in Washington when it comes to another COVID-related stimulus bill… Speaker Pelosi decided on her own to put a $3 trillion wish list together and that allowed everyone in Washington to retreat to their partisan corners.”

Some lawmakers are still adopting the wait and see approach regarding more stimulus funding.

“I don’t think we need to be spending more money right now.” Rep. Roger Marshall, a Republican from Kansas said.

But now the Democrats are getting impatient with the lack of action being taken by Republicans.

“We’re waiting for Mitch McConnell over on the Senate side to get off his rear end and do something,” said Rep. Jim McGovern, a Democrat from Massachusetts. “Up to this point, he’s done nothing.”

You can sense the frustration coming from representative McGovern based on that statement. And other lawmakers feel the same.

Some Democrats like Rep David Cicilline, a Democrat from Rhode Island, are claiming that at this point Republicans should create their own proposal.

“What he can’t do is nothing,” said Cicilline. “There are too many people in this country hurting, there are too many people that have been impacted by COVID-19 and they expect Congress to provide additional relief.”

It does seem odd that no counterproposal has been publicly presented yet.

I’m sure there is a counterproposal being negotiated and likely drafted behind the scenes right now by someone but judging by the comments from some lawmakers, it doesn’t seem like they have been very busy offering up ideas.

I think it is important to not rush into anything so I can’t blame them for being careful about drafting what might be the final package. But it does seem like some lawmakers are dragging their feet as they go about formulating the next round of relief.



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  1. The “People” that are “SUPPOSED” to be working for the people who elected them..I dont see them working very hard to get stimulus checks issued in time for tax payers to pay the bills, keep food or medical needs covered. Yet they seem to have a roof, chauffers, food, paid time off. Not sure if delay is with them or the President. Makes me wonder how many “Elected officials” will get voted in again? Many of us are looking for jobs but cant get hired due to our age. Oh my gosh we have many elected officials that are over 65 & they have “Good paying jobs”… Many of us are senior citizens and would like to find employment to keep shelter for us & food in pantry. Makes me wonder if elected officials really give a rats behind about John Q. Public. I dont think they do.

    1. I believe all of them in congress that is over 62-65 should retire since they can put out when people can retire alot of them need to be out of office and give them positions to a much younger generation.

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