New proposal for the stimulus checks and other aid

If you’ve been following the stimulus package negotiations, you know that things have pretty much been a mess since the past week.

After many members of the public believed that a final agreement would be made on August 7, nothing ended up happening and lawmakers appeared to be as divided as ever.

But now it looks like there may be a solution that will at least partially resolve some of the issues and help stimulus checks come out in a timely fashion.

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said Trump is willing to sign a “limited” stimulus bill which would provide the following benefits:

  • Aid for the Postal Service
  • Stimulus Checks
  • Enhanced federal unemployment benefit
  • Extension of the Paycheck Protection Program

“And so, listen, we have got a lot of people that are hurting out there. And this voting issue is key. If the Democrats feel like this is a big issue — and I talked to some of the more moderate Democrats and a few progressives as well — if this is a big deal, let’s put it with a stimulus check to go to Americans. Let’s — let’s put it with enhanced unemployment extension. Let’s put it with small business reform in terms of the PPP and extending that. Let’s get that. Will the president sign that? Yes, he will sign that. And I’m certain … that whether it’s $10 billion or $25 billion or something in between, we can do that.”

The big issue with this is that Democrats do not prefer a piecemeal method of legislation.

Instead, they want all of the issues addressed in a single stimulus package.

I’m guessing they prefer that route because it is easier to leverage their negotiating positions by lumping everything together.

It’s much harder to pass a somewhat controversial or less popular piece of legislation on its own than when it is lumped in with dozens of other provisions.

The problem with that approach is that things can get messy and it can cause negotiations to stall as we have seen them stall in this case.

Offering a limited stimulus package proposal to Democrats also is a strategic move from Republicans since it is a way to put pressure on Democrats.

I’m sure Republicans are well aware that Democrats want an all in one package and by presenting them with a limited proposal it puts pressure on Democrats to agree to it or else they will look like the ones preventing key relief measures from going out.

It’s somewhat of a power move.

This is also very interesting because the funding to the USPS has become a hot button issue and some would even say controversy.

President Trump was adamant about not funding USPS months ago but it seems like he has changed his position on that issue.

I’m wondering if the special caucus for problem-solving has been able to make progress between lawmakers in the White House and if this limited proposal is a product of that?

Either way, hopefully we will hear a clear response from Democrats on this limited relief package because if they agree to it the stimulus checks could start going out within a week of a passing.



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