Lawmakers return tomorrow, what’s going to happen?

Next week, lawmakers will return to Washington.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has called work on a new aid bill “job one” for this lame-duck session.

A lame duck session is the time period after the elections when a sitting president is essentially just waiting for his term to expire.

A lame duck session can also be when Congress is it for a regime change after inauguration day.

They are known for being very unproductive because many lawmakers like to simply wait for the new regime change to take action.

But in 2020, there is a pandemic that has been wreaking havoc on the lives of people around the country so sitting back and doing nothing for a couple of months is going to come at the cost of hurting a lot of people.

As I wrote earlier, the Trump administration is still taking legal actions in different states and alleging that there was an election fraud or improper behavior at the polling stations.

Many of the legal actions have been dropped or thrown out so far so it does not appear that there is going to be legal intervention that reverses the course of the election.

That doesn’t mean that the legal process won’t drag out though.

So now we will be combining the standard non-productive lame duck session with an ongoing legal threat to the outcome of the election.

If there was ever a recipe for not getting anything done, that is probably it, despite what’s going on with the pandemic.

Still, Republican leaders like McConnell are still insisting that they want to get something done by the end of the year.

The big question is what exactly are they thinking?

After encouraging job reports, it’s possible that Senate Republicans may try to pass another small bill known as a skinny stimulus.

They have already tried to pass two of those before but they did not go anywhere and with the upcoming regime changes, I don’t see the Democrats getting on board with any type of skinny stimulus package.

If somehow lawmakers are able to make some progress when they return to the Senate this coming week it’s possible that direct payments could start going out in December but that will come as a shock to many Americans including myself.

It will be interesting to hear how the discussions resume beginning tomorrow.



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