Will Trump’s lawsuits hinder stimulus talks?

Now that Joe Biden has been projected the winner of the presidential election, the focus is now shifting to when Donald Trump will concede a loss to the election.

Whether or not the Trump administration decides to continue to contest the outcome of the election is extremely important to how stimulus talks proceed.

If the administration does have a strong case then we will likely see this drag out for weeks until the crux of the matter ends up in the Supreme Court inevitably.

In that scenario, the chance of stimulus aid getting out is essentially zero.

I just don’t see how lawmakers could come together while awaiting a major Supreme Court ruling like that.

If the administration realizes that they don’t have a case they may be more willing to withdraw their legal actions in a timely fashion.

Here’s a rundown of some of the legal challenges that the Trump administration has raised so far and how they have been handled.

The hub of the action seems to be taking place in Pennsylvania where there is disagreement over whether or not ballots that arrived after election day should be counted.

The ballots are currently being segregated (per the Supreme Court) in the event that they should not be counted but according to Forbes there is not enough of these ballots to “substantially affect of the election result.”

Moreover, the ballots that are being segregated were not included in Pennsylvania’s vote count so their counts would not matter.

This is also the case with the mail-in votes lacking proof of identification — apparently those were not included in the current vote count.

The Trump campaign also filed lawsuits in Georgia and Michigan alleging issues with the voting process but those cases have failed in court.

There was another lawsuit in Arizona that alleged an issue with sharpie markers being used on ballots but this was dropped yesterday.

So far, it does not seem like the legal actions being filed stand a high chance of being successful.

Reports state that the Trump campaign is committed to filing additional lawsuits in the coming days that will allege more voter fraud and other issues related to poll watchers.

Based on the way that the courts have thrown out so many of the cases so far (or at least how the cases have been dropped) it seems like within a relatively short amount of time the Trump campaign will realize that their efforts are being wasted.

I guess it still possible that some bombshell evidence could arise and send the case directly to the Supreme Court which could have a significant impact on the outcome of the election.

However, I think those odds are pretty low.

But even if it takes the Trump administration a couple of weeks to drop the lawsuits, the resulting residual effects of those would likely hinder the little chance of progress that we were going to have during a lame duck session.

At this point, I would not expect to see anything happen until 2021 and we are still awaiting the final results of what the Senate will look like which will have a huge impact on the next stimulus.



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