Alaska Airlines Club 49: (Deals & Baggage Fee Benefits) [2021]

Some airlines like to provide special perks to residents who reside within their home states and countries in order to make life traveling a little easier and less costly. Alaska Airlines is one of these generous airlines and they have something called the Alaska Airlines Club 49.

The Alaska Airlines Club 49 can help certain residents save money and capture savings with different discounts on things like baggage fees and even shipping. In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about the Alaska Airlines Club 49 deals and benefits and other things like eligibility and how to sign-up. 

What is the Alaska Airlines Club 49?

The Alaska Airlines Club 49 is a special program that offers special discounts and deals to Alaskan residents who are also Alaska Mileage Plan members. Due to the geography of Alaska, there are unique travel needs for its residents and this program works to address those needs in practical ways.

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What are the Alaska Airlines Club benefits?

By joining Club 49, you will be able to receive the following benefits:

  • Two free checked bags on select routes
  • Travel discounts
  • Shipping discounts

Unfortunately, you do not get Alaska Lounge access or put in a priority boarding group but these three benefits can still be valuable. I will talk about each of these benefits in more detail below.

Two free checked bags

Club 49 members and passengers on the same reservation can check two bags for free when traveling to or from Alaska on Alaska Airlines. With Alaska Airlines, your first checked bag will cost $30 and your second checked bag will cost $40, so this could save you lots of cash over time (read more about the baggage fees here).

There are a few things to note about this perk.

Applies to your entire itinerary

This will apply to all passengers on the same itinerary (up to seven passengers). However, the benefit does not extend to all travelers in a group reservation. Only Club 49 members receive the free-checked-baggage benefit on group reservations.

Eligible airlines

This benefit can also be used on other airlines including: Horizon Air, PenAir (between Anchorage and Dutch Harbor), and SkyWest Airlines (Flight Series 3440–3499).

Eligible flights

You just need to remember that the flights must be traveling to or from Alaska.

Also, the member’s Mileage Plan number must be on the reservation before bags are checked.

The free checked bags are not available when connecting to another carrier for international travel or checking in with a codeshare or airline partner. Alaska has a lot of great partners but unfortunately if you are flying with one of them you will not get this benefit if flying internationally. If flying domestically and connecting you will be able to get the discount. 

Keep in mind that you can also get a free checked bag if you have the Alaska Airlines Visa Credit Card.

Travel Now discounts (30% off)

As a Club 49 member, you will receive two Travel Now discounts per year, good for 30% off one-way travel in a Refundable Coach (YAS) fare to, from or within Alaska on Alaska Airlines, booked within four days of departure.

These will be issued upon enrollment and then every following year when your membership is verified. Here are some key considerations:

Refundable Coach (YAS) fare

Refundable economy fares are going to be some of the most expensive fares. So even with the discount you still might be paying more than you normally would for an economy fare that cannot be cancelled. So be sure to compare prices before going for that discount.

Eligible airlines

You can use these discounts on flights operated by Alaska Airlines, Horizon Air, PenAir (between Anchorage and Dutch Harbor), and SkyWest Airlines (Flight Series 3440–3499).

Eligible flights & four day limitation

In order to get this discount, travel must include one Alaskan city and take place within four days of ticket purchase. Being forced to use this discount for essentially last minute tickets makes it a little bit harder to take advantage of, so these discounts are not for everyone.

Unlike the free baggage benefit, only one discount may be used per reservation. If more than one Club 49 member is traveling, a separate reservation must be made for each discount used.

Travel Now discounts are displayed in the discount code section of the member’s My account profile.

Weekly deals

You can also view the Deals page to see some good deals.

Each Tuesday they update the page with deals only available to Club 49 members. If you don’t want to miss out on these deals you can sign up for emails to get notified about them.

Head to your My account profile and sign in, then navigate to the My info and subscriptions tab and check the “Insider newsletter” box to subscribe.

Freight for Less

The Freight for Less discount is the newest benefit and it will allow you to ship up to 100 lbs. of freight within Alaska for only $10 when you fly, and $40 any time. This benefit can be very valuable to those who live in certain remote areas in Alaska where air shipping is needed/required.

Age restriction

Freight for Less benefits apply only to Club 49 members aged 16 and older.

Only available in Alaska

The Club 49 Freight for Less benefit is only available for shipping within the state of Alaska and is subject to the standard Alaska Air Cargo Conditions of Contract, Restrictions, and Embargoes.

You can ship up to 100 pounds for only $10 when you are traveling (within Alaska) and if you are not traveling you can ship up to 100 pounds for $40.

$10 for up to 100 pounds benefit

To receive the benefit rate of one shipment of $10 for up to 100 pounds, you must present, in person, at the time of tender:

  • a valid boarding pass for no more than 24 hours prior to the purchased departure date
  • proof of Club 49 membership, and
  • a valid government issued photo ID.

Cargo may only be shipped within the state of Alaska, and to the same destination to which the guest is traveling. Day of travel benefit rate allows one (1) shipment per eligible traveler, per one-way trip.

Paying $10 dollars to ship up to 100 pounds is an absolute bargain so hopefully many people can save a lot with this perk.

$40 for up to 100 pounds benefit

To redeem the benefit rate of $40 for up to 100 pounds, you must present, in person, at the time of tender:

  • proof of Club 49 membership, and
  • a valid government issued photo ID.

Cargo may only be shipped within the state of Alaska. This benefit allows one (1) shipment per eligible Club 49 member, per day.

Maximum Size

To receive your Club 49 Freight for Less benefits, the following size and weight restrictions apply.

  • A single dimension may not exceed 70 inches
  • Total dimensions (L + W + H) may not exceed 110 inches
  • Total weight may not exceed 100 pounds
  • Multiple boxes are allowed, as long as the DIM weight doesn’t exceed 100 lbs.

The following items are not eligible:

  • Collect Shipments
  • Commercial Shipments
  • Live Animals
  • Ammunition
  • Cash or items of Extraordinary Value (e.g. precious gems/metals, jewelry, art)
  • Dangerous Goods, including loose lithium batteries (batteries only)
  • Firearms

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Club 49 Eligibility

If you want to join Club 49, and you will need to meet the following eligibility requirements.

First, you must be a resident of Alaska or military personnel permanently stationed in Alaska.

Residency is validated at at the time of registration using Alaska state public records and requires customer’s consent for validation. (P.O. box numbers are acceptable.)

You must also have an active Mileage Plan account and My account profile.

Eligibility will be revalidated annually on the anniversary date of original enrollment. If Alaska Airlines is able to revalidate eligibility automatically, members will automatically be reenrolled for the following year. If Alaska Airlines is unable to revalidate residency automatically, members are required to reenroll.

If you would like to join Club 49 you can click here

Note: Children under age of 13 cannot be enrolled online,  but you can call 1-800-252-7522 (TTY: Dial 711 for relay services) between 5 a.m. and midnight (PT), seven days a week.

Constituent fares

The constituent fare offers Club 49 members affordable access to Alaska state legislators and government agencies during the annual legislative session. The constituent fare rates offer a 30% discount off the 7-day & 3-day advance purchase fares.

The discount codes are sent out via the Club 49 Insider email each year at the start of the legislative session (mid-January) to Club 49 members who live outside of the Juneau area.

Once you have received your codes, select the “Redeem” button in the email to automatically load the discount code in your My account profile.

Final word

Alaska Airlines Club 49 is a great way for Alaskan residents to save a little bit of money on flights to and from Alaska.

It also can be a great way to cut down on your expenses if you are needing to ship some freight.

Since it is so easy to sign up for I would recommend checking it out and considering signing up if you meet the eligibility requirements, since you never know when it could come in use.


  1. Would be great if with the 49th membership we would also get a discount for day passes to the Alaska Lounge area…
    Lynda Kvasnikoff
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  2. I can’t believe you are still taking payments, that is all we have left! Really!cancel me please you are of now use to me now!

  3. I’ve been in Alaska since 2017 and I still can’t join club 49 they say we can’t verify your address I have a po Box and an address but it keeps saying the same thing

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