Chase Experiences Guide [2021]

A lot of credit card holders miss out on some golden opportunities to experience special events and unique occasions, mostly because they aren’t even aware of their options.

Chase cardmembers (both credit and debit) are given multiple avenues for seeking out these special occasions through Chase Experiences.

In this article, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about Chase Experiences.

What are Chase Experiences?

Chase Experiences offer Chase cardholders special benefits to a wide variety of experiences ranging from sports, concerts, dining, and other forms of entertainment.

The benefits come in a lot of different forms as well. In some cases, you might be able to gain access to an exclusive lounge for free while in other cases, you may have to pay a hefty price (in cash or points) for an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience.

Also, some experiences are limited to certain types of Chase cards such as the Chase Sapphirre Preferred or the United Airlines credit card.

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Types of Chase experiences

Many of the most popular Chase experiences are associated with specific venues or events.

For example, the U.S. Open is an annual tennis competition that offers Chase cardmembers access to an exclusive lounge. Other specific venues that offer special perks include: the Chase Center, Madison Square Garden, the Forum, and Chase Field.

Below, I will break down what some of these venues will offer you.

Madison Square Garden (New York City)

At Madison Square Garden, you can look into special experiences with professional sports teams like the New York Knicks and New York Rangers. In addition, there may be special concert events taking place as well.

Madison Square Garden is also one of the few locations with a Chase Lounge. And no, it’s not a piece of furniture, it’s an exclusive lounge only available to cardmembers. Here you can enjoy complimentary food and soft drinks and pick up drinks at a cash bar.

If you purchase merchandise from Madison Square Garden and spend $75 or more on your Chase card, you can receive $10 off your purchase. You can also get a discount on food and drink by spending $20 or more.

Chase Preferred Seating is another benefit available at Madison Square Garden. With this benefit, you can get access to some of the best seats that are only available to Chase cardholders.

These can be purchased via Ticketmaster. When searching for tickets, select “Chase cardholder access” under the event type. Then choose your event and purchase your ticket with your Chase card and you can take advantage of Chase Preferred Seating.

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Madison Square Garden
Photo by incognito7nyc via Flickr.

Chase Center (San Francisco)

If you are a fan of the Golden State Warriors, you will enjoy the benefits offered at the Chase Center.

This is a new venue located in downtown San Francisco and as a Chase cardholder, you can have a bit of a VIP experience. For example, you might be able to enter the building before the general public and enjoy the Chase Lounge. You can also get a nice discount on food and drinks.

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Regional events

You can also find events taking place in regional locations. There are a lot of events that take place at museums, zoos, and aquariums. For example, here are some of the events taking place recently:

  • The Maryland Zoo
  • Marbles Kids Museum
  • The Philadelphia Zoo
  • Mural Arts Philadelphia
  • The St. Louis Aquarium
  • Rhode Island School of Design Museum
  • Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh
  • Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Because of coronavirus, many of these are currently virtual events but you can always check out the upcoming events here.

The Forum

The Forum is the old home of the Los Angeles Lakers up until 1999 but it still puts on a lot of events and concerts.

You can find a Chase Lounge at the Forum, where once again you can enjoy complimentary food and beverages along with a cash bar. But you might also have access to a VIP parking area along with a private entry and exit.

Keep in mind that like others you may need to make reservations for this lounge prior to your visit.

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The Chicago Theater

The Chicago Theater is another venue where you can experience a Chase Lounge and possibly take advantage of Chase Preferred seats. Once again, you’ll want to make sure to inquire about reservations.

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Chase Field

Chase Field is home to the Arizona Diamondbacks (Major League Baseball). Here, you want to be on the lookout for exclusive game day experiences along with advanced sales of tickets that you can snag before the general public.

You can also receive a $25 D-bucks Card by spending $75 or more with your Chase credit or debit card at the Chase Field Team Shop and receive 15% off at the Chase Field Team Shop.

Lastly, another benefit to look into is the renewal gift and special access for season tickets.

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Sapphire Experiences

Sapphire Experiences is where the exclusivity of Chase Experiences really ramps up. In order to view these events, you will have to login with credentials belonging to a Sapphire card.

Past events include things like:

  • Emmy’s
  • Sundance
  • Chef showcases
  • Galapagos Islands Expedition
  • PGA Championships
  • Mexico City food tour

Often times, you can choose from a variety of packages with more expensive packages offering a more VIP-like experience.

For example, the base Emmys package would cost $525 but you could choose an upgraded experience that included watching rehearsal and attending the Governor’s Ball for $3,500.

You can pay for these experiences with your card or in some cases you can use points. Some of these events can go pretty quickly and have limited tickets, so you’ll want to act fast.

Sapphire Lounges

You can also get access to Sapphire Lounges if you hold a Chase Sapphirre Preferred, Sapphire Reserve, or a Sapphire banking debit card.

You can find these lounges at a lot of different events such as Winterland on The Rooftop at Pier 17 or the Sundance Film Festival.

These lounges have also popped up in other areas like the Seaport District in New York City and the Hotel Thrillist Denver event. You can also look out for them at the PGA Championship and Pitch Fork Music Festival among other events.

Chase Dining

If you are a foodie, then Chase Dining is definitely something that you will want to look into. You can find amazing restaurants in your location and special experiences as well.

You can also use your points to book these experiences. Chase has offered limited time bonuses on the redemptions allowing Sapphire Preferred members to redeem for 1.25 cents per point and Reserve members to redeem for 1.5 cents per point.

Due to the pandemic the experiences are largely limited to take out, virtual dining, and outdoor seating reservations but that will likely soon change.

United Card Events

United Card Events are special events available to United card holders. You can access these events by paying with your card or paying with your miles.

(This program was formerly called “Inside Access from Chase.”)

Once again, due to coronavirus a lot of these experiences are currently virtual so you will have to settle for that for now. But they have put on some pretty interesting events.

One recent event was a virtual chalk talk with Peyton Manning and his brother Cooper Manning. The price for access for one person was $125 and the event had a capacity of only 100 people. Participants were also given a special gift box as well.

So this is the type of event that would require you to be ready to book properly after it’s released.

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Chase Experiences FAQ

Are Chase Experiences free?

Some Chase Experiences are free while others will require a payment that will depend on the type of package you purchase.

Who is eligible for Chase Experiences?

Many Chase Experiences are open to all Chase cardmembers including credit card and debit card holders. Others will be limited to certain types of cardmembers such as Sapphire cardholders.

What type of events can you access with Sapphire Experiences?

Past events include things like:

Chef showcases
Galapagos Islands Expedition
PGA Championships
Mexico City food tour

What venues or events have Chase Lounges?

Madison Square Garden
The Chicago Theater
The Forum
U.S. Open

Final word

As you can tell, Chase Experiences can offer some pretty special and unique experiences. Whether you are into sports, dining, or other forms of entertainment, chances are you can find some thing that would appeal to you.

I would highly recommend to check out these events from time to time because you never know what type of special event my pop up.


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