Coronavirus themed foods around the world

Everywhere around the world people are trying to find ways to cope with the reality of facing a global pandemic like this for the first time in our lives. Some people are resorting to more creative ways of coping and trying to cheer others up in their locales.

One way that people are doing this is with food creations. Here’s a look at some of the innovative food creations that are making the rounds around the world.

Coronavirus-themed burger

In Hanoi, Vietnam, a chef at Pizza Home created a coronavirus-themed burger. These green tea steamed buns have little crowns on them to look like the microscopic version of the virus. The idea with something like this is to take the fear out of the disease by making it more of a joke (that you can eat).
Coronavirus Easter eggs
In France, pastry chef and chocolatier Jean-François Pré created coronavirus Easter eggs to bring some humor to people after he was just flat out tired of hearing about the coronavirus 24/7. He started to sell these at his shop a few weeks before France went into lockdown.

Toilet roll shaped cakes

This one might be my favorite. In Germany, the Schuerener Backparadies bakery added biscuit versions of the face mask emoji and toilet roll shaped cakes.
These cakes have been an instant hit with locals and they have been making at least 200 per day.  They even claim that these toilet roll cakes are what is helping them get through these difficult times.
Like many places, restaurants and cafés are not open to sitting customers but they can still serve takeout and delivery so many of these places are able to stay alive by attracting takeout orders. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci donuts

In hard hit New York, a donut shop has created a special donut in honor of infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci, a member of President Donald Trump’s coronavirus task force.

He has emerged as one of the leaders in the battle against coronavirus and many have respected his straight talk at a time when it has become difficult to get accurate information from some of our leaders.

These donuts have also been a huge hit with locals and they have sold thousands of these which are buttercream frosted.

Is this wrong?

Some people might take issue with others trying to make light of the coronavirus (and cashing in), since after all thousands of people have died from it and many more will succumb to the disease in the future.

But I think the intentions are pure in these cases and it seems to be giving people a reason to smile or even feel a bit more lighthearted about the situation. Obviously, it’s still a serious disease but there is something to be said about companies doing things like this.

It’s sort of a way for people to feel like we are all in this together and to have a little laugh at the same time, so I don’t feel offended by any of this.