Second stimulus check coming?

As many of you are aware, the US government recently passed a third stimulus package valued at $2.2 trillion. This package included a lot of bailout funds for major industries like the airlines and others but it also contained payments for US citizens.

Many Americans will be receiving $1,200 per adult and $500 per dependent child under 17, although the payout amounts will depend on income thresholds and there are also some exceptions. You can read more about those stimulus checks here.

These payments are starting to go out soon reportedly and will be issued over the next few weeks. If you have not signed up for direct deposit, it is possible that it could take months for a check to be sent out although we are not 100% sure on how long that process will take.

The government has started to have preliminary discussions on a second major stimulus package that could be valued at $1 trillion or more. There have been talks about another round of stimulus checks that could go out to Americans, perhaps in the same amounts that we just saw.

Reportedly, some Democrats have talked about issuing payments to some people who were not eligible for the first round of stimulus checks. For example, young college students were not eligible and there is talk about including them in the next package.

I am not sure if they will also try to include others who have been excluded.

I know that there has been a lot of people unhappy that those owing back child support are not getting checks (assuming that they owe more than the checks are worth).

This will be a story worth following over the next few weeks as we will know more about these developments as our leaders continue to work out a second stimulus package.

Another important aspect of the second package would be hazard pay for people who are putting their health at risk in order to continue their jobs.

I would imagine this would be pretty much anybody in the medical profession working around patients but it could also be those working in essential jobs that are coming face-to-face with the public like grocery store workers. We will see how this plays out.



  1. I need my 2d stimulus check like right NOW!!! I am broke. No school busie running for a while. Unemployment is miniscule Me need a whopper like right NOW amigos.

  2. Here is an idea. Instead of a bailout to Airlines and hotels give money to the “Essentials” keeping the economy alive during this crisis. My guess is as soon as we can travel these people would love to go on a well deserved vacation that this extra money would provide. This would also ensure the Airline and hotel employees that have suffered would benefit not just the billionaire owners.

  3. People staying at home on unemployment are making more then the essential workers. We are working with cut hours and double the work due to the layoffs. How is this fair ?


      1. Exactly I work at a grocery store and deal with all kind of problems with customers attitude ect. We deserve a vacation and everything

  4. When will social security recipients get their stimulous checks,we have direct deposit already in place and live on tight budgets and need help too.
    Would help to get accurate information. Help us please….

    1. If you haven’t got your stimulus yet go on and click non filers info. Setup an account then put in your bank info.

  5. Looks like to me they have already given Stimulus checks to the ones they wanted to . and i had to mail my taxes because i dont have a tax id. so when they say to go on line ?? For what because so you can get a gmail saying to provide your tax id.and you were rejected in my own words to everyone in the world fighting about a grand what about the tax refund .and what about the people who didnt get shit and has to wait till this goes away. I work part time and people come up to me like i have a virus .i want to say stay home then you people are starting to become crazy .

  6. I didnt get my stimulus check because my husband filed his taxes married filing jointly online through turbotax which included me. He owed $1900.00 in back child support for a child produced from an affair he had. We have been seperated for over a year and a half. I filed an amended return. But the IRS took my stimulus check along with his to pay his back child support. In other words, I paid his back child support to the woman whom he cheated on me with.

  7. The government is not really looking at the Stimulas checks closely when giving to Americans, they really left out people that also need it whether what there circumstances are( child support, paying on owed taxes) . When they say ” all American people” did that mean the people who made less than $130.00 a year? I hope they do another round so these people can live too! I used mine for rent & utilities which I am grateful, as a nurse I m around every type of medical needs as this Covid-19 continues and give to small business, hospitals, states etc. but for us to pay Bill’s, Spend money for these businesses to stay open & run appropriately, pay medical bills, Education, Taxes that are owed, Child support, Rent I could go on the American people need help. Being on Unemployment pays more to recipients than as a nurse working 80 hours or more every 2 weeks. Hello!!!!! Not that they do not need it, but help the workers that are trying to make a living too along with others that are front lines of this terrible virus.

  8. Well nothing is fair…is not our fault that most of you are working..I rather’ work, I got let go of my job(Thank you China)..
    I haven’t got umnployment or the promise 1, 200$ I’m getting by Thanks to my saving..So stop crying lots of us are doing bad,We not crying cause in the end the one that will handle it in the end is God..Down here all we got is faith..Hang on to your job essential workers ya Blessing is coming believe it…Just stay strong o.k…🙏👍🎭🎼♥️

  9. I know it’s hard on all of us but keep the faith it’s going to get better have hope I am a caregiver myself I take care of my legally blind dad I also take care of my brother he has HIV and I take care of my mom she’s in the second stage of dementia I make $27 a day for my dad he goes to dialysis 3 days out of the week I also take care of another client 2 days out from 9 till 10:30 I get paid every 2 weeks I have to go out my dad must go to dialysis Monday Wednesday and Friday no one else to take him but me and that’s not enough money to manage or take care of my bills but guess who I depend on God I’m covered all over with his blood and I depend on him and he has taken care of me so far so I have no complaints but from for everybody all around the world I’m praying stay on my knees praying for this crisis to be over and for us to get back on with our lives but until then keep God in your life depend on him cuz he’s all we got right now I love each and every one of y’all please be safe keep your family safe be humble because your blessings are coming just be patient

  10. I cried several times since I realized that my taxes and stimulus check was taken due to old child support payments. I am not against taking care of my babies but I am also without a job due to my health and this pandemic I am about to be homeless. I don’t know what to do to survive until everything gets better I think our government sucks cause you said you would help every American not a selected few then leave others like myself to suffer. I use to think that America was the greatest country but it’s not it’s a money hungry country willing to help some people but leave others hurting through this. They talk about rioting if one happens I wouldn’t be surprised or bother what do you expect from being unfair to a majority of citizens you the government is suppose to protect.

  11. I’m old & tired of all the crap I read. I’m on SS &need my stimulus check. Even the cats worrying. Also, the idea of millionaires receiving checks for 1.5 million makes me want to throw up. Don’t they have enough money? Or do the need fuel for the planes? And what about street people, do they count??

  12. I personally think that this should be considered a hardship Grant and not be able to be touched by child support, back taxes, or debt collectors. Obviously people are behind on these because they are struggling and need help. But that way everyone is guaranteed to get assistance in this pandemic not just some.

    1. I agree that’s where mine with now I am wondering how I am going to survive until the workforce is back going. I am basically about to be homeless and on the streets because there’s was no help for me. I guess I have to risk my life and try to go to work even though it’s not safe out

  13. I’m on retirement and SSA WHY didn’t government give social security administration to give out stimulus checks they all ready have our bank accounts people on retirement,SSA, SSI WE all get our checks in bank Why would they over load the IRS with this terrible task when I check irs website my check is pending to go into bank makes no sense if we get another I hope it’s handled better than this so sad

  14. Since they’re taking the stimulus checks of people owing child support, I wonder are they sending it to the custodial parent, or just not sending a stimulus to the one who owes the child support at all?

  15. I agree with alot want was post it like the rich get richer and others struggle to survive I hope each and every one get want then need and should not be taken for back child support or debt cause the people need it to survive now please help us that are in need of this moey

  16. The government is busy bailing out all of these businesses and trying to get them back on track. Ok thats goo. But, where are the American people gonna get money to spend at these businesses? Here in Georgia the Governor is getting ready to open back up some Malls. Most people including myself don’t have money to splurge in a mall or eat out. Unless we get a reasonable amount of money each month nobody shopping at the Mall. Especially after all household bills are paid. SMH.

  17. I personally think that there should be a second round stimulus payment of at least $2000 per person and $700 per child. And yes everyone in the United States should get one. Even those whom are behind on child support. I pray to God that this happens because we all need it. We are very grateful for the $1200 but we do need more to get back to living.

  18. I agree. Those of us that are still getting a paycheck are making far less than those on unemployment. System definitely is not fair

  19. Yes i agree take care of them i owe back child support. Only the rears is what i owe. I worked threw. The shut down because some how changing ur motor oil is essential job. I have ben dealing with just as many people as the next essential person does . and my hour were cut so low that my pay checks were only $200 for 2week. I didnt receive and extra money. From any care act. Nothing. Zero. My daughter is 21yrs old and she drives a better car then me and has a place to live. And there still taking money that could keep me from being home less. No hazzard pay. No thank u check for risking my life to make sure that ur oil is changed. Jiffy lube isnt help its employee. It to the care act money and making more people work more hours. Instead of paying out the care act. Aid money. It risking a lot of live

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