JetBlue Boarding Policy Guide (Window vs Aisle Seats) [2023]

Every airline has a different type of boarding policy (although a lot of them are pretty similar). JetBlue boards its planes by groups in a pretty standard fashion compared to other US airlines, such as United and American.

So boarding a JetBlue plane is pretty straightforward.

But there are some things that you likely will have questions about such as what boarding group will you likely get based on your seat (window vs aisle).

In this article I will answer all of the questions you may have about JetBlue’s boarding policy and groups.

JetBlue boarding groups order

There are a total of ten JetBlue boarding groups and these include:

  1. Pre-Boarding for customers with disabilities
  2. Mosaic and Mint customers
  3. Even More Space customers (Group A)
  4. Courtesy Boarding
  5. Group B
  6. Group C
  7. Group D
  8. Group E
  9. Group F
  10. All remaining customers

Below, I will go into detail as to who qualifies for each boarding group. Note that the below is an overview and provides general guidance but your specific boarding group may vary.

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Pre-Boarding for customers with disabilities

If you need pre-boarding it’s recommended that you speak to a crew member at the gate prior to the boarding time.

Just let them know the type of assistance you may need and they can help you out with things like wheelchairs, service animals, or any equipment that might be needed.

If you have a disability and require special travel needs JetBlue recommends that you book your flights as soon as you can and that you add a Special Service Request (SSR).

Adding an SSR is easy and you can do it when you choose your own seat when you book online at or with the JetBlue app.

Just check the box under the traveler info, and dropdown menus will appear. There is no fee to add an SSR.  

You can find out more about disability seating here.

Unaccompanied minors can also board during pre-boarding as well. However, if they show up at the gate after pre-boarding has already ended or later they may board the aircraft at the end.

Keep in mind that JetBlue usually has designated seats on the last row of the aircraft for unaccompanied minors.

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Mosaic and Mint customers

Mosaic status is the elite status of JetBlue.

It comes with a number of benefits which include a free first and second checked bag, change and cancellation fees waived, 15,000 bonus points upon qualifying, expedited security line, early boarding, and additional bonus points.

Mint is the business class cabin for JetBlue and it is widely considered one of the best offered by any US airline. You can read more about what the Mint experience is like here.

JetBlue Mint seat

Even More Space customers (Group A)

JetBlue Even More Space customers get to board with Group A.

Even More Space is just like economy plus for other airlines and they provide you with extra legroom.

The extra legroom could be up to 7 inches which is pretty significant for economy seats so this can be well worth it for a lot of people who value that extra space for their feet and legs.

Courtesy Boarding for active military personnel and customers traveling with small children

After Group A is courtesy boarding which is for active military personnel and also customers traveling with small children. It’s always a good idea for active military members to have their military ID with them.

If you are traveling with a car seat or a stroller this would be the boarding group you would likely fall into.

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Group B

Group B is the first general boarding group for JetBlue. If you are seated in the rear of the plane you will likely be a part of Group B.

Also, if you have a window seat towards the back of the aircraft your odds of getting Group B should be pretty high.

Group C

Group C is the second general boarding group and it caters to those in the middle seats, especially for those sitting towards the back of the plane.

However, if you have a window seat and are seated towards the front of the plane then this might be the group you get.

Group D

Group D will be for economy passengers seated in middle seats towards the front of the plane or people in aisle seats towards the back of the plane.

If you are boarding in this group and your plane is full there is a chance that you may not find room for your carry-on items in the overhead storage bin. This is especially true if you are flying on an E-190 aircraft.

Group E

This group will not be called if you are flying on an E-190 aircraft.

Group F

One of the last boarding groups. Again, don’t expect to have overhead storage bin on many flights.

All remaining customers

If you somehow did not fall into any of the above groups such as an unaccompanied minor arriving late you will then board last.

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JetBlue boarding area

When do you need to board the plane?

Your exact boarding time is usually dictated by two things: 1) your destination and 2) your aircraft.

The best advice for arriving at the proper time to board is to first see what boarding time is listed on your boarding pass whenever you check in and/or arrive at the airport.

You still need to be diligent about your boarding time even after your boarding time is printed on your boarding pass though.

The reason is that your boarding time could potentially change (and even your gate of departure could also change).

So it is best to double check your boarding times with the schedules available in the airport or with an airport agent.

Still, JetBlue does provide some general guidance for boarding.

For domestic flights each customer must board the aircraft at least 15 minutes prior to departure.

For international flights, each customer must board the aircraft at least 20 minutes prior to departure.

Note: In the event you had a connecting flight on the same itinerary that was late, it’s possible that the flight attendant could delay boarding in order to give you enough time to make it to the plane.

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Different boarding areas

On occasion, it’s possible that you won’t be boarding in a JetBlue boarding area.

This is the case when JetBlue uses another airline’s boarding area such as a boarding gate for British Airways. The boarding process will remain the same although you won’t have the same types of signage to follow.

In these cases, just listen carefully to when your boarding group is called and where they want you to line up since it won’t be quite as clear.

British airways boarding area
A British Airways boarding area used for JetBlue.

Boarding together on JetBlue

If you are traveling as a group you probably are interested in also boarding together as a group.

If you want to make sure that you will be boarding with other passengers make sure that you are on the same reservation AND that you check in together.

If you are on the same reservation and check in separately you will not be guaranteed to be in the same boarding group. This even applies to Mosaic members.

In the event that you fail to check in together I would contact an agent and see if they can get you in the same boarding group but it may not be possible.

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JetBlue Boarding FAQ

What are the JetBlue boarding groups?

Pre-Boarding for customers with disabilities
Mosaic and Mint customers
Even More Space customers (Group A)
Courtesy Boarding
Group B
Group C
Group D
Group E
Group F
All remaining customers

How many boarding groups does JetBlue have?

There are a total of nine JetBlue boarding groups.

What boarding group will I get if I have a window seat?

You will often get one of the earlier boarding groups such as Group B or Group C but it also depends on where you are located in the plane (back or front).

What boarding group will I get if I have an aisle seat?

You will often get one of the later boarding groups such as Group D but it also depends on where you are located in the plane (back or front).

Will I get to board with my friends and family?

If you are on the same reservation and you also check-in together you should be able to board together.

When do unaccompanied minors board?

Unaccompanied minors will board during pre-boarding unless they arrive later. In that case, they may be the last to board.

What is the latest I can board the plane?

For domestic flights you can board at least 15 minutes prior to departure and for international flights, you must board at least 20 minutes prior to departure.

Final word

As you can probably tell, the boarding policy and boarding groups for JetBlue are pretty straightforward. They allow for pre-boarding and give priority to premium customers at the front and then board according to where people are situated in the plane.