Mighty Travels Premium Review (Flight Alerts) [2019]

Finding the cheapest deals is not always the easiest task when it comes to airlines. That’s just because there are so many different flights taking place on any given day and so many sources for checking prices. Luckily, there are some online tools out there that allow you to efficiently search for just the type of flights that you are interested in and receive alerts for special deals. 

One of these newer tools is called Mighty Travels. In this article I will highlight some of the key features of Mighty Travels Premium and give you my thoughts on how good of a service it is. You can sign-up for a 30 days free trial of the service here. 

Note this is a sponsored post but you know I keep it real when it comes to reviews and only publish those that give me full authority on the final published content. 

Mighty Travels Premium Main Features

From the main dashboard screen you can enter in several different types of search criteria to narrow down your results. In my case, I simply input the origin for Houston and also put In the destination for Amsterdam and Paris. It’s really nice that you can put different types of airports into this for maximum efficiency.

If you’d like, you can also select the country and/or region. For example, you could select all of Europe for a region.

The next thing that you can customize is the airline and the amount of miles for the trip. I simply left this field blank when I did my search. If you’d like, you can narrow it down by airline alliance and you can even select to avoid low-cost carriers which is what I did.

You can then narrow down the results based on the price or even the price based on cost per mile. 

Viewing the search results

My search results pulled up in 11 different flights. The cheapest flight was $480 dollars for a round trip in economy on British Airways and according to the search results, it was found the day before I ran the search.  

There is also a handy drop-down menu on the right where you can follow through to actually purchase your tickets. 

I also like that it shows you the amount of miles that you will earn for the flight. For example, for my British Airways flight to Amsterdam it showed me the following: “This deal should earn up to 5,001 (25%) miles with Aer Lingus AerClub/Avios + Others.”

And then whenever I clicked on the details, that showed me the earnings with several different programs.

Below the mileage earning rates you can also view the details for the fleet information. This will show you details like the type of aircraft they fly and how much leg room (seat pitch, width, etc.) you have among other details. It is actually a very handy way to view all this information.

And then finally below that you can see some of the mileage requirements if you would like to use miles for flights. Obviously with the focus of miles and points on this website that is an important section for most of us. I really appreciate the depth of the results for the different mileage requirements as I’m not sure that many tools give this level of detail.


You can also sign up to receive notifications for certain types of deals.

For example, I have signed up to receive alerts for mistake fares. Right now I am signed up to receive alerts for first class and business class although you can also choose to receive alerts for economy and premium economy.

And finally you could also sign up to receive daily deals for certain regions. Targeting specific regions is probably the most effective way to receive a lot of alerts so if you’re really into this you may want to go that route.

Finally you can also set alerts for specific destinations.

I also like the deal tracker feature which allows you to set custom alerts based on your prior searches. Again this is an efficient way to do things. 

Curated alerts

There is also a section where you can view curators alert for other subscribers. This is a great way to get an overview of all of the different deals that people are finding. 

Final word

I think that this is a great tool overall. I like the efficient way of searching for multiple airports for both the point of departure and the destination, and all of the others useful filters like alliance partners and filtering out low cost carriers. I also really like the thorough information that you can get regarding all different aspects of the airlines and pricing, which includes award pricing.

So if you are looking for an efficient way to hunt down the best prices I think it’s worth at the very least to take a look at Mighty Travels Premium. I typically use miles for all of my flights so searching for flash deals or the lowest cash fares is not my top priority. With that said a service like this that could be under five dollars a month depending on your subscription plan could be worth it for a lot of people. You can sign-up for a 30 day free trial of the service here.