New Hilton Promotion (Up to 54X Bonus Points) Q4 [2019 to 2020]

Hilton has just released the details for its final promotion of 2019 and it’s called “Power Up.” This is overall a decent promotion but it could be very lucrative for certain credit card holders. Keep reading below for more details of the Hilton Q4 promotion.

New 2019 Hilton Promotion

  • Earn Double Points on stays completed between September 9 to January 5
  • Earn Triple Points on stays completed between September 9 to January 5 if you hold an Amex Hilton card and use it for your Hilton stay. 

Sometimes it can be a little confusing to figure out what hotels mean by “double” and “triple” points, especially if you are a newbie. So here is what Hilton means:

  • “Double Points” means you will receive a bonus equal to the number of Base Points earned during a stay.
  • “Triple Points” means you will receive a bonus equal to twice the number of Base Points earned during a stay.

If you are an American Express Hilton card holder this could be a very lucrative promotion. For example, if you held the Hilton Aspire, you could come out pretty big on this promotion by earning the following rates:

  • 10X base points 
  • 10X bonus for Diamond status 
  • 20X bonus with the “Power Up” promotion
  • 14X bonus for holding and using an Aspire card

That would be 54 Hilton points per dollar spent! If you valued Hilton points at half a cent per point that would be like getting 27% back on your purchase which is pretty outstanding. Read my breakdown on Hilton points value if you want to find out Hilton points could be worth more than .5 cents. 

I don’t usually recommend jumping on credit cards because of promotions but the Hilton Honors American Express Surpass Card would be a great choice right now since it’s offering 130,000 points and a free weekend night reward after you spend $4,000 in the first 4 months. It also earns a very respectable 12X per dollar spent at Hilton. Update: Offer expired. 

Tip: Use WalletFlo for all your credit card needs. It’s free and will help you optimize your rewards and savings!

Link to register 

Note: Many are experiencing errors when attempting to register, so you might have to try to attempt to register again sometime tomorrow (8/26). Just bookmark this page if you have any issues. 

If you have questions about the new Hilton promotion you can find the FAQ here

Key Terms 

  • Must travel September 9, 2019 through January 5, 2020 
  • Must use a Hilton Honors Credit Card to get the 3X the points (you can’t just be a cardholder)

Other Hilton promos

There are some additional promotions that you also want to be aware of.

Semi-targeted promotion

The first is the semi-targeted promotion that allows you to earn up to 7,500 additional points. Here are those terms. 

  • Stay once to earn 2,500 Bonus Points
  • Book a second stay to earn an additional 5,000 Bonus Point, for a total of 7,500 Bonus Points

This promo requires two separate stays (as opposed to nights), so make sure you’re clear on that distinction. You can register for this promotion here. 

  • Offer valid for stays now through January 31, 2020
  • Registered Hilton Honor participants must complete stay challenge and complete up to two paid stays during the Promotional Period to obtain Hilton Honors Bonus Points.

Q3 promotion

Also, do you still have a couple of weeks to take advantage of the Q3 promotion. It’s known as “go more, get more points” and allows you to earn points the following ways: 

  • Members will earn double Hilton Honors Bonus Points beginning on their second stay during the Promotion Period.
  • Members will earn an additional Bonus once completing certain stay requirements:
    • Additional 10,000 Bonus Points after competing 10 stays
    • Additional 15,000 Bonus Points after completing 5 more stays (total of 15 stays within the promotion period)
    • Additional 20,000 Bonus Points completing of 5 more stays (total of 20 stays within the promotion period)
  • Promotion Stay Dates: May 6 – September 8, 2019

As always, you’ll need to register for the promotion in order to earn points. There are also ongoing status matches for Hilton Gold.

Hilton Playa del Carmen.

Final word 

For those who hold the Hilton card this is a great opportunity to rack up a crazy amount of points on a big stay. If you regularly choose to redeem your Hilton points at top properties were you can get exceptional value than this promotion could be crazy valuable. 


  1. The link is now working and I was able to successfully register for the Power Up Promotion.

  2. Great info. I was looking at getting the Aspire for a 10 day stay in December. If I do I will use your referral.

    Love the site.

    1. Aspire on a 10-night stay would be a lot of points! I really appreciate the support — have a great week!

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