2019 UberEats Promo Code (22% Off 3 Orders)!

As conflicted as I often feel about Uber as a company, UberEats has been one of my most heavily used apps due its convenience over the past few years. I’m also able to apply the Amex Platinum annual $200 worth of credits to UberEats so it makes it a pretty worthwhile service to use for the most part. With that said, Uber has tacked on fee after fee over the last year, making the need for coupons and special promo code offers all the more necessary. 

New 2019 UberEats promo code

There’s a new 2019 UberEats promo code that you can take advantage of that will offer you 22% off three orders, which is a nice way to cancel out those fees. The catch? You’ll need to use it by August 1, 2019 so you don’t have much time. 

Here is the UberEats promo code: 

  • GETFED322

How to add the UberEats promo code

An easy way to add this code is to log-in to UberEats and then go to your account and click on “Promotions.” Then click “Add Promo.” And then punch in “GETFED322.” You should see the three different promotions get added, as shown below. Keep in mind you can only use one promo code per order and they will expire August 1, 2019 at 1:59am CST. Also, the code is only good for locations in the US. 

Final word 

You only have four days to use this Uber promo code but hey at least you can easily save 22% on multiple orders. Obviously, the bigger the order, the higher the savings so maybe consider ordering for multiple people this weekend to take advantage of the savings (and of course earn more points).  



  1. I find Uber Eats to be quite expensive (tho I live in an area where food delivery isn’t unusual). Why deal with congestion pricing when so many places just charge a flat fee and that flat fee is often equal to or less than Uber’s minimum?

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