What Hilton Conrad Hotel Offers the Best Value for Honors Points?

Hilton Conrad Hotels along with Waldorf Hotels are some of the top-tier Hilton properties in the world. While Waldorf Hotels are known more their traditional elegance, Conrads offer luxury delivered in a bit more of a trendy fashion.

I decided to take a look at Conrad Hotels and Resorts in the US and around the globe and compare their cash prices and award prices and then compute the value received with the redemption. The results are in the table below and will show what Conrad Hotel offers the best value for Hilton Honors points. 

Conrad Hotel NYC
Conrad New York. Photo by Daniel Lobo.

Collecting the data

I searched for a single night in the middle of the summer (so approximately 6 months out). Some Conrad properties did not have available nights and so I had to search for alternate weeks or months. In most cases, I was able to find availability in June or July but there were a couple of exceptions.

Fluctuating cash prices and award prices

  • As I show more fully below, hotel rates for Hilton awards fluctuate and so the prices you see below in the chart might not directly correspond to your own searches. For the most part, however, they should provide you with at least an idea of what kind of value you can receive when you use Hilton points to book a night at a Conrad location.

Cash prices include taxes and fees

  • The cash prices include all taxes and resort fees, since these taxes and fees don’t have to be paid when booking awards, they were factored into the redemption rates.

Hilton Honors rates and standard room awards

  • The cash rates used for these calculations were the discounted Hilton Honors rates that allow for cancellations since award bookings allow for cancellations, too. And I only used standard room awards to calculate the cents per point for the redemptions.

Rewards earned on stays or credit card spend not factored in

  • I did not factor in rebates earned due to points earned on stays or promotions in this calculation for the sake of simplicity. One could use this article to help them deduct their respective earning rate from the cash price if they would like.
  • For example, if you’re a Hilton Diamond member, you will receive roughly 10% back on Hilton purchases depending how you value Honors points. You would then reduce the cash price by 10% and then determine your cents per point value based on the reduced rate. (You could even take that a step further and factor in value earned on credit card points.)
Conrad Hotel
Conrad Bali. Photo by Frank Wang.

What Conrad Hotel offers the best value for Hilton Honors points?

Below is a chart that shows the price in cash, price in points, and the value received in cents per point.

The chart is interactive so you can sort the properties by name, cash price, award price, or cents per point.

Conrad Hotel LocationCash pricePoints PriceCPP
Conrad Cairo$172300000.57
Conrad Pezula$233440000.53
Conrad Guangzhou$253500000.51
Conrad Bangkok$125270000.46
Conrad Bali$207530000.39
Conrad Bengaluru$163390000.42
Conrad Bora Bora Nui$976800001.22
Conrad Beijing$307560000.55
Conrad Centennial Singapore$301600000.50
Conrad Dalian$217400000.54
Conrad Hong Kong$393710000.55
Conrad Koh Samui$652950000.69
Conrad Macao, Cotai Central$220400000.55
Conrad Maldives Rangali Island$860950000.91
Conrad Manila$207500000.41
Conrad Osaka$620800000.78
Conrad Pune$180300000.60
Conrad Sanya Haitang Bay$597700000.85
Conrad Seoul$343600000.57
Conrad Tokyo$491950000.52
Conrad Xiamen$323500000.65
Conrad Cartagena$265500000.53
Conrad Algarve$484800000.61
Conrad Dublin$479600000.80
Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus$190360000.53
Conrad London St. James$705800000.88
Conrad Dubai$183350000.52
Conrad Makkah$154300000.51
Conrad Chicago$358670000.53
Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach$374920000.41
Conrad Indianapolis$259490000.53
Conrad Miami$251470000.53
Conrad New York$331800000.41
The London NYC$296750000.39
Conrad San Luis Potosi$152290000.52

There are some important things to consider about these prices.

Cash prices fluctuate wildly

Some cash prices fluctuate wildly. A prime example is the Conrad Maldives. In the off-season, you can find prices for a water villas at the Conrad Maldives for around $684 including all taxes and fees. That’s extremely cheap and using 95,000 points for that redemption would only yield you .7 cents per point (which isn’t bad).

Conrad Maldives prices for a water villa in July.

However, if you were able to book a water villa during peak season (January), you’d have to pay over $3,000 for a single night!

Conrad Maldives prices for a water villa in January.

I even found standard room availability for this rate at 95,000 points. That’s a redemption of 3.4 cents per point which might be the most valuable Hilton Honors redemption out there. (Even the Conrad Bora Bora property stayed around $1,000 in January.)

Conrad Maldives prices for a water villa in January.

Dynamic award pricing

Since Hilton implements dynamic pricing, the award prices can change quite a bit, too. For example, the Conrad in Bali went for 53,000 Honors points in the summer but only 25,000 in January. At that rate, the redemption rate increased to .5 cents per point. So you should definitely test out potential travel dates to see if the value changes.

Best Conrad hotels
Hilton Conrad Bali award prices at 25,000 per night.

Limited Availability

A few Conrad properties did have very limited availability when I searched.

These included:

  • Conrad Bora Bora Nui
  • Conrad Sanya Haitang Bay
  • Conrad Dublin (somewhat limited rooms available in the summer)
  • Conrad New York

If you want to book an award stay for the standard rate at one of these hotels, there’s a chance you may have to book them one year in advance to ensure open awards.

Conrad San Juan Condado Plaza Hotel room
Conrad San Juan Condado Plaza Hotel. Photo by vxla.

The findings

Here are the findings for the Conrad Hotel chart:

The cheapest Conrad Hotel

The cheapest Conrad property was the Conrad Bangkok, with prices as low as $125 for a single night.

The most expensive Conrad Hotel

The most expensive Conrad property was Conrad Bora Bora Nui at $976 during the summer but we’ve already established that the Maldives Conrad gets much more expensive ($3,000+) for standard awards in the winter.

Both of these properties were also the best redemption values with the Conrad Bora Bora Nui offering over 1 cent per point on value and the Conrad Maldives offering some ridiculous opportunities to earn outsized value at over 3 cents per point.

The averages

Let’s take a look at the averages.

The average Conrad hotel property costs $352 per night and Conrad Hotels require on average 57,857 points per night. This results in getting an average value of .59 cents per point when redeeming Hilton Honors points at a Conrad property.

So while Conrad properties are on average cheaper than Waldorf properties, they actually offer more cents per point on redemptions since Waldorfs offered .57 cents per point in my prior analysis.

Average cash price:   $352.03
Average points price: 57,857
Average value in cents per point:  0.59

These figures for the Conrad and the ones I did for the Waldorf are interesting because they show that redemptions for the top Hilton brands don’t have to cost you 95,000 points per night. It’s also interesting to see that you get nearly .6 cents per point on average when redeeming points at these hotels.

For those who value Hilton Honors points at .4 cents per point, you might want to readjust your value a bit if you plan on using your points and Conrad and Waldorf properties.

It’s also worth remembering that Hilton Honors grants you the 5th night free on award bookings. Thus, you could get even more value on your redemptions. In that crazy-expensive Conrad Maldives example, the 5th night free would result in redemptions at 4.6 cents per point! 

Final word on Conrad Hotels and Resorts

These rates only offer a snapshot of the prices of these hotels. Depending on the time of year and different holidays, events, etc. these properties could offer different pricing. It’s still nice to see that you can almost get .6 cents per point on average when redeeming Hilton Honors points for a Conrad Hotel, though. It was also a nice surprise to see that you could ridiculous value during peak season at the Maldives.

Obviously, what the best value for Hilton Honors points will depend on your personal travel goals, but this should give you an idea of kind of value you can get at Conrad Hotels & Resorts

Cover photo by Simon via Flickr.

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